Chapter 21:

Level Four! - Chapter 21

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

The fourth floor was way darker than the previous floors. If Aya was awake, she wouldn't be able to see anything at all, but thanks to my skills, somehow I was able to see the surroundings. I didn't know if there were any traps in this dungeon, that's why I was careful with each of my steps. Everything around here was really quiet which made things a little suspicious for the level of this dungeon. But things changed as I kept moving forward. In the distance, I could hear rattling sounds.

What is that?

I was trying to think of what kind of monster would make that kind of sound. Those noises were becoming a lot louder. Something is coming to me!

I thought as I was waiting for the monster to reach my field of vision. I couldn't see it yet, but I could hear it making a lot of noises. But something was bothering me, how can a monster make such noises. It felt like that monster either had a lot of legs, or what was coming towards me… was more than one monster!

And my question was answered when a lot of skeletons were charging towards me. It was impossible to count the number of skeletons that were coming towards me. They were covered with dirty, old, and ripped clothes that looked similar to those of adventurers of the guild. All of the skeletons either had swords, or bow and arrows. If I had to guess a number for all of those skeletons, then I would say more than 50. But what made them more dangerous was the speed they had. Even though they were just skeletons without muscles, they had the speed of the fastest man alive back on Earth. There were too many skeletons and I wasn't sure how to deal with them. And what's more, this was the first time I was facing enemies that carried weapons just like me. And those skeletons were not kind enough to let me think of a plan, they kept coming towards me, and in no time, the first skeleton swung its sword at me. It was so fast that I could barely move from that, but luckily the skeleton aimed its sword towards my dagger which I was keeping as a way of defending Aya’s neck. I was frustrated that I couldn't protect Aya properly from them. And if she dies, the fault would be all on me!

I wasn't sure but I felt myself thinking a lot faster than I used to. To me, it felt like the world had slowed down and I couldn't do anything else other than think. And as I was looking at the sword that was about to clash with my dagger, I noticed the sword going through my dagger! No, wait! The sword is not going through my dagger! The skeleton’s sword is being cut in half by the dagger.
Thanks to the sharpness of this dagger, I managed to avoid an instant death from this skeleton. Now that the skeleton’s sword was broken, I got this chance to attack back. I cut in half the skeleton’s head with ease. That's when all of the bones fell to the ground. The head is its weakness! I thought as all of the other skeletons were charging towards me. The only thing that made this easier for me was that all of the skeletons were not that smart. Most of them kept pushing each other, resulting in them falling to the ground. If I don't go forward, these skeletons will surround me! That's what I thought at that moment. I didn't want to waste any more time, that's why I charged towards them.

As I was charging, I went near the sidewall and I kept my eyes open for any sword or arrow coming at me. I hope that Aya’s shoes aren't slippery.

Before one of the skeletons reached within my range, I started running on the sidewall. Aya’s body didn't have enough stamina to keep this up. With my previous body, I could do this for some seconds but with Aya’s body, I can only manage it for 1,5 seconds if I restrain her body. I didn't want to restrain her body but I didn't have a choice. This was the only option I could think of.

Some of the arrows were passing near Aya's head, barely managing to dodge them. While I was sprinting on the sidewalls of this dungeon I managed to slash a few of the skeleton heads. I could already see the end of the skeletons, that's when I jumped back down. I barely managed to do this for 1,3 seconds. I’m not feeling anything right now because of the adrenaline, but later Aya’s muscle will ache a lot from this. I'm sorry about this Aya but please bear this for a little longer.

Now that I was on the other side, all of the skeletons were having a hard time organizing themselves. All of the bones were being mixed up together, making it hard for them to turn around.

This is my chance! I thought as I started cutting all of the heads that came into my sight. One after another, the skeletons were being destroyed by my dagger in no time. The dagger would cut through their bones as if I was cutting up slim papers. The numbers of the skeletons were being reduced while some of the other skeletons would fall over their comrades' bones. This was a sight which made me a little excited.

I could also feel myself getting faster and better at dodging their attacks that were coming at me.

Another arrow came towards me but thankfully I barely managed to dodge it using the dagger as a shield. It was as if these hands were gradually getting faster at moving around. And finally, there were only two skeletons left which were trying to walk over the bones on the ground. One wrong move and they would fall over just like most of the skeletons. But Aya’s body was also really tired as I was trying to catch my breath.

Come on, just a little more and it's over. I tried hyping myself up so Aya’s body wouldn't just collapse. I charged towards the skeletons and with a swing of my dagger, both of the skeletons were cut in half. Both at the same time?





I didn't have time to think about anything other than going into a safer place. I wasn't sure If the skeletons were going to respawn but I rolled the dice and decided to rest Aya’s body near the stairs that lead to the next floor.