Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 ring of fire

Gems Of Light

Skye:I guess the sword must have brought me here huh. Bookmark here

(He hears rumbling from the distance) Bookmark here

Skye:Its so hot here here. Oh no!!! I gotta run!!! (As soon as a boulder that is close to hitting him he is pushed out of the way) Bookmark here

????:Look out!!! Bookmark here

Skye:Hey thanks for helping me out here! Bookmark here

????:No problem Bookmark here

Skye:So whats your name? Bookmark here

????:I’m Fei Bookmark here

Skye:Nice to meet you Fei. Bookmark here

Fei:Yeah its good to see at least someone alive in this one lonely part of the world. Bookmark here

Skye:I take it that thing over there could errupt at any moment. Bookmark here

Fei:That’s right that Volcano is a lot more unstable lately. Bookmark here

Skye:Wow that sounds dangerous! Bookmark here

Fei:It is especially when lately there has been these scavengers hunting around for that gem that’s on center of the Volcano. Bookmark here

Skye:I’m actually looking for something like that for this sword. Bookmark here

Fei: I see then, well follow me and maybe the volcano will stabilize once the scavengers are taken cared of. Bookmark here

Skye:How do we reach there? Bookmark here

Fei:We’re going to have to climb on top of the volcano to get it. Bookmark here

Skye:That sounds really scary. Bookmark here

Fei:I’m scared as well and its perfectly ok to be afraid as its what makes us human if anyone tells you they are not scared they lying period and lets get this over quickly and it will all be like babysteps. Bookmark here

Skye: Lets go then! Bookmark here

Fei:Look theres one boulder! Bookmark here

Skye:That was close! Bookmark here

Fei:There another one! Bookmark here

Skye:How far should we be there now? Bookmark here

Fei:Not far now! Bookmark here

Skye:Look out! Bookmark here

Fei:(He quickly dodges a boulder) Thanks! Bookmark here

Skye:There! Bookmark here

Fei:We made it to the top. Bookmark here

Skye:I guess that must be the gem right there. Bookmark here

????3:Got a lot of nerve to reach here. Bookmark here

Fei:We both came far here so that gem is ours now! Bookmark here

????3:That gem is rightful property of lord Xavior the royal astrologer of the kingdom of pureflower. Bookmark here

Fei:That gem belongs to this sword and not to you thief. Bookmark here

????3: You refer to me it as if it was a common criminal how cringeworthy. I am Ruki the honored knight of Xavior my my lord of the kingdom of pureflower and this gem shall be used to restore the kingdom to cleanse the taint left by the previous ruler of the realm. Bookmark here

Fei: Self justification of evil deeds is a very common thing amongst villains never buy into their lies and always stick to the truth. Bookmark here

Skye: Don’t worry thugs like that loser don’t scare me! Bookmark here

Ruki: (He then casts a self immolation spell on Fei and Fei screams and burns to death in painful agony and is chared into ash) Bookmark here

Skye: You fucking monster!!! Bookmark here

Ruki:Oh a monster I’ll say then allow me to summon the monster that is really responsible for the volcano’s instability. Bookmark here

Skye:Oh no!! Bookmark here

(The Salamander then bursts flames but Skye quickly dodges it and the Salamander tries to grab Skye but misses once again and Skye leads him into a rock a and the salamnder is stunned and then Skye repeatdly slashes the Salamender unti the weak spot is exposed and then Skye slashes the weak spot and salamander turns into ash) Bookmark here

Ruki:So you finally slain a monster that was said to be unbeatable. Bookmark here

Skye: And now you’re next loser. Bookmark here

Ruki:You’re on bitch! Bookmark here

(Ruki then summons his flame swords and tries to slash Skye multiple times but Skye dodges all in suscession and Ruki as he exhausts himself Skye then delievers the final blow and Ruki is then disolved into ash) Bookmark here

Syke:That’s another gem now so that only means 2 more to go now. Bookmark here

(Skye is then teleported into another realm) Bookmark here

????4:So it looks like Ruki has fallen now as well. Bookmark here

????1:That boy has so much power for someone as scrappy as a laborer. Bookmark here

????4:I’ll take care of this you shall be the harbinger of death. Bookmark here

????1: I take great sanguine in thy work after all. The corruption harvesting process is nearly completed and soon our other “brother” Kyo be awakenened and darkness shall be the new light of this world. Bookmark here

????4:In the mean time, our new knight of justice seems to be eager but his training is not yet done but soon that criminal Skye will be put to the sword one day as destiny foretold us. Bookmark here

????1:Patience in all things in due time shall be unraveled. Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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