Chapter 17:

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Gems Of Light

Chapter 17 Bookmark here

Xavior: And so the heroes have finally made it. Bookmark here

Skye:This is it for you now! Bookmark here

Merra: Your crimes against humanity are countless as the stars you count but the stars itself are a symbol of hope. Bookmark here

Xavior:Yet each star per my goal has been darkened for an eternal dark night. Look around you! All those souls belong to me and now hell shall freeze over among this realm. Bookmark here

Skye: All the stars are a soul and now since you are holding them hostage for the eternal night you plan for your conquest of destruction I shall free them! Bookmark here

Xavior: Lets end this now! Bookmark here

(Merra gets restrained by the dark magic) Bookmark here

Fei: Do not give up hope. Bookmark here

Janey: Good shall always triumph over evil. Bookmark here

Syd: Don’t let your guard down mate. Bookmark here

Kuzco: The fruits of your labor shall payoff. Bookmark here

Skye: I’m doing this not just for you but for everyone else I hold dear! Bookmark here

Xavior: Well this is now the end for you. (He then turns into a a dark dragon) Bookmark here

Skye: Oh no!! Bookmark here

Merra: Skye believe in yourself you can do this! Bookmark here

Skye: Lets fucking go! Bookmark here

(The dragon then breathes its fire but Skye dodges it quickly and he summons a bow from syd and shoots the wings out. The dragon and is the brought down to land. And Skye then dodges fire again and slashes the dragons face and eventually after a while slashing Skye then beheads the dragon and strikes it in the heart) Bookmark here

Merra:Its over now. Bookmark here

Skye: The stars its showing. Bookmark here

Merra: But the town there is nothing left of it anymore everyone and everything has died. Bookmark here

Skye: To think one mans own madness and thirst of power led to all of this. Bookmark here

Merra: There is nothing left here for us. Bookmark here

Skye:Or anywhere really. Bookmark here

Merra:But our futures they are our own to decide not the prophecies of god or man. Bookmark here

Skye:And no matter where we are, friendship is eternal even beyond the realm of the living the bonds we make never dies out. Bookmark here

Merra: In life we may never see each other no matter how long but we can never stop remembering the memories we had with each other. Bookmark here

The end Bookmark here

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