Chapter 1:

A Thief, Sweets and Halloween Night.

Sweet Haunted Limerence

Halloween? Ichigo sat on the floor of her room. This was usually a really tidy and cozy room. The windows were decorated with long pink curtains and of course the covers of the bed matched the color. It wasn’t too hard to guess what Ichigo’s favorite color was. There was a shelf to the side where you would usually put books on, but Ichigo had filled it with different animal plushies instead. The room was somewhat empty aside from that, except for a closet located on the opposite end of the bed.

Well, that image of a nice and tidy room? You can throw it out the window now. At this moment, it was the exact opposite! The place was a total mess! The plushies were scattered all around the floor in the midst of a bunch of clothes. The bed? We don’t talk about the bed.

And of course the one who had caused this mess was none other than our lovely demon, Ichigo. Well, that was one way to put it but…

“This is all because of this “Halloween” thing!!” The demon yelled as she continued to dig deep into her closet, pulling more and more clothes just to discard them all around her room. “Why do we even have to disguise ourselves?! We are demons for crying out loud!! And why did they suddenly choose to host the party at my house?! This is unfair!!”

Risa, Ichigo’s best friend, had come up with the idea that they should celebrate Halloween together now that they had started their activities in the human world. Ichigo wasn’t really knowledgeable about human traditions but it’s not like she had any good reason to say “no” either. Well, it was all fun and games until she caught herself procrastinating with the preparations. Most of the preparations for the party were almost ready but she had forgotten about the most important part.

“How am I going to disguise myself, I don’t even have a costume!!”

~ Ding, Ding ~

“Oh no.”

~ Ding, Ding ~

Someone was at the door.

~ Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding~

“Stop being so impatient!!”

~ Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding~

With her stress reaching extremely high levels, Ichigo decided to go for a really unexpected solution. She had reacted so fast there was a chance she didn’t properly realize what she was doing.

While in her human form, the tall demon had long and glossy black hair that fell behind her back. Her outfit? It didn’t change much.

Pink shirt with buttons? Check.

Frilly black skirt? Check.

Rolled up sleeves? Check.

Heart-shaped ear ring? Check.

Fashionable Sunglasses? Check. ß She got these from Risa.

But what about the disguise?!

Simple! She pulled out the curtains and tied them up behind her back and around her neck as a cape.

Hm… when planning the party they did make a rule saying reverting to their demon forms would be cheating. But maybe she could cheat just a tiny bit. Since they are able to change how their human forms look (just a bit!) Ichigo made two of her teeth on each side to grow into fangs.

It was ready! A make-shift vampire disguise!

Okay, let’s go see who is at the door!

Ichigo’s house wasn’t really too big. Leaving her room led into a corridor which connected with the living room. Her Halloween themed living room this time! Despite her usual attitude Ichigo could be quite responsible! (Not really. Risa set up most of the decorations like the ghosts and fake spider webs hanging from the wall. She also baked a pie and carved up some pumpkins. Ichigo did help by shoving all the mess that was in the living room somewhere in the kitchen though!)

It seemed like Risa had left in order to go put on her disguise so she was probably back by now. Why was she being so impatient though? That was so annoying.

And so! Ichigo opened the door of the living room.


“W-W-What is that?!” Ichigo was ready to shut her door any instant now.

The person standing just outside removed a huge animal head which looked like it was part of a costume and…!

Yup, it was Risa.

The gorgeous and fashionable demon with a slender and curvy body was standing right there. She had ironed her long, chestnut colored hair and tied it up into a really long ponytail. Her jade colored eyes shined in contrast to the late night landscape just outside.

“It’s a penguin!!”

“A what?”

“A penguin, I-chan! I’ve heard they are evil creatures that live in the coldest parts of the human world!! Since us demons live in hell don’t you think penguins are the epitome of evil creatures?!”

Without that scary looking penguin head, all Risa was wearing was a very tight penguin suit, it didn’t look too evil.

“That’s fine but… you are not allowed to put that scary thing on again!”

“Wait I-chan, more importantly!!” Risa handed Ichigo the penguin head and rushed into the house. “The cake is going to get burnt!!!”

“Wasn’t the cake all ready?”


