Chapter 23:

Level Six! - Chapter 23

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Now that things were getting quieter and the adrenaline on Aya's body was going away, I started feeling exhausted. Aya's legs were trembling with each step I took down these stairs, and her stomach was growling from not eating in a while. After going through all of that, I noticed that it has become way quieter than before. All I could hear were Aya's heartbeats, the way she breathes, and the sounds of her steps. And when I finally reached the end of the stairs I saw a white light blocking my field of vision. I was sure that it wasn't a torch since Aya's skin would have gotten burned from the heat of that size. And my eyes were having a hard time focusing on where this light source was coming from.

After my eyes got used to this light, I removed my hand from the face and looked around in astonishment. I was sure we were underground in this dungeon, but what was in front of me was an entire field of grass, trees, bushes, and flowers all over the place. The last time I have seen a place like this was in documentary shows, but this place doesn't even compare to that. The nature here was a true paradise where each second you spend here, the more your life extends.

The air that opened the lungs to the fullest, the sun rays that warmed up the skin, and the beautiful image that calmed my eyes. This was a place that made me feel relaxed without having to worry about any danger around us.

Well, I would probably be immune to danger but I'm not sure if Aya would be safe. I started walking forward while looking around if there was any kind of danger that was hiding from us.

This place didn't have any monsters or any animals, it felt like this kind of place wasn't a suitable environment for them.

But I was glad that there wasn't any danger awaiting for Aya. Maybe I can let Aya rest for a while until she recovers her strength.

I carefully sat down near a tree and laid Aya's body under the shadow of the leaves. The breeze gently touching my face was making me feel sleepy as well. I've never felt this tired before. Now that I was laying down on the soft and chilly grass, I felt at ease. It felt like this body didn't want to move anymore now that it had found the best position to rest.

That's weird… I feel like I'm forgetting something here…

Aren't I a ghost? Aren't I supposed to protect Aya while she sleeps?

I tried opening Aya's eyes but no matter how much I tried, she felt way too tired to even move a finger. It's like she became more tired after resting for a bit.

Something wasn't feeling right, that's why I immediately got out of her body. But what I came to see next, was true hell!

Aya was being surrounded by some kind of green plants and vines. And in front of her was a massive plant with mouth-like and insanely sharp teeth that could slice any bones as if they were sponges. Some yellow flowers that were near Aya's head were releasing some kind of yellow dust on her face.

So that's the cause I couldn't move her body. Even if Aya was mentally asleep, I couldn't seem to control a body that was under the effect of some kind of paralyzing drug created by those flowers. Now that I wasn't inside Aya, the monster-looking plant that was the size of a massive tree, had its attention on me.

I didn't know what this plant was going to do, but I knew that I had to keep it away from Aya.

This plant's head came towards me while opening its massive mouth in order to eat me in one bite. If I was in my human form, that plant would have killed me instantly, but sadly for this plant, Its first attack went through me.

For a second, I think I saw the insides of this plant. I was a bit surprised to see that this plant could manage to move around with a skinny stem like that. Noticing that I wasn't affected by its first attack, the plant kept trying to eat me constantly with its same tactic.

Even though I wasn't sure how I could kill this monster, I stayed there hoping that this plant would forget about Aya. But when I turned around, the vines had managed to grab one of Aya's legs and hang her in the air.


I wanted to call out her name since I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Now, I couldn't use her body nor could I use the dagger that we got. Wait, maybe I can possess a plant as well?! But my transparent body didn't do anything no matter how much I tried concentrating. Aya was in danger and I had run out of ideas on how to stop this thing.

Is this it? Won't I be able to save Aya from this kind of situation?