Chapter 2:


The Advent of Dual Sentience

I awakened confused and dizzy, I feel somewhat startled and uneasy. I place my hand against my head, my head hurts so much and I have no idea where I'm at. I take a moment to recuperate my thoughts and sort everything out, I  then think within myself, "Okay I need to think, where the hell am I right now? I don't remember a damn thing about myself!"
I then take a moment to look around myself, wait a second!?!?! I look around and I'm covered in BLOOD!? I get shaken up by this, "AAH!! What the hell is this!?!?! Is this all blood!?!!? Who's blood is this!? Is it mine!?!?!" I am filled with sudden horror and anxiety. I take another moment to look around myself and notice something else terrifying, "What is this!?!?! Are they all dead!?!?!"

I am surrounded by a multitude of corpses both humans and 'monsters' alike!?!?! The scene is an absolute blood bath!? I quickly stand up to my feet, "Who did all this!?!?! Why am I the only one alive!?!? What happened here!?!?" I began to freak out, I don't know what happened here but there must've been some huge skirmish that ended in a stalemate of some kind! I quickly think within myself, "Okay I need to calm down! The worse thing to do is lose my head right now! I need to look around and find some clues on to what's going on and who I am."
I closed my eyes and began to take deep breaths, I just need to calm myself down.

After some deep inhales, I felt my anxiety dissipate into nothingness. I then re-open my eyes and observe everything around me, the scene was absolute horror. There was piles of dismembered bodies, and some even had blades sticking out of them. There was no sign of life anywhere near me, I have no one to ask for directions or help, I am completely on my own for now.

Okay I need to reassess myself and prepare, I can't stick around here forever, I need to start moving. There was a small iron dagger next to me planted into the ground, I think to myself, "I wonder if that belonged to me..?" I reach for it and pull it out of the ground. It had small stains of blood on it as if it was used in the previous fight here. I look at it for a bit, "If I really used this, then how weak am I? There's no way in hell I could kill something with a small dagger like this right? I think I might need another weapon..."

I then noticed something peculiar on my hand, I say to myself, "What is this..?"
A large hexagonal black gem was sticking out of the back of my right hand, I began to touch it with my left hand, "Okay now what the hell is this? This thing feels so strange, is it apart of me? Has it always been apart of me?" The black gem amazed me, something is telling me that this isn't normal...
I say aloud, "Well I guess I can leave that question for later. I need to find a stronger weapon to use. This dagger won't cut it..."
It was then that I heard something speak to me, in a dark raspy voice it said, "Don't forsake your blade..."

I look around myself, there was no one around. I call out to the battlefield, "Who said that? Is someone out there?" I waited a moment, but only heard the silence of the wind. 
"There is no way that I imagined that! I know someone is there! C'mon and reveal yourself?" I shouted. I kept silent and looked hastily around, I saw no movement anywhere, just who said that to me...? I looked back at the small iron dagger, it was a long curved ridged blade with a beaten up wooden handle. Did I really survive with this piece of junk knife? I swung it around a few times, "There isn't anything particularly special about it, just who's voice was that? And why did they say that?" 

I thought long and hard on whether I should keep this blade for my pending journey, I thought to myself, "If I really survived with this, then I must know how to really use it." After some careful consideration, I decided to hold onto it for now, "I guess I can use it for now.."
I looked towards the sky, the sun was still high up so it must be near noon right now. Where do I even go? I have no idea where I'm at or where any people are at.

"The mountains... go there.. they are waiting.."

There it is again! The voice spoke up, someone is here with me! I turned around instantly and looked everywhere. "Where are you? Stop messing with me and show yourself already! Who's waiting for me?" I gripped my dagger in anger, one of these 'corpses' are messing with me, and I'm getting real fed up with it already! I then see a huge mountain range in the distance, I say to myself, "Is that where it wants me to go? What if it's a trap? And who would be up there?" I look upon the battlefield and shout out loud, "Okay fine then, I will be heading towards the mountains, if you follow me, you will regret it!"

I looked around myself once more, but saw nothing out of the ordinary, who knows if there's a predator amidst the dead. My best bet for now is to go where there may be people, I highly doubt a monster would know a human language, so it must mean a fellow surviving human said that to me. 
I look upon the large mountain range, it's quite fascinating to gaze at but I have no time to be amazed. I need to get going now....

