Chapter 13:

chapter 13 preparation

Gems Of Light

Skye:Son of a bitch Bookmark here

Kyo:See where I was coming at Bookmark here

Skye: The king was not my father and you’re just as bad as he was. Bookmark here

Kyo: Precisely, and the shards you found those are the shards of my kin and they shall be used to purify the soul of the sword from its taint as only my siblings could have such power as we exist beyond time. Bookmark here

Skye:Really! So that’s why I can’t kill you. Bookmark here

Kyo: Only pure light can and the reason why I'm telling you this is that Xavior is no better than the king either. Bookmark here

Skye: Why give this to me. Bookmark here

Kyo: I am tired of being a pawn of death. Bookmark here

Skye: And the only way for the sword to really restore its power is to kill you to cure the darkness from within to make it pure light. Bookmark here

Kyo:Correct for me and my brothers were pure vessels and only light can destroy it and your sword has the power to do so. Bookmark here

Skye:Well then lets get this over with. Bookmark here

(Skye and Kyo have a duel with no magic involved and Skye eventually comes out as the winner) Bookmark here

Kyo:Thank you from freeing me of my burden of the sins. Bookmark here

Skye:And thank you for being honest. Bookmark here

(chapter ends) Bookmark here

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