No wonder Risa was in a rush. She takes baking and sweets really seriously! That cake was like taking care of her own child. ß But she isn’t interested in ever having children, the only thing that could kick her motherly instinct in were sweets, just a fun fact!

A few seconds after Risa left Ichigo realized she was still holding the creepy penguin head and threw it away with all her force. Remember Ichigo is a demon though, that penguin head was sent flying high into the sky and probably out of the planet itself! For some reason there was a bumping sound in the distance, nothing a human ear could pick up. Maybe it landed on the moon or something.

Sigh, well, now that Risa is here she can just take it easy. Her disguise was all ready too, so this was good. It was all set!

“That was close.” Risa waddled out of the kitchen. She didn’t need to waddle, but she did. “The cake is safe!”

“It smells good, let me take a look!!” The sweet smell pouring out of the kitchen was enough to lure Ichigo in right away. She didn’t have a passion for any specific kind of food but she did have an empty stomach!

The black haired demon followed Risa into the kitchen but.

“This can’t be!!” The penguin-dressed demon yelled in anguish. “This can’t be!! No! No! No! Noooooooo!!!!!!”

“W-What happened?!”

“I-chan!!! The cake is gone!!!”


“You…. You didn’t eat the cake did you? You didn’t right, I-chan? Right? Right?!”

“Risa! Calm down!! You have to think rationally there’s no way I ate it!! I was right behind you and it was supposed to be there five seconds ago!!”

“I know!!” The penguin plopped down into the floor while crying never-ending streams. “How could this happen to me?!”

“Damn you are going to flood the kitchen at this rate!!” Ichigo knelt down, giving her a pat in the back. “Don’t worry, we’ll find that cake!!”

“I-chan!!” Risa stopped crying almost immediately and looked at Ichigo with sparkly eyes. “That’s right! We’ll find them! And then we’ll make them pay!!”


“And then we’ll make them wish they were never born!!”


“And then I’ll personally take them straight to hell and make sure their soul burns for all eternity!!”

“W-Wait! Aren’t you taking this a little too far for just cake?!”

“Let’s go I-chan!!”

Ichigo sighed, this was going to be a long night. Where could they even start searching? There was no way anyone entered the house to steal the cake in such a short amount of time without either of them noticing.

For now, since the kitchen was a small, it wasn’t there for sure at first glance.


Wait wait wait.




Ichigo couldn’t believe her eyes.

There was something standing just outside the kitchen. And that something was eating one slice of strawberry cake!! All the colors from the candy sprinkles spread all around the cake, there was no mistake, that was Risa’s cake! B-But how?! And more importantly, what is that?!

It looked like a strange creature with a really big head. It had a really bright green color, big black eyes with no pupils and it was really tall, almost a little taller than Ichigo and Risa. That wasn’t all though! It floated in the air with its legs crossed, like they were lying down on a comfy couch. Yup, it looked like your classic Alien.

“I-chan, hold my gloves.” Risa took off the black gloves that covered her hands and rolled up her sleeves.


“Here I go!!”

Risa jumped towards the Alien with so much force and speed she set off a grand gust of wind that knocked away almost everything in the kitchen.

“Please stop turning my kitchen into a natural disaster zone!! What’s next, aurora borealis?! At this time of the year, at this time of the day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within my kitchen?!”


In fact, that’s what the Alien had summoned. An Aurora Borealis that illuminated the entire kitchen, blinding both demons and letting it escape.


“I-chan did that thing just…”



“I’m not opening my mouth again!!”

“I-chan!! I need you to stay strong!! That’s the thief!! we must catch them at all costs!!”

“And how do we do that!?”

“Hm.” Risa brought a hand to her cheek and gave this some thought. “If we disguise I-chan as a cake then…”

“No! Get rid of that line of thought this instant!!”

“But but!! If we get a big cake we could lure it in!! And catch it with a surprise attack!!”

“Risa.” Ichigo put a hand on her shoulder. “We are demons who can use magic. We can just create a big cake with magic.”

“No!!! A cake made with magic and a cake baked with your own hands isn’t the same!! I refuse!!!”

“How is a magic cake any different than me disguised as a cake?!”

“Hmph. Dumb Ichigo I would want to steal you away you know, how could anyone resist.”

“W-What did you just say?”

“Nothing!!” Risa looked away and pouted. “Fine then, let’s go with the magic cