Chapter 22:

Level Five! - Chapter 22

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

I didn't know how much time had passed since Aya fell asleep. While I let her rest, I would sometimes possess her body to check if she was feeling okay. Even though she was sleeping, her body still needed its needs. Ever since we got here, Aya hasn't eaten anything at all, that's why I needed to find something edible.

Well, I won't find anything to eat on this floor other than bones. Moving to the next floor would be better than staying here. While Aya's body had recovered a little, I decided on possessing her and moving to the fifth floor.

The fifth floor wasn't that different from the fourth floor except that blood was splattered everywhere. And this place was making me almost puke from the terrible smell.

What the hell happened here?

As I was moving forward I thought that this floor was either not set up properly, or what was causing this rotten smell was the monster living on this floor. I had the dagger in my hand and I was ready for any sudden attacks that would come to me.



“““GROOOWL””” A lot of noises were filling this entire floor. I already knew that there was more than one monster, just like on the previous floor. But somehow I felt like those kinds of noises were familiar to me, like I have heard them before. But I didn't want to get distracted. That's why I kept moving forward until I saw some figures of shadows coming my way. When those things got exposed to the light, I immediately recognized what they were.

Gray skin, dirty old clothes, and a rotten smell which would make anyone puke.


The way they moved was really slow, but what made them dangerous was their great numbers. They were much worse than those skeletons. If Aya’s body gets scratched by those things, she might turn into a zombie as well. Or that's what would happen based on the information I know.

The one who created those zombies was a guy from the same planet as me so he must have added that kind of effect.

This time I have to be careful as well, because I don't want to infect Aya’s body! I gripped the dagger and slashed the closest zombie to me. Cutting through its body was easy as always, that's why I kept slashing the other zombies that were coming towards me.

The scent they were releasing was much stronger than before. I already knew that getting distracted by this might cause Aya’s death. Their bodies didn't have that much blood, so I didn't need to worry about getting splattered with their blood.

The zombies were trying to defeat me using their numbers, similar to the skeletons, but no matter how many of them attacked me at once, the blade of this dagger managed to cut through their bodies really easily. It felt like those zombies were weaker every time I cut them down, but when I saw one of the zombies ripping apart one arm that I slashed, it made me realize how powerful they can be. Another zombie managed to crack the wall of the dungeon when it tried to hit me with its hand.

I had to avoid the zombie’s attacks at all costs. But as I continued moving forward while cutting down all of the zombies that blocked my way, I realized that those zombies were not stopping at all. Actually, their number hasn't dropped at all!

What the hell is this? Just how many zombies are there?!

Aya’s hands were also getting tired from swinging around the dagger. I couldn't understand where all of these zombies were coming from. But what's weirder, most of the zombies had missing limbs or heads. But soon enough, I finally found the reason behind their number and the missing parts of their bodies. While I was trying to keep my distance from those zombies, I noticed some of the zombies that I had cut down, came back on their feet. Even if I cut off their head, they still would stand up and come towards me. Somehow, I need to kill all of these zombies before they get up once again.

Wait, maybe I don't need to take down all of them. What If I try to find a way through the next floor without killing all of the zombies?

I took a deep breath before charging towards the zombies. This was a risky challenge but I had to give it a try before Aya’s body loses all of its stamina. I jumped above the zombies by using one of their bodies as a support. While dodging all of their arms, I started jump-running over them. Actually, they didn't even have time to grab Aya’s body before I would jump into another zombie, over and over again until I finally reached the other side of the zombies. Even though I reached the other side, I still couldn't see the stairs that lead to the next floor, and I didn't have time to think about it since there were a bunch of zombies who wanted to tear Aya apart.

Sorry guys, but I'm out of here! Was what I wanted to say to them, but sadly I couldn't. I'm not sure for how long I have been running but I still hadn't seen any sight of the stairs and the zombies following me weren't going to wait. And I could feel that Aya was reaching her limit. She hasn't even eaten for a while so I'm surprised that she still has this much energy on her body.

After some time of running nonstop, I finally found the stairs that lead to the sixth floor, and the moment I stepped on the stairs, the zombies stopped moving. It was as if they couldn't see me anymore. They started wandering around endlessly as if I was never here.

That was dangerous…

Ever since I stepped inside this dungeon, It's been really challenging for me. I could have tried possessing those monsters with my skill, but I wouldn't be able to protect Aya at the same time.

Maybe I should let Aya’s body rest for a bit before going to the next floor.