Chapter 1:

Happy Birthday Halloween

Happy Birthday Halloween

WARNING MATURE CONTENT The preceding story contains scenes of violence - I HOPE YOUR PREPARED FOR A STORY OF SCARE!Bookmark here

“Stop it! What are you doing? Leave my child alone!” I cried.Bookmark here

“What did you say to me bitch?” He asked.Bookmark here

He walked forward in a drunken patter and grabbed me by my hair.Bookmark here

“Ahh! Stop! Please let go.” I begged.Bookmark here

“You don’t tell me shit!” Was how that Sorry excuse for a-“Bookmark here

“Bang” My head was slammed against the kitchen table. Bookmark here

I began to gasp for air... I think my nose was broken.Bookmark here

“ You piece of shit!” I cursed at him. Bookmark here

He was dragging me over to somewhere. I tried to see where I was being brought, but the dizziness from the shock kept me from focusing on where l was going.Bookmark here

“Mommy! Mommy!” My little boy called. I could hear the tears in his voice.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry baby, mommy will be right back okay!” I heard no response.Bookmark here

Before I knew it I could hear the bumping and dragging of my feet. I looked down to see the old wooden stairs that were cracked and chipped because of years of no renovation.Bookmark here

A question came to my mind... “where are you taking me?” I asked him, but he just replied with silence.Bookmark here

I tried to struggle and free myself from his death grip, but he just punched me in the side of ribs.Bookmark here

“Oh fuck!” I said spitting blood.Bookmark here

I could soon feel my bloody feet touching the cold ice ground.Bookmark here

“The basement!” Is what I thought.Bookmark here

Suddenly he let me go. My body dropped onto the hard ground like a piece of glass.Bookmark here

I rolled over onto my back in an attempt to see where that monster was going, but I was too late. All I could hear was the heavy stumps of his feet and the clicking of something metallic. Bookmark here

Slowly I turned around on to the face of my stomach and looked up to see an old brown table stained with something black. I crawled towards the table and tried to pull myself up. I was struggling, my legs were hurting, it felt as though they were on the brink of being broken. Bookmark here

I forced myself to stand and scanned over the table. I searched desperately for something, anything that would help me when suddenly my eyes landed on an old rusted rench. I quickly reached out and grabbed it. I could feel the sharp rusted skin of the rench piercing into my hands.Bookmark here

“Shit!” I cursed for the pain had been a bit too much.Bookmark here

Quickly I slid off of the table and dropped myself to the ground. I waited for his reached return when suddenly I heard him called out my name,Bookmark here

“Hey, Hunny I’ve got a big surprise...”Bookmark here

“Surprise of what... pain” is what I thought, I still didn't move, I wanted him to believe that I was asleep.Bookmark here

“Oh you’ll be excited when you saw this it’s a new skin costume that I made just an hour ago,” he said in his drunken voice.Bookmark here

I continued to ignore him when something began to bug me, an hour ago. What did he do an hour ago?Bookmark here

Slowly I turned my body still faking that I was asleep. For some reason my heartbeat was beating like a crazy pump, I opened to see-Bookmark here

“WHAT THE FUCK!”Bookmark here

In front of me was a stinking piece of meat, where the fuck did he get that piece of shit? It covered a long piece of wood like a torn up scarecrow. The blood stank like a decaying pile of dead skunks.Bookmark here

Wait... on the floor just beneath the decaying meat were some clothes... what the hell?Bookmark here

My eyes had opened up completely, the clothes were bloodstained and torn, just what the fuck did this madman do in the last-Bookmark here

Wait... was I not awake in the last hour, I should have heard something, I should of-Bookmark here

Memories began to rush into her hade,Bookmark here

“Mommy! Mommy! Please... help me!” Blud curdling screams echoed through our her head,Bookmark here

“Daddy, stop it! Stop-“Bookmark here

“Ro-nn-e... whe-re-s Jimmy? Where is my boy?” Tears had begun to pour out.Bookmark here

“Well don’t you see him, honey? He’s right he-“Bookmark here

“Ahhh!” She jumped up off the ground and propelled herself towards the man, in her right hand she clenched the rusted rench. She took a swing at him when,Bookmark here

“Bang!” Her body felt numb, for some reason, she couldn’t feel her arm. Slowly she turned her head to the side and realized that something was missing,Bookmark here

“Ahhh! Ahhh!” Blood-curdling screams began to sound throughout the whole house. She dropped to the ground in agony as her blood began to pour out,Bookmark here

“What the fuck did you just do?! My arm! My fucking arm!” She yelled at him, but he just looked at her with a smile on his face.Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious!... Hunny I cut it off... haha” he laughed.Bookmark here

“You crazy son of a bi-“ I was cut off when he suddenly started dragging me by my hair,Bookmark here

“Oww! Let go!” I cried, but he didn’t respond to my plea.Bookmark here

Before I knew it I was dragged into a dark room, I could hear something clicking and shifting in shadows, then suddenly the lights switched on.Bookmark here

I looked up anctiously as my eyes adjusted to the light. Bookmark here

“Booo!” a voice yelled.Bookmark here

I tried to roll over and crawl away when suddenly he started dragging me by my feet,Bookmark here

"Let me go! Let me go!" I cried. Bookmark here

I tried to pull my feet away when suddenly he jerked me over on to my stomach.Bookmark here

"No stop! Don't do this! You cra-" I was silenced as the thick blood started to pour out of my mouth, filling my throat with a bitter metallic taste. I could feel my body jerking up and down as he gashed into my stomach. The sick smile on his face made my mind curl. Bookmark here

Slowly he took hold of my one arm and began dragging me across the floor, he walked over to this old wooden door and opened it. Inside I could see contraption of some sort, I couldn't what it was used for, then something caught my eye drifting eye. There was blood. A piece of cloth lay on the metal contraption. "What the hell was that?" I asked myself, I had no energy to speak.Bookmark here

He suddenly took my limp body and slammed it down on the hard metal. I cringed as the shocking pain travelled through my body. He came towards the bottom of my feet and began strapping my feet down, he then came over to my side and strapped my arm down. Then he disappeared. Bookmark here

I could hear something cracking behind me, "what was he doing?" What was h-"Bookmark here

"Ahhh! Help! Help!" I yelled.Bookmark here

"No body's coming for you Hunny" he laughedBookmark here

"Help! Help!" I just continued to scream louder.Bookmark here

Soon a defusing sound of air began to screech out loud. I was turned around onto my back and felt a sudden pain. I tried to squirm when suddenly my body started shaking vigorously, Bookmark here

"What was he doing to me?" I thought,Bookmark here

My body continued to shake and blood began to pour out of my mouth. I was choking on it. For some reason, my vision was getting blurry and I was starting to see red. My ears started to feel wet, was it blood?Bookmark here

Soon I heard a spitting sound in the wind, it was like an engine pattering before being started.Bookmark here

"Hunny... Happy Birthday!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A.A. James
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