Chapter 18:

A secret in the shadows! - Chapter 18

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

{Day 140

Today I finally got the confidence to go outside of the dungeon. From the books I read, this world has a specific job where people can put a quest on something and ‘adventures’ can help with that.

The way this job worked was simple but dangerous. When I first entered the guild, adventures started making fun of how I looked to them. I tried provoking them a little since I wanted to know how strong a human in this world was.

The results were a bit surprising… They were way weaker than I thought…

But it didn't matter anymore because the receptionist begged me to join after she saw that kind of scene.

It didn't take too long for me to reach SSS Rank in the guild. The lowest rank was ‘j’, and adventures can reach all the way up to ‘SSS’ if they are powerful enough.}

I went some pages ahead in this book.

{Day 300

My days were mostly peaceful and really relaxing with my lover. I couldn't spend that much time in the dungeon because of her, but I didn't mind since she was happy.




...Yes, everything was okay until I learned that the Demon lord awakened…}


{Day 301

All of the humans are panicking about the birth of the new demons. All of the kingdoms are joining hands together in order to take down the demon kingdom!

The king of Echilon kingdom requested for my help as well. I'm not sure how to respond since I’ve never fought demons before, not to mention the demon lord!}

There was a demon lord in this world? When I was in the guild no one mentioned anything about demons or something related to that.

{Day 308

I decided to join the army of the Echilon kingdom in order to take down the evil plans of demons and the new Demon lord.

To be honest, I'm kind of nervous right now since I’ve never been in a war before. My wife hated the fact that I was going to war, but I had no other choice. In order to protect what's dear to me, I would do anything… even if it meant going against the demon lord.

But before joining the army, I wanted to gather any possible information about them. But unfortunately, in the end, I didn't find anything…

Tomorrow is the day where all of the kingdoms will go against the demon kingdom. I'm preparing some weapons for myself but I don't think they will be that useful…

If there’s nothing else written in this book after this day, then that means I’m dead. It's kind of weird thinking that someday, someone might find this book and no one would understand the words that it contains.

But in the slightest chance that someone comes from the same world as me, then thank you for finding it! I would be happy that someone would at least know about me after I die. I'm not sure how long it will take for this book to be found but I hope that the book won’t be damaged.

This dungeon only has 10 levels and each level has its own difficulty. I couldn't manage to make this dungeon bigger because I spend most of my time with my wife, and I don't regret doing so.

If you're having a hard time passing the levels in this dungeon, pick one of the weapons on the desk and pour your own magic. That way you should be getting a useful skill.

When you reach the last level, you’ll get a gift for completing this dungeon!

Good Luck!

By Aito Suzuki}

This was the last page that Aito had written in this book. Then that means that Aito died during the war with demons. I checked all of the other pages, they were all empty. But I have to say, from all of the things Aito has written here, it felt like he really liked this world. One day he was transported into this dungeon and with barely any information he enjoyed his life. After I closed the book, I picked up the dagger and looked at it for a second.

“Did you finish reading the book Ghost-san?” Aya asked the moment I placed the book back on the shelf. And as a response, I gave her a thumbs up. I looked at the details which the dagger had in it. Aito mentioned something about gaining a skill from one of the weapons.

All I need to do is pour my own magic. But how do I do that in the first place?

As I thought that, I tried concentrating while holding the dagger.



<Dagger experience Acquired!>



Oh, it worked! The dagger glowed the moment I got the new skill. But what is it about? I tried checking the new skill that I got.



<Dagger experience> Lv. 1



This skill did not show any other information besides the current level. But Aito said that this skill would help me pass through the levels in this dungeon. I tried swinging the dagger around, and somehow it felt like it had become lighter. I don't know how much time has passed since we got here, but I think Aya should rest a little more before going any deeper into this dungeon.