Chapter 10:

chapter 10 dream 3

Gems Of Light

Skye: Another realm it’s the earth one. Bookmark here

Kuzco: I am meerly just a gardener my lord my plants are not meant for poison. Bookmark here

Skye: Its Kuzco that forrest guardian. Bookmark here

King: Dishonor is a high crime to pay in this world Kuzco. Bookmark here

Kuzco: I refuse to let your poisons infest the kingdom’s water supply so that you can raise taxes to have more clear water come through. Bookmark here

King: Enough! Guards arrest this man for treason! Bookmark here

Kuzco:Let me go! Bookmark here

King: I here by banish you into the realm of earth where I'm sure you will be most at home with. Bookmark here

Kuzco: This forrest its lush of plants,rain and greenery as far as they eye can see while the kingdom itself has really devastated as much land the king has left no such form of wildwife alive all just to make his kingdom rely on him and control their food supply disrupting the natural balance of things. Bookmark here

The water here is pure unlike in the kingdom where its purposefully tainted so that villagers pay for higher quality water. Bookmark here

And the sun unlike in home at least its shining and the skies are clear and don’t have the polution caused by the slave labor the king has for his factories of war. Bookmark here

I think this is really heaven and it is my job to protect it as long as I am on this realm. Bookmark here

Skye: So instead of running from fate he chose to embrace it and to take care of the world around him and make the best of the situation wow. Bookmark here

And another shard I'll take that and that must be another door. May as well check where this leads to now. Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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