Chapter 15:

chapter 15 all the small things

Gems Of Light

Xavis: Skye I see you have come quite a long way in disrupting the order of things. Bookmark here

Skye: Xavis you are being brainwahsed by this terroist. Bookmark here

Xavis: He has restored order where the was waste being ravaged among the land. Bookmark here

Skye: Those people as you can see are being slaves and nothing really has changed and if anything its gotten even worse now! Bookmark here

Xavis: Each dimension you visited only delay the inevitable and the reality of those realms were not of the human realm as you know the prophecy of darkness is coming and I shall be the ruler of this land to keep the order. Bookmark here

Skye: This is tyranny and we shouldn’t be like this! Bookmark here

Xavis:You are wrong this is saving the people from themselves from the darkness within! Bookmark here

Skye: More like corruption and destruction now lets end this! Bookmark here

(Xavis and Skye clash together and Xavis casts dark magic impaling Skye but Skye pulls out each impalemnet and throws it back at Xavis and Xavis then casts a shield spell but Skye slashes through it and Skye then dodges an attack from Xavis and Xavis tries to attack back but then Skye gets the upperhand and he then slashes Xavis critcally eventually Xavis survives but is crippled badly and soon Skye dodges his next attack and strikes from behind and then slashes his head off) Bookmark here

Skye:Oh no what have I done!! (He breaks own in tears and cries over what has happened) Bookmark here

Xavior:And so the hero makes a hard decision killing my protégé and his own childhood friend. Bookmark here

Skye: Your own world is twisted and disgusting. Bookmark here

Xavior: You think its just my world, it’s the entire world that is rotten and you only just suceeded in fulffilling my goals into destabilizing it into destruction and order, wel that was a myth the only way to save it is to recreate my image and to bring nothing but total order and lack of free will. Bookmark here

Skye: Where is Merra? Bookmark here

Xavior: I shall bring you to her as we’re not done yet. But I can tell you that she has been in great pain witnessing your journey firsthand. Bookmark here

Skye:Merra! Bookmark here

Xavior: I specifically used her as my vessal so that the world can be rebuilt into my own image. Bookmark here

Skye: By crucifying her and impaling her as a sacrifice for her prophecy? Bookmark here

Xavior: Correct. Bookmark here

Skye: The prohecy of darkness really just goes beyond what the king has created. Bookmark here

Xavior: The powers and spirits of the world around us are in a delicate balance and the king has corrupted the realms with the power of darkness into his own liking once peaceful were now places of strife and chaos as you have witnessed first hand. Bookmark here

Skye: And those prisoners must have been there to silenced the kings own doings. Bookmark here

Xavior:As well as to be vessels for the gems itself to summon its power. As it requires only one survivor of a crime to get it to happen. Bookmark here

Skye: All those souls then are infused with the sword. Bookmark here

Xavior: Only a grave danger it is said can summon it and this sword has been around long since the beginning of time held by many other heroes of old. Bookmark here

Skye: And why are you even telling me this so willingly? Bookmark here

Xavior: Theres many things the young are naïve about and in order for them to realize what cruel world this is, they must face cruelty head on. And Merra and you have been sheltered all her life and the violations she faced by me and my men are innumerable. Theres no way she’ll be the same ever again. Bookmark here

Skye:That I cannot stress how fucked up it is even doing such a thing. Bookmark here

Xavior: The history you were taught in the schoolsystem it was all personally written by the king as propaganda to keep the populace as ignorant as possible so instead of broadening their horizons they remained circlejerked into this one hellhole they created. And the knights, those debts are always accidents for those who don’t pay up whenever they talk about debts and as you can see there is no knight left alive here now to protect the city. Bookmark here

Skye: So all that hard work I did for the king with labor was really just ego fuelling? Bookmark here

Xavior: He always used anyone he seemed useful until otherwise for their own goals even his children. Bookmark here

Skye: Damn. Bookmark here

Xavior: And me as his advisor in supernatural matters I helped as well with concealing his crimes. The dark magic he mastered I purposefully never told him how dangereous it was along with the holy magic that only a very certain few was as I planned his downfall with the prophercy from the beginning. Bookmark here

Skye: You planned this all along. Bookmark here

Xavior:Thanks for pointing out the obvious but now I'm afraid its time for you and Merra to re unite and get ready to face me in the top of the castle. Bookmark here

Skye:Oh no! (He gets teleported into the sanctum where Merra is being held) Bookmark here

chapter endsBookmark here

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