Chapter 14:

chapter 14 reveal

Gems Of Light

Skye:Well this is it looks like I'm heading to the inner sanctum now I hope Merra is ok. Bookmark here

(The door opens as the shards of memories form into a key to unlock the door within) Bookmark here

Xavior: I see you have made it Bookmark here

Skye:Merra! Bookmark here

Xavior: You even recovered your memories quicker than I expected. Bookmark here

Skye:You won’t get away with this. Bookmark here

Xavior: Tell that to the king and his crimes. Bookmark here

Skye:Where is the king? Bookmark here

Xavior:Oh he’s right there or in his true form is should say. Bookmark here

Skye: Is this really him? Bookmark here

Xavior: Oh he has always been a monster in human flesh. Bookmark here

Skye:This has to be dark magic. Bookmark here

Xavior:Oh it is, when unrestrained you become an obese bear like beast as he has become and now it is your job to slay him the hero of this story. And soon you will have another surprise to face. Bookmark here

Skye: Has the king always been this way? Bookmark here

Xavior:He’s always been a demon since time innaculoum he sold his soul to darkness for power. Bookmark here

Skye: And those crimes really are true then. Bookmark here

Xavior: Indeed and even though you have the gems you still have ways to go into being a hero. Bookmark here

Skye:So what do I have to do now. Bookmark here

Xavior:Simple kill the king. Bookmark here

Skye: You mean that monster. Bookmark here

Xavior:Glad to see you finally see the king for what they really are. Bookmark here

Skye:As well as the world too. Bookmark here

Xavior: Good. (He then unchains the king in his dark beast form) Bookmark here

Skye: Bring it on bitch! Bookmark here

(The king strikes but Skye dodges and he slashes a leg off the king then kicks and Skye slashes another leg off, the king then strikes with his arms he slashes one arm of and the king slashes again and Skye dodges and slashes the final arm off and the kings heart is exposed and skye slashes it then eventually Skye decapitates the king in one final blow) Bookmark here

Xavior:So you really are the hero In the kings prophercy of darkness. Bookmark here

Skye: And you’re just another villain as well pushing your own will onto others. Bookmark here

Xavior:Our goals were different I seek order and law while the king seeked conqueor regardless of the consequences. Bookmark here

Skye: Now whats the other surprise you got so spare from your cancerous bullshit. Bookmark here

Xavior: An old friend would like to meet you. Bookmark here

Xavis: Hello Skye. Bookmark here

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