Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 dream 1

Gems Of Light

Skye: Weird, there is these fragments of like glass flying around and nothing but pitch black all around me. What would happen if I was to touch it. Bookmark here

(He then touches one fragment) Bookmark here

Fei: That tower is full of all the riches in the world that the king has hoarded and has not used it to improve the livelihoods of the people. I'll wait at night and then I'll go bust that fucker open. Bookmark here

(Fei then climbs the tower and he reaches the top of it) Bookmark here

Fei: And all I need to do now is crack this safe. Bookmark here

Guard:(He then spots him as he tries to open it) Halt in the name of the king fucker! Bookmark here

Fei: Crap I gotta go (He jumps through the window and lands on the haystack) Bookmark here

Xavis: I think your time in crime has ended villain! Bookmark here

Fei: Nice job sucking the king’s cock off huh!? Bookmark here

Xavis: You won’t get away with this (He then pulls out his dark katana) Bookmark here

Fei: Think again. (Fei dodges each attack sucessfully but eventually Xavis gets the upper hand and then casts a dark spell that paralyzes him and eventually summons rats to finish him off) Bookmark here

Xavis: A fitting end to a fitting life I say. Bookmark here

Fei: Wait where am I? The sky is so dark red and the smog its everywhere and its intensely hot as well too. Bookmark here

And that red liquid don’t look right either. Can hardly breathe with all this shit around this fucking place either with all this ash. Bookmark here

Something is coming: (A salamander shows up) Bookmark here

Fei: Oh fuck! (He then runs all the way to a nearby cave) Bookmark here

Skye: So that must have been how he ended up there. Bookmark here

Fei:Looks like I'll be here for a while may as well make the best of it while I still can. Bookmark here

Skye:A door looks like its open I guess I must go through there now. Bookmark here

(The door opens and he gets teleported into the next area) Bookmark here

Skye:Woah!! Bookmark here

Chapter ends. Bookmark here

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