Chapter 3:

The Power Within the Gem

The Advent of Dual Sentience

"What!? What do you mean by 'that'. You really expect me to believe that bullsh##?" I was shivering in fear, the feral creatures kept advancing towards my position. I looked around frantically to find the source of the Voice, but found none once again.
The Voice called out to me again, "Shut the hell up and listen to Me! Do you want to get out of this alive? Or do you want to become food for those things?"
I looked around and stayed silent, I really don't wanna die right now. The Voice spoke back up saying, "Anyways now that I have your attention, listen close to what I have to say." I then tuned my ear in to the Voice, this may be my only Salvation right now.

The Voice said unto me, "Within the back of your right hand lies a very powerful Gem that's been emitting a massive amount of power this whole time. I've been utilizing and stabilizing it and it's been quite easy so far. I don't know what's inside of it but it feels much different from mana. I'm thinking that's how We also attracted so many creatures towards us. It's been releasing so much energy that these creatures noticed and felt threatened. I'm not too sure on the details of the Gem itself but I get the feeling that We can use it to our advantage."

I replied back, "Okay that's cool and all but how the hell is that information going to help us? We don't know how strong it is nor what it really does? Do you have any clues on how to use it?"
The Voice said back, "No I don't so far, we still need to learn how to use it, but at least for now it's emitting enough power to keep the creatures from making any rash moves. For now I'd strongly advise you to try things out with it and maybe we can discover something about it. Try stretching out your hand and drawing out some of it's power."
I nodded quickly, "Okay sounds good, as long as it keeps the monsters from attacking, I should be fine."

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and stretched out my hand, I began to put my momentum and focus on the Gem. I increase my concentration on it and I start to see it glow light blue, the Voice then spoke up saying, "That's it! I can feel you draining out power, although you are just drawing it out, you are still doing something with it! Keep your focus on it for now, I will try somethings on my end."
I kept my concentration on it, I can feel and see some of it's 'power' oozing out like a light blue vapor. I started seeing some of feral creatures making a slow and silent retreat back, looks like it's getting them nervous. The Voice then said to me, "It looks like they can sense the power, but I'm sure they will soon catch onto our bluff if We keep doing this. I will keep the flow of power maintained in here, just keep doing things with it. I strongly suggest that you try 'making the Power your own'..."

"What? Make the Power my own? How do I even do that?" I replied. The Voice called back out to me, "It's quite difficult for me to constantly speak to you while controlling this Gem so I will make this as short as possible, please heed what I am about to say. I simply want you to try and mold this Power into things that will help us survive. Somehow the Power inside the Gem feels like it can be molded into things. Go ahead and give it a try my Other Self! Mold away!"
I pondered within myself, "I can mold this Power and create things from it? If that's true then maybe I can test out a few things. Okay here I go then!"
I took a moment to think about what I wanted to do first in this unfavorable situation, "I think I should find out their numbers before I go into this fight, maybe something like detection or a wave of energy to tell me their numbers."

The Voice called back out to me, "A detection sonar would be good for now. Good thinking Other Me, I will try to utilize something for the sonar!" Wait the Voice heard my thoughts? I thought to myself again, "You are truly living in my head aren't you? Like another person sharing my body?" The Voice replied back, "If you have that much time to think, then you should start on that damn spell already!"
"Oh sh## he's right, okay here we go then! I'm counting on you Other Me!" I thought. I focused on the Gem, I just need to build up and release a huge wave of Power and maybe I can sense their numbers. I began to retain so of the Power in my Gem and aimed my hands towards their ranks, after a few moments, I built up a good amount. I said aloud, "Release!" A bright blue energy wave shot out at all directions and quickly moved towards all the feral creatures. It soon brazed past them and then I saw something immediately. As the Wave passed them, a light blue flame was then seen from within their bodies, I saw many light blue flames light up, even from creatures around me that I didn't even notice before! I looked around myself and realized I was more surrounded than I initially thought!

I thought inside myself, "Other Me it looks like it worked! Do you see how many of them there are?" The Voice answered back, "No I can't physically see them, but I can feel them from here. They're weak but I can still feel them! It's strange that I can count them without even seeing them!" I replied back to him saying, "Oh that's helpful, do you know how many of them there are?"
He stayed silent for a moment, then he answered saying, "56..."
I replied back in shock, "What!? 56 of them!? How am I supposed to kill all 56 of them!? If they swarmed me now, I will be as good as dead!" He replied back quickly, "Shut up for a second! You can still win this! You just need to keep molding the Power inside the Gem! If we stay in sync with each other, we can leave this alive! Just keep molding the Power, and I will do my part from in here!"
I nodded my head, "Okay then, I'm counting on you Other Me!"

The feral creatures began to move in again, I can feel as though they are tired of waiting. I feel as though a blood shed is about to happen. I took another deep breath and said to myself,
"Alright, it's time. Let's see the Extent of my Resolve!"

Maybe I can use it to power up my physical abilities? I began to focus the Gem to power up my strength and speed. I felt much lighter on my feet out of nowhere, it must be working. Just then I heard the Voice say to me, "Yes! Just like that Other Me! Keep using it like that! Lay waste to these fools! Show them what it feels like to be the prey!"
I drew my knife, the feral beasts began to growl more loudly, soon I gritted my teeth and rushed in, "HARRRGHHHH!!!" The frontline charged in as well!
I swung my dagger out towards the first beast and the blade pierced right through his thick hide and blood splashed me! I ripped my blade through its skull and the creature went completely limp! The creature let out a blood curling screech as it poured it's blood upon the ground. The other creatures slowly retreated back, the beast began to cease their growls. I then felt something strange happening to me...?
The Voice called out to me from the blue, "Do you feel that Other Me? Something weird is happening!"

I then turned my attention towards the corpse of the beast, I saw a light blue haze being pulled out of the dead corpse, "What the hell is going on there?"
The blue haze began to condense and made a few thin strings that travelled back towards me, I kept my guard up because I have no idea what's happening there. The blue strings began to drift towards my right hand, I then thought, "Wait is it trying to get inside of the Gem!?"
I then see the blue string draw inside of the Gem, then suddenly the Gem began to glow light blue from it's black color!

Then I heard the Voice call out to me, "I get it now! It all makes sense! How did I not think of this before!!"
I called out to the Voice, "What! What did you find out! Hurry and tell me! What's going on!"
The Voice said back to me saying, "Everything we've experienced from back then! It's all connected, the dead battlefield we woke from, the ability to sense others, the enormous Power in this Gem, even the power being absorbed from the dead creature! All of it is connected!"
I replied back to him, "What is it! Just tell me already!"

The Voice said to me, "Other Me, you still haven't connected the dots yet? Fine I will tell you."
I listened carefully, the Voice said unto me, "The Power in that Gem isn't a normal power. It goes far beyond that! The Power in that Gem is something much more terrifying! Something that shouldn't even be possible. To be able to harness such a thing is unimaginable, and the fact that you have it is no coincidence!"
I said back to him, "What is it then!? C'mon we don't have much time!"
The Voice then said to me, "That Power is something that I can only describe as this...."
He then paused for a moment, then he finally said it...

"That Power is the Souls of your Enemies Other Me..."