Packed with nothing but a bloody dagger, this random gem and torn bloody clothes, I set out towards the mountain range. Hopefully I can find some answers....

I begin my journey, I looked back once more at the bloody battlefield and say, "So long then.. Hopefully this journey doesn't make me end up like you all..." I then turned around again and started walking out towards the distant mountains, I proceeded into a slightly dense forested area with many grand trees around. The sound of the leaves crunching under my feet could be heard loudly, hopefully I don't alert anything out here.

As I make my way forward, I can vividly hear the sounds of the forest grow louder and louder around me, I can hear animal cries and bugs sounding their calls from all around. I keep on alert and proceed forth with caution. 
As I am venturing into the unknown, I begin to think to myself, "Just who the hell am I? Am I some sort of soldier or mercenary for an army? Am I strong or weak? What is even my name? Why can't I remember anything?" So many questions swarmed my mind, I hope I can find out some clues soon...

During my walk, I heard a familiar dark Voice answer back to me, "So many questions unanswered am I right?"
I turn around immediately and draw my blade! I call out, "Did you follow me!? Who are you!? Show yourself right now and stop playing games already!"
There was no one there, not a single soul in sight... I said to myself, "Am I just going crazy!? Who is saying that to me!? I know I'm not crazy! Who is there?" I saw nothing again, just thick brush and trees. I need to stay on my guard for now, I treaded carefully looking over my shoulder at random intervals in time. There were no signs of life anywhere, and only animals calls could be heard in the distance. The breeze swept in and blew my hair in different directions and the trees gave off an eerie hum. I feel like something is watching me, but I can't see anyone else other than me!

A few hours past me by and nothing out of the ordinary happens, which is strange because I thought I'd see at least another creature by now, but I've seen nothing this entire time. Nothing but a windy breeze and bugs sounding throughout the forest. I stay on full alert for any potential predators and keep my blade drawn at all times. The forest became dark fast because of the density so my vision becomes a bit darkened. I should probably make a camp soon, I don't want to be moving around in the pitch black. 

It was at that very moment that I heard something rustle behind me. 
*swiiish cruuunch*
I turned around instantly and saw something feral looking back at me! A set of orange glowing eyes stared at me from behind the bushes, that doesn't look good at all. Then I saw another set of eyes peer at me, and another, and another! Soon multiple pairs of glowing eyes began to appear everywhere in random directions all looking back down at me. 
"What? What is this? What's going on now?" I blurted out. I began to watch all my surroundings, the eyes all pierced back at me at once.

Soon something stepped forward from the brush, it was on all fours and had large pointy teeth, the creature had black fur and growled towards me.
"Grrrrrr!!!" it growled. I stepped back a bit, what are those things? There's a huge pack of them! Next thing I knew, more began to come out from the darkness and growl towards me as if trying to intimidate me!

I slowly stepped back and a rush of fear entered my heart, I said within myself, "What's happening? There's so many of them! I'm completely outnumbered here! I need some help, I need serious help right now! Someone help me!!" The growling creatures kept creeping towards me slowly, I kept my blade raised and gritted my teeth. I looked around and saw they were trying to surround me, I have to keep them all at bay!

Then I heard it...
"You look like you can use a hand.."

The Voice from earlier called out to me, I looked around myself immediately and called back out to it, "Help me please! I'm in trouble! Where are you at? I need your help now!"

The Voice answered me again, "You cannot see me right now so don't bother looking for me... You need to stay focused on what's in front of you..."

I called back out to it, "Please help me! I can't fight these things on my own!"
The Voice answered back, "Of course you can fight them on your own... it isn't hard for me.."
I answered back while slowly retreating, "I'm not you okay! I don't know who you are but I can't beat these things by myself, I need some help now!"
The Voice replied to me saying, "But that's where you're wrong... You can fight them.."
I asked the voice in a scared tone, "Well how do you know I can beat these things then!?! You must have a reason right!? Right!?"

The Voice said to me in a clear and menacing tone,
"It's simple really..."
I listened carefully in fear and panic.
The Voice said once more. "It's because.... I am You..."