Chapter 33:

Updates!!! 12/24/21

Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Hello everyone and early Merry Christmas!
This is Skorge37 with another update on my new novel "Dual Sentience"

I have tons of things lined up for this one and it's going to be a very long novel, that imma keep pouring all my old ideas into. Like I said before, I have ideas and scenarios in my head as well as the characters and powers, I just need to get them all on paper.

I will be uploading this novel to various other websites that I have accounts on as well and hope this novel takes off!
Please keep supporting me in my dream to write free novels that everyone can enjoy!

All constructive criticism is completely welcomed so please tell me in the comments what I can do better and what I can work on so I can keep improving as a writer/novelist

I love you all and happy holidays!