Chapter 11:


HoloMyth: The World's End

Amelia ran as she approach the place where the explosions and black smoke is placed. She get inside between the two collapsed building, Gripping her gun as she ready to get out in the edge. As she get out, She confronted the cause of black smoke. It was just a black smoke with a single human standing from it, The figure was a girl but its unknown since it got covered by the black smoke.Bookmark here

"Eh?" She stared as 3 huge purple tentacles approached her. Due to its speed, She just stared since she know she can't escape from it. As she lost hope, Flaming wings is what she saw, Going in front of her while blocking the tentacles with its orange shield. There was a figure of a girl that have orange short hair with a orange flaming wings attached in its back. The orange haired girl turn around and held Amelia's waist by its two hand. She twisted Amelia before its wings flapped and flew in full speed. The two of them looks sweet but if you look closely, Its like a bird has captured its prey.Bookmark here

As they flew, Multiple tentacles followed them, Some of them appeared from underground but its population never surpassed 10. The tentacles attack them and the girl that carries Amelia dodged them all in full speed, Flying, Spinning, Twisting its body to dodge all the tentacles. Amelia can be seen covering its mouth with a purple face. 'I feel like I'm gonna burst!' Amelia thought as she got spin around.Bookmark here

A purple haired girl with a 10 tentacles attached in its back can be seen running in full speed, Following the flying orange haired girl. 'I will never let you take Amelia, Amelia should die in peace and receive a painless death' The purple haired girl thought.Bookmark here

"Human, Get ready, I'll gonna toss you" The orange haired girl spoke as she continuously dodging the tentacles.Bookmark here

"W- w- wait toss me!?!?" Amelia shockingly reacted.Bookmark here

The tentacles started to surround them and the spinning getting more worse. They flew above while spinning before the orange haired girl throw Amelia above the sky.Bookmark here

'Someone, HELP MEEE!!!' Amelia shouted in her thoughts while trying to hold her nausea.Bookmark here

The orange haired girl unsheathe her sword and flap its blazing wings before spinning in full speed as she cut the tentacles to pieces before she goes up catching Amelia and flew back in a speed of 50 meters per second.Bookmark here

The tentacles still followed them in the same speed as them. The tentacles doesn't have a single scratch even after getting cut to pieces.Bookmark here

A purple haired girl appeared in front of them out of nowhere. "Found you" The girl spoke before expanding all 10 tentacles.Bookmark here

Kiara immediately dive down as she carry Amelia and spin around, Dodging all the tentacles.Bookmark here

One of the tentacle hit Kiara's wings that they end up losing balance in their flight and crash to the ground. Before they crash, The orange haired girl immediately pull Amelia and hugged her tightly as she cover Amelia's head while they roll in the ground.Bookmark here

One tentacle stab in the ground before a figure of a purple haired girl followed the tentacle and pulled it.Bookmark here

She walks calmly as she approach the two sweetly hugging while laying in the ground, full of bruises.Bookmark here

The orange haired girl's wings expanded and flew but she didn't able to continue as a black chain was attached in her feet that connected to a shadow in the ground.Bookmark here

"Too Bad, I already predicted that you can heal your wings the same of my tentacles so, I put a chain in your feet so you can't escape" The purple haired girl spoke.Bookmark here

As Amelia listen to its voice, She found it familiar. Even with her blur eyes, She still found it familiar. A small and cute figure and have a purple expanding long hair, Flat chested. She really found it familiar that a single word come out in her mouth. "Ina" Before she lost conciousness.Bookmark here

The purple haired girl raised her tentacles but after hearing Amelia's words, Her tentacles shaken like she hesitated to kill. She gritted her teeth and smiled like she found her resolve before her tentacles is taking aim for the two like she plan to kill them in one strike.Bookmark here

Her tentacles moved and approach the two in intense speed before-Bookmark here

*WHOOP* *CLANK* *BAM*Bookmark here

A figure of a skeleton covered by a long black cloak, appeared in front of them. Blocking the tentacles with its long scythe, together with a black shadow. As the impact of their strike made the wind rage that they created a whirlwind.Bookmark here

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