Chapter 8:

Upcoming Chaos

HoloMyth: The World's End

A orange haired girl can be seen, Bowing down in front of a black haired woman that have a crimson eyes and sitting in the throne with its legs crossed.Bookmark here

"Takanashi Kiara, I don't know what's the god's thinking even the world is close to its extinction and still doing nothing. The god's judgement is absolute and it never goes wrong. Just because the god didn't do anything doesn't means we wont do anything. That's why, Head to earth and save the world from its extinction, I bet you knew where is the strong dark pulse energy. Now head out!" The girl ordered.Bookmark here

"Yes, Goddess Ishtar" The orange haired girl that have blue feather as its earrings stand up and walks, Approaching the edge of the land.Bookmark here

"Kiara, Remember... Don't let your self get killed again" Ishtar spoke.Bookmark here

"Yes, Goddess Ishtar" She nodded before her whole body blistered by flames and a huge orange wings flap behind her. The flames in her body moved and transfers to her wings. She immediately dive down in the edge and flap her wings to the mid air.Bookmark here

'My name is Takanashi Kiara. A phoenix, One of the world's guardian. A servant of the goddess of flames, Ishtar. As what she said, The strong dark pulse energy that can eliminate the world is the 'Ancient Darkness' and now it found its host. Ones that spell cited, Its the end of all life forms. I have a feeling I'm late'Bookmark here

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The skeleton covered by a black cloak that have a crown in its head is sitting on a golden throne. Its eyes is empty until it glows crimson red.Bookmark here

'Its awakened' The skeleton thought. 'Oh, Looks like the phoenix has descended. She can handle the Ancient Darkness by herself, I wish so. Besides...' The skeleton thought while looking to its hand with a 1 dollar money in it. 'I spend my money too much in the mortal world that I end up don't have budget to ride in a plane to Japan since, I'm below the U.S.A' The skeleton sighed while looking above the empty black space. 'The god's servant will never mistakes. Also, The gods judgement is absolute and it never goes wrong. Do your best, Takanashi Kiara, Don't let your self get killed again, I hate it when you ckme here and I end up letting go your soul'Bookmark here

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[Music Beat: Reflect by Gawr Gura](Just to make things exciting 'w')
Anyway here's a link if you don't know or, You didn't memorize the song.Bookmark here
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"Its time huh" A little girl with crimson eyes spoke in the depths, She was under a cave and also under in the ocean. She was wearing a oversized blue hoodie with no lower clothes or underwear... Nah its unknown what she wore below but most importantly, She have a loli appearance like a 10 year old kid. She have a short white hair and some red stripes in it. She smiled, Showing her sharp teeth like a shark and she also have a shark tail in her back, Curling that covered her stomach.Bookmark here

"Do what as I plan and your power 'Ancient Darkness' can destroy the world" The girl grinned before she look above. "Watch me destroying this world and witness the power of my chaos, Lord Baelz"Bookmark here

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In a traditional Japanese house, A girl with purple hair that have a bloody hands and a knife in her hand was watching to the dead body of a old woman that have a silver long hair and blue eyes. She walks away and washes her hand before she walks and approach a room. 'Sorry Grandma... I don't want to do this but I feel like I can't control my self' She thought as tears drip in her cheeks before she open a door. 'Sorry Amelia, You were my first friend and I will just end up killing you and get involved in this Chaos' She thought again before opening the purple book in the table in front of her. 'I am Ninomae Ina'nis, I will be the one who will end up destroying this world due to the darkness controlling me' She thought and the book glow.Bookmark here

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Author: This is not a trailer but-, Looks like we reach to the 'Action' I spoked. Also, Seems we have a mystery here. Enjoy, Wish you loved and having fun reading this story (^^)/.Bookmark here

Anyway, I didn't explain the 'Lord Baelz' thing am I?. Baelz is the new member of Hololive, One of the 2nd Gen of Hololive English, She's part of HoloCouncil. Hakos Baelz, The Chaos.Bookmark here

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Chapter 8.1Bookmark here

This is a teaser for our second arc. Anyway, The first arc was 'Ancient Darkness'. Now our second arc is named 'Myths'. Enjoy.Bookmark here

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Amelia Watson can be seen walking in the middle of crowded city. 'What should I do?, I remember I go out to the apartment I'm living cause I'm gonna do something but I forgot what it is. I should go to Ina, I might remember staying there' Amelia thought and walks.Bookmark here

*Bump*Bookmark here

She look to the girl she just bumped and bows "[ごめんなさい ! ]Gomenasai! <I'm sorry!>" She apologized.Bookmark here

The beautiful girl that have a dark blue eyes turn around, She have a black hair and wear a white clothes that have no sleeves and open chested and a blue ribbon in her chest that have a blue gem in the center of it. The girl bowed. "No, Its my fault for disturbing this timeline" The girl also apologized.Bookmark here

'Did she just speak english?' Amelia thought as the girl looks away and walks, The girl's figure slowly disappeared as it mixed to the crowd of people. As Amelia look to the girl, She remember what it just said earlier. 'Timeline?, What's that?. Probably she thought that she disturbed me because she accidentally bumped me' Amelia just walks away.Bookmark here

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