Chapter 10:

The Disaster of the Revival of Ancient Darkness

HoloMyth: The World's End

A young girl with a blonde short hair ran in the middle of the crumbled and flaming city alone, It was no other than Amelia Watson. She ran as she look around, A human uninjured body was found in the ground. She immediately get close to it. The person might be just sleeping cause, It was neatly clean. Not a single blood or injury can be found in its body but-, When Amelia held its wrist. It was cold, Just like a dead person.Bookmark here

'Y- your kidding me right' She thought as she gritted her teeth and gripped her fist. She stand up and continuously ran. Multiple people can be seen uninjured laying in the ground. Amelia checked all of them but, Not a single person was breathing or even just have a warm body as a sign they are still half alive. All of them is cold, As cold just like a dead person.Bookmark here

Amelia just go up and continuously ran. 'Why... Why is everyone dead?. They are completely uninjured, But why?' As Amelia thought about those things, Tears flows from her eyelids.Bookmark here

After a while as she ran, She found a female figure with its eyes open, Sitting on a bench.Bookmark here

'A living person' She thought while smiling as tears flowed in her cheeks. As she go in front of it, Its eyes was dead empty.Bookmark here

"Y- your a- alive r- right?" Amelia shaken as she asked. When she reach her hand, The female girl lay down in the bench like an empty nutshell. Amelia just gripped her fist without touching it and look above as her tears continuously flows. 'Looks like I'm the last person alive' She thought before walking away.Bookmark here

LaterBookmark here

Amelia can be seen in the edge of a cliff, With a single tree beside her. The wind breeze cross Amelia and her hair waved together with the wind. Amelia just look to the crumbled city that got engulfed in flames as she look to the tree beside her. 'Looks like the other lifeforms died too, Including animals, Trees, Plants, and fishes' She thought as she held the tree's trunks. 'Its a miracle for a single tree to survive. Among all life forms, I'm just happy that even its just a single tree, There is still something survive from that disaster' Amelia smiled while looking to the horizon. A tear flows from her cheeks.Bookmark here

'Will I survive in this world with a zero economy. Human lives through living animals and fruits from trees. There's no way I'll survive with just water, Unlike plants, I can't survive with just water' Amelia just lay down while looking in the sky as she smiled.Bookmark here

*Clank* *Clank* *Boom-Boom*Bookmark here

Metal clanking and explosions can be heard from the city, Amelia immediately get up as she take a peek in the edge of the cliff.Bookmark here

Blazing flames and Black smokes arise while mixed in the dust smoke can be seen in the distance. Amelia immediately take interest in it so she immediately ran to get off the cliff and investigate what she just saw. As she ran, She grab the gun that she put in the black belt that she tied in her left thigh and hold the gun with her two arms as she ran.Bookmark here

Anyway, Sorry for the boring chap, There's a purpose in this chap that I cant leave and also, I can't add this chap to the other chap I think.Bookmark here

__________Bookmark here

Anyway, Its okay you won't read this since its just to make things spice up.Bookmark here

_________Bookmark here

Darkness arises from the underground
And possess to its hostBookmark here

Ray of light, Pierce to the ground
The mortal world shakes due to fear of the danger that will befall later onBookmark here

Purple light shines from the ray of light that pierced in the ground and consume the world,Bookmark here

Force the souls of the mortal lifeforms to come to the afterlifeBookmark here

As the world crumbles to pieces, The host will possess a godly powers as it will leave from its humanityBookmark here

Purple tentacles will expand from its back as its ears turn into a pointy like an elfBookmark here

When the Ancient Darkness will successfully ariseBookmark here

Domination will befall to the worldBookmark here

And that is...Bookmark here

The Disaster of the Revival of Ancient DarknessBookmark here

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