Chapter 20:

Level three! - Chapter 20

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

“I’m feeling better now, Ghost-san.” It didn't take long before Aya recovered from motion sickness. Her body was feeling much better as well. Since Aya’s body was fragile, I expected her to be way more tired than now. It looked like she had improved her stamina and her own muscles. But since I didn't need any sleep and Aya was already feeling better, we started going to the third floor of this dungeon. The third floor was twice as big as the second floor and somehow even darker. The walls were mostly broken or filled with deep scratches. There were torches just like the previous floors but most of them were not lit up on fire.

Did something happen on this floor? I thought as we continued going to the deepest parts of this floor. Aya was becoming really nervous and I could actually feel her heart beating fast.

Is she afraid of the dark? I didn't have any trouble looking in the dark because of the ‘Night Vision’ skill, but the same thing didn't apply to Aya. She let me control her body since she couldn't look. But the darkness was not the only thing that we were worried about. I didn't know if it was pure instinct, but something terrifying was coming towards us. Aya’s body was trembling like crazy and it was ready to run anytime. My vision in the dark wasn't that great if I tried looking too far, but after we continued walking for some minutes. From the darkest parts of this floor could be seen as a massive black thing was coming towards us. Its body was massive and really thick. Its eyes shined as they were looking at Aya, and its body was covered in thick fur.

And as usual, a red stone was located at its forehead. No matter how much I looked at it, only one thing came to mind. That was a terrifying monster in the form of a massive bear standing on its hind legs.

“A… ah… a…” Aya was trying to keep her calm but no matter how much she tried, her voice was leaking out a little. Her heart was beating even faster than before and her legs were becoming really weak.

“GRRRRWWW!!” The monster growled as it continued walking towards us with its massive body.

“haa, haa, haaa…” From the way it looked, Aya started having trouble breathing. She was terrified but she still tried her best to calm down. I really need to find something to fix my voice, I can't keep this up anymore. Right now when Aya needs comfort, I can't say anything at all to her. “Don't worry!” “I'm here with you” “Don't be scared” were the words I wanted to tell her. They may be simple words, but to someone, they mean a lot. I hate this a lot!

I tried fixing the way Aya was breathing and looked straight into the bear’s arm. While clenching the dagger on my right hand I started charging towards the bear.

This time, our target was way bigger than usual and one hit from its paws was a dead-end for Aya. But I won't allow such an ending for her! I may have died but I won't allow Aya to experience the same thing as me! I could feel Aya’s consciousness becoming weak as I was charging towards the monster. Even though I was in control of her body, I couldn't control Aya’s consciousness.

Fuck! This is all your fault!

With anger, I dodged one of the bear’s paw attacks and tried going from behind it. The way its arm moved was faster than I expected. It even crumbled the ground a little from the power its paw had. But the bear didn't want to make this easier for me. That bear turned around and swung its arm at me. I was planning on cutting its legs in order to slow it down, but it seemed I was a little slow. I knew that Aya’s body wasn't fast enough to dodge that kind of attack, that's why I decided to counterattack instead. I swung the blade of my dagger directly at the bear’s arm. I expected the bear’s skin to be really hard, but somehow the blade of my dagger managed to easily cut through.

“GrOOOOWWLL!!!” The dagger was sharp enough to easily cut this bear’s thick arm. Once again I was surprised by the sharpness of this dagger. Just what kind of dagger did Aito make? That's what I was thinking as I was looking at the bear’s arm that had fallen on the ground. The monster was angry because I cut one of its limbs like that. But this time, I didn't want to make the same mistake as last time, that's why I charged towards the bear once again. The bear didn't want to lose another arm, that's why it focused its next attack on my legs. But once again, that's where this monster failed to attack. Dodging any obstacles while free running was one of the things I was good at. I dodged its long arm by jumping over it and while I was running, I decided to go up by climbing its own arm until I reached its neck. Because of its fur, keeping my balance was a bit hard, that's why I didn't try to focus on that. And with all I had, I swung my dagger and slashed its neck without a second thought. I jumped over its body and then turned around. The bear’s head fell on the ground. It was a perfect cut caused by the sharpness of this dagger. And in the next few moments, Its body fell down causing the ground to shake a little.

I can’t believe that I did that! I would have never expected myself to be fighting monsters like this. But the fact that I wasn't scared was bothering me a little.




Since Aya had passed out, I couldn't just get out of her body like that, that's why I tried resting for a little but the presence of other monsters coming this way did not make things easier for me. Aya’s body wasn't that exhausted, that's why I decided to face the monster instead of hiding. Actually, I don't think there’s anywhere I could hide in the first place, that's why I had no choice but to kill the other monsters. Ever since I got here, I noticed something about the dungeon’s floors. Each floor has its own kind of monster and its own difficulty. The first floor had rabbits, the second floor had snakes and the third floor had bears. If you ignore the red rocks on their foreheads and their extraordinary strength, they would look like animals from Earth. On this floor, I encountered four more bears with the same kind of appearance. Their strength and tactics of fighting were the same which made things a bit easier for me. And once I knew how they moved, the rest was a piece of cake for me. I won't lie, this was just like a game but with more options on my hands. And thanks to this dagger, I felt like I was using cheats in this dungeon. And that's how I managed to pass the third floor. I didn't know what kind of monster was going to be on the next floor but somehow this felt like a real adventure.