Chapter 19:

Fighting experience! - Chapter 19

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

I let Aya sleep on the ground for some hours before we got out of the room. I felt a little bad that Aya had to sleep on the ground like that. There was barely anything we could use to cover. While being inside Aya’s body, we were holding the dagger in the right hand. I didn't know what kind of monster awaits us on this level but I thought this dagger would help Aya protect herself.

There’s also that weird skill that I got from it. Since I can't use the dagger, I thought it would be perfect to use it through Aya’s body. As we were going forward in this dungeon, I heard slithering noises coming our way.

From the darkest part of this dungeon, a snake with lengths of two meters and 17 centimeters wide was slowly coming towards Aya. I could try to possess the snake but I'm not sure how to defeat it since fire isn't a threat to snakes. Or that's what I once read on the internet. I gripped the dagger and took a position I felt was comfortable.

“G-ghost-san… don't tell me I’m going to fight that snake…” I could feel that Aya was really scared about this, but if she doesn't overcome her fears, she won't be able to join the guild nor will she be able to survive on her own.

I didn't have time to respond to Aya since I was focusing my eyes on that big snake. But I noticed something else on that snake. A red rock on its forehead similar to that of the rabbit’s in the first level of this dungeon. Using Aya’s body, I started charging towards the snake as fast as I could. The snake had its eyes on Aya as well, then leading on its first attack. The snake jumped towards us and aimed right for Aya’s neck while opening its massive mouth which was ready to swallow us in one bite.

“HYAAA!” But luckily I was able to dodge thanks to the wall I used as a way to push myself away. From the years I spent on Earth, there was one thing that I never regretted learning, and that was ‘Parkour’. I'm not sure why most of the people categorized this kind of activity as a useless thing, but this thing right now has saved my life more than one time. The snake’s jaw clashed the moment it missed which led to crushing into the wall. When I looked back at that wall, massive scratches could be seen from its massive fangs. That was dangerous! I thought as I tried charging once again. Aya was trying to close her eyes from this, but I didn't let her do that. Closing her eyes right now will cost her own life, that's why she must observe.

“Nooo!!” Aya’s voice attracted the snake’s attention as I was trying to get it by surprise. Since the snake was looking at me, I thought of using a different tactic. I started charging towards the snake’s tail in order to test the dagger's sharpness. I gripped the dagger really hard and swung my arm towards the tail.


But the results were way different than I had thought. The sound of metal hitting something hard was heard instead of the feeling of cutting something.

Did I miss? I thought as I tried looking down at my hands. But when I saw the part where my dagger was, I was a little surprised. The dagger had managed to cut all the way through the snake’s tail. Underneath the blade could also be seen a crack caused by the blade. That also explained why the snake reacted like that. I wasn't sure if the snake had super soft skin or this dagger had a crazy sharp blade. The snake was pissed about me cutting its tail like that. The snake suddenly charged towards me.


Even though I shouldn't have looked elsewhere beside the snake, I still had my eyes at the cut part of the tail.

“HYAAAAA!” When I noticed the snake charging towards me, I felt as if my life was flashing right before me. That's when Aya’s body moved on its own, pointing the dagger towards the snake in self-defense. And in the next second everything became quiet. What happened?

The snake had stopped moving right before my eyes with its mouth open while the blade of the dagger had cut all the way through the snake’s head. The snake’s head looked as if it was cut in half.

“Ha Ha ha… is it dead?” She asked after she caught her breath.

Did Aya do this? I got out of Aya’s body and looked at her. She looked really scared and nervous at the same time, and even though she could have almost died there, she managed to defend herself. I started rubbing her head as a way of telling her ‘You did well!’.

“Ghost-san…” And I'm glad that she is trying her best to survive.




The sharpness of this dagger was insane to the point I thought it was impossible. On our way to the next level, we encountered more similar snakes. And as we continued going, the more snakes came. The first time it was just a single snake, the second time there were two snakes, the third time there were three snakes, and so on. But thanks to the dagger, Aya was gaining confidence in going against a monster. Aya was becoming a little more comfortable with using the dagger but I could still feel her fears being transmitted to me. When we encountered two snakes at the same time, I dodged using the same tactics from the snake's attacks. Jumping, running, back flipping, side flipping, wall spinning, aerial, all of the parkour styles I could think of became a way for me to dodge all of the attacks. I could sometimes feel Aya’s stomach rumbling from the way I moved. And after doing a flip, her eyes would spin around.

“G-ghost-san… the way you move is weird....” She said to me after defeating three snakes.

The difficulty of this dungeon was rising and Aya was becoming tired from this.



We finally managed to reach the stairs that lead to the next floor but since Aya was having motion sickness so I let her rest near here for a bit.