Chapter 7:

chapter 7 crucifeid dream

Gems Of Light

????: I see you have entered your tomb. Bookmark here

Skye: This must be the castle but it looks like it never was even sacked in the first place. Bookmark here

????:Curiosuly wandering without any aim typical of a young one. Bookmark here

Skye:Damn this place looks really fucking peaceful and I should be almost there to the throne room. Bookmark here

????:And so the little lamb awaits to be my prey. Bookmark here

Skye: The door is locked strange. Bookmark here

????:And so the hero comes to the foray. Bookmark here

Skye:Who the hell are you!!! Bookmark here

Kyo: I am Kyo the brother of darkness and I can see you have eliminated my kinsmen. Bookmark here

Skye:You’re the last one left now. Bookmark here

Kyo: Oh no, I am my brothers and my brothers are me kill one brother and the other and they shall simply become more powerful. Bookmark here

Skye:What do you even mean by that. Bookmark here

Kyo: My brothers are only brothers not through blood but through soul of itself and each soul itself is only just a piece of nourishment for my brothers to be strenghtend and that was only just a sample of full strenght with what you face eventually they shall reincarnate into more powerful beings as it is. Bookmark here

Skye:Not if I stop your bitch ass! Bookmark here

Kyo:I do not think so as you can see I am not so easily defeated by like how you did my brothers. Bookmark here

Skye:(He tries slashing Kyo but Kyo dodges) Bookmark here

Kyo:On impulse I see what a fucking weak pathetic move from a weak cancer cell as thou. Bookmark here

Skye(He tries to slash Kyo again and he cuts his head off) Bookmark here

Kyo: A slash to the head alone is not enough to kill me you little piece of shit. Bookmark here

Skye: (He tries to slash Kyo again for the final time to the heart but Kyo just stands still) Bookmark here

Kyo: This sword really isn’t as powerful as it is at the moment. Its only powerful once the wielder is of pure of heart this sword however is still beyond tainted by the dark corruption of the king. Bookmark here

Skye:What do you even mean by that! Bookmark here

Kyo: That sword was cursed with dark magic by Xavior so no one but only the king could use it for his goals and those who use it are bound to be cursed into eternal damination. Bookmark here

Skye: Cursed yeah right! Bookmark here

Kyo: You shall see what the curse is. Bookmark here

Skye:Where is Merra! Bookmark here

Kyo: Through the inner sanctum where Xavior is holding her. Bookmark here

Skye:And what about those people in the realms as well too? What about their souls? Bookmark here

Kyo: As you can tell, in those realms the souls of the people you have met they were all at one point working for the king. Eventually after crossing them they ended up their as their purgatory until death and when they died, their souls belong to us. Bookmark here

Skye:You mean everyone I met were criminals to you guys? Those people were nothing but kind and nice and you killed them in cold blood! Bookmark here

Kyo:Those worlds you visit they were called the “fables of elements” meaning the kind of environments you would expect are the ones of fiction. And why do you think “pureflower” has its name? Why out of irony as this place was always been a crime infested place even more so when the king took over. Bookmark here

Skye:That’s a bunch of crap. Bookmark here

Kyo: Oh it is, you were really just shielded from the harsh life it is. Bookmark here

Skye:Yeah right, we were always treated kindly by the king and his men. Bookmark here

Kyo:But what about the populace of itself. Bookmark here

Skye:Surely the king also was fair to them Bookmark here

Kyo: Souls were sacrificed to help taint the sword. Falsely condemned criminals mainly those the king found annoying for the most superficial of reasons. Bookmark here

Skye:More lies! Bookmark here

Kyo:This palace as well was slave labor from falsely accused prisoners. And anytime you hear someone getting into an accident here its always debt related killings. Bookmark here

Skye:Why do you keep lying! Bookmark here

Kyo: Don’t believe me allow me to show you the truth and maybe you will discover yourself along the way. Bookmark here

Skye: (He then gets impaled and crucifeid and is put into a cationic state by dark magic) Bookmark here

Kyo:And now I think your training shall be complete. Bookmark here

Xavis: Yes my lord, I shall do my duty for lord Xavior. Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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