Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 dust in the wind

Gems Of Light

Skye: Woah! I'm flying!! Bookmark here

Theres nothing but sky and clouds around here doesn’t even look safe to fall down either. The sky itself its so dark and grey as well like there is no sunlight as far as I can even see as well too. And wow there doesn’t really seem to be anything below me from a distance as well no matter how much I go down and the more I do the more I just feel as if I'll choke to death so I have to stay above ground as much as possible. Bookmark here

I guess all I have to do is just glide through the winds into the direction its going so I can find the gem I think. Bookmark here

(Skye then glides south,east,west and north then south west east and north then eventually north west east and finally north) Bookmark here

Skye:I think I see something shining. Bookmark here

????1: Well now you’ve made it this far and theres only one of us can remain here and the skies around here are nothing but infinite clouds and there is nothing to land on so if either of us falls we will perish for reasons that your dense head should get. Bookmark here

Skye: Oh let me guess you’re another crony of your so called lord Xavior? Bookmark here

????1: Name’s Hyde and get ready to have your guts turn inside out from this tornado! Bookmark here

Skye: Hyde huh? You're after the final gem as well too! Bookmark here

Hyde: Have you even questioned why you have been on a scavenger hunt? Bookmark here

Skye: Its to stop you cronies and Xavior from taking over the world! Bookmark here

Hyde:Take over!? While we’re here to save the world while you are out to set its destruction with that tool you wield. Bookmark here

Skye: What do you mean? This sword is a heroes sword! Bookmark here

Hyde:That sword is the late king ashfire’s sword and that sword was used a many a time to slain many a village including the ones you and your siblings were as a kid until you were taken out of pity don’t believe me defeat and then the truth will be unveiled. Bookmark here

Skye: That’s enough of your lies villain its time to stop your sorry ass!! Bookmark here

(The tornado engulfs both of them and Hyde tries to slash Skye but Skye dodges and counter attacks each hit swiftly) Bookmark here

Hyde: Fool!! (He tries to kick Skye but misses and Skye slashes his leg off) Bookmark here

(Hyde then summons a tornado and Skye gets dragged into it)
Skye: Take that!! (Skye then delievers the final blow) Bookmark here

So theres the final gem now? Bookmark here

Skye: The sword its glowing is shining more than ever!! (The sword then evolves into a katanna that’s black) Bookmark here

Woah!!!! (skye is now teleported where it has all started) Bookmark here

Xavior:So the boy has defeated all of my men. It looks like its time to bring brother Kyo out of his slumber to really see if the boy is truly worthy of being a hero. Bookmark here

Syke: Well here I am back now it looks like the beginning of the fucking end is coming. Bookmark here

Xavior: Now the real test has become to see if he really is the hero we all need? Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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