Chapter 1:

Worth it!

Samsara Commander

At the last hp I have with Valkyrie Chariot, I fired the cannon at the boss before switching to Valkyrie Bladestrike to do a certain amount of damage. Once the time trigger stops, the missiles hit the Ronin Zombie and finish the floor.

"FINALLY..." I let out an exhausted sigh and slouched deeper into my chair. 

Oh yeah. From the description of the novel. You thought I'd be playing Celestial Story right? Well I DID a while ago. I just like playing other games too. But the last time I played didn't end well. Since I was 'the' famous rank 1 player, I had many other players requesting duels from me. I won and they became salty because I had one of my supports heal and revive while the other gives me extra turns. So he had to repeatedly focus on killing them first. In the end, he didn't have enough time to take them out and I wiped out his team.

Since he got super salty, he started sending all sorts of death-threats before I block him. I decided to take a break from it so that I can level my equipment in HI3.

"How long has it been..." looking at my clock, it showed 11:30 am 4 May.
"12 hours..." I muttered sleepily. I thought that I should prepare for bed so I went to wash up in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I ran out of exfoliant.

"Should I just skip it this time-" no no. Never miss a day or night on exfoliant day.

But that means to go outside...

After packing all my necessary needs in one cute bag, (and my make up, and counting the extra yen to spend on some gacha balls on the way) I finally left my house for at least the whole day to gather supplies.

Oh yeah. Forgot to introduce myself; my name is Akira Kaede. A 16vyear old high school dropout to be a full-pledge otaku. Basically also a piece of ----- of society. And I've come to terms to accept that as how I've always been! My hobbies are playing games, collecting toys, books, and merch. 

Right now I'm aiming to get Bronya's BN idol costume so I'm saving up. Other than that I have spare coins to pull squeshee gacha toys.

"Ooh~ The new panda!" I popped open one of the new balls. The gacha store near the train station I usually take recently had just restocked so I am lucky to get one of the new ones.

"Now focus..." continuing my journey. I toured the city to first buy toys, then snacks that will at least last me a week before I have to go out again. Finally, it was the drug store.

"Anything else..." searching through the store. I try to recall if I needed anything else before I need to go home.

"I still have sunscreen... ooh but I'm running out of powder," I quickly grab my matching shade but my eyes drift onto a special colour.  I sigh when I see the tan shade.

Over the year I've reaaaally wanted to try the 'gyaru' look... I watched tons of tutorials and search for the best make up for it. But I wanted to make sure my complexion was clear first if I were to wear a darker shade. Plus I promise Bro that I wouldn't spend all at once this month.

"Wait... is that?" out of the corner of my eye I notice a familiar blondie I haven't seen for almost a 2 years now. 

Why do I care? Well, kids... it happens when you hate someone for a long time that when they finally push your nerves through borderline that you punch them in the face. And you continue to pull each other's hair until another student has to call a teacher and expel one of us. That scenario will buzz around you like a fly ever since.

Of course, I don't regret it. More than anything, it was the best thing that has ever happen to me. I don't have to go to school. People are afraid of me. And I can play games allll day.

"Hm?" she finally notices me. We stared at each other and I could feel my stomach churn but my lips turn into a grin and widen my eyes intimidatingly. He face became red and tears welled up in her eyes that she turns around and runs away.

"Ha! Still afraid of me..." smiling to myself I went to check out my products.

I arrived back at the station a few minutes later and decided to sit down on one of the benches to wait for the train to come. I check my phone to recall what else I needed to do before I go home. A notification from Celestial Story no less. 

Tsukuyomi comes on today. One of the two most powerful spirits obtainable in the game. His counterpart is Amaterasu. Of course, she's famous for being the all-powerful god so it made sense that she's the most powerful as well. But the thing is that these two are the rarest and most broken game characters. They cannot be summoned or purchased. You have to capture them. Good news is that there's a 100% chance of obtaining them if you defeat them. Bad news they come on completely randomly with last-minute notifications to tell you. You only have 3 hours before they disappear.

"Now my chance..." I've been waiting for this. All my spirits leveled up, forming the perfect team and gambling my luck on the line for this. Most likely will miss the next train but worth it! Even for just the thrill of the match.

Tsukuyomi you're mine!

An hour later, I was this close to defeating it on 452 hp left. He took out my healer first but I revived with my reviver. In the process, he did heavy damage to my Magic-type spirits but I manage to heal them. However, his ultimate knocked both my Magic-type and reviver. After I healed up my tank, he knocked out my healer as well. So luckily on my last turn, my tank was the only one standing and even after going rampage, he still was standing. Finally, I did the last hit.

"WOOHOO!" I cheered so loudly that heads were turning towards me but the intercom announced another train was coming. I made sure I had my shopping bags first before going over to the platform before it gets too crowded. 

I was so happy that I mostly focus on claiming my prize from my inventory. The summoning CG appeared before me and his voice sounded through the speakers as he made a really cool pose.

"So you're the one. Let's get this adventure started; Shall we?" he says in a handsome voice. The seiyuus they hired are really talented though I never bothered to look up who they were.

The train was just about to arrive and I got ready to get on board with other people. But since I was too focused on my phone, my heart missed a beat I felt a sudden force behind me. Making me stumble further near the edge where I lost my balance but still holding on tightly to my precious phone.


Were my last thoughts before I could feel every bone in my body break. The smell of iron filled my nose and the colour of red clouded my vision. I also could've sworn I heard a voice scream.

A.A. James
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