Chapter 9:

Awakening of 'Ancient Darkness'

HoloMyth: The World's End

Amelia Watson walks in the middle of the crowded city before she remember 'Oh right, I wanted to investigate the 'Ancient Darkness' Ultimate spell' Amelia thought after she just snapped out by the bump earlier. She get the smartphone that she hid in her stripe brown and white jacket. "Umm... Mr Yagoo" She called with the smartphone in her ear as she sat in the nearby bench.Bookmark here

"What is it Detective Watson?" The guy asked.Bookmark here

"I was planning to go in your office, I wanted to investigate more about the spell"Bookmark here

"You said the case is clear but why?"Bookmark here

"I was just curious in something"Bookmark here

"I see, Come here then..." The guy paused.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?"Bookmark here

"I just remembered that your boss want something, I entrusted you the office for now. Your a Detective so, I trusted you. Also, I can't think such evil thoughts from someone as beautiful as you"Bookmark here

"Hehe" Amelia just chuckled as she averted her eyes.Bookmark here

"I won't lock the door so you can go inside so come here as fast as possible, My office is full of valuable Items so It might end up getting rob"Bookmark here

"Yes yes"Bookmark here

The call ended and Amelia just look to her phone for a time but, It was full of notifications that she found it a bother. "Yutube gives too much video recommendations" Amelia spoke as she delete the videos one by one until something caught her attention.Bookmark here

"Massive Hole found in the Atlantic Ocean where the 'Symphony of the Seas' passenger ship mysteriously disappeared. The hole is approximately 50 meters in radius, Scientist gave theory that a Giant Mythical creature lives under it" Amelia spoke loudly while reading. When she look around, People's eyes are into her. She immediately hid her phone to her jacket before she walks away from the people who locked their eyes on her and hold her cap to cover her face a bit. 'I read something horrible loudly and in public'Bookmark here

LaterBookmark here

She made it to Yagoo's office and now she's inside the office, Grabbing the 'Ancient Darkness' book from its shelf. She sat and open a page but backwards, Instead in the front, She opens from the back cover.Bookmark here

"So this is the dangerous spell they're talking about" She muttered while looking to the page with a purple paper.Bookmark here

She read using her mind 'Ancient Darkness Revival, When the spell chanted and the magic circle forms, Darkness arises from the underground, Possessing to its host. Ray of light, Pierce to the ground and the mortal world shakes to the fear of Danger that comes-' Amelia look around to the shaking place.Bookmark here

"Another earthquake huh, This time its strong" Amelia muttered as she glance back to the book, She realize even the strong shake she can still read it.Bookmark here

'-Danger that comes. Purple light shines from the ray of light and consume the world, Forcefully making the souls of the mortal Lifeforms come to afterlife. As the world crumbles to pieces, The host will possess a godly powers as its figure left from being human. Purple tentacles will expand from its back as its ears turn into a pointy like an elf. When the Ancient Darkness will successfully arise, Domination will befall to the world' Amelia read using her mind, And she realize that it will bring extinction to the world. The shaken of the place stops and she immediately get up to go out from the basement, She plan to tell Ina about this but, As she push the door to go outside the basement, It wont open. No, It opens but stuck in something.Bookmark here

She made a step back and rush through the door with her shoulder as her force.Bookmark here

*BAM* *CRACK*Bookmark here

As the door got open a bit, A crack sound from a debris was heard. Dust smoke appears from the small open of the door. Amelia step back as she covers her nose.Bookmark here

She go to the door and take a peek of the small opening. She immediately step back in fear and disbelief.Bookmark here

'It might be just a daydream' Amelia thought as she smiled and grip her fist. She made a huge kick to the door and finally, The door was not open but broken instead.Bookmark here

*BAM*Bookmark here

A sound of a huge falling debris was just heard.Bookmark here

'Y- Your kidding me right?'Bookmark here

Amelia thought as she look outside, Crumbled city and buildings came to the view, Standing pipes and piles of debris is laying in the ground while engulfed of huge flames.Bookmark here

Amelia grip her fist and gritted her teeth before she head out, Running in full speed. 'Boss, Mr. Yagoo, Brother... Ina' People that is special and important to her crossed her mind as she ran in the crumbled city.Bookmark here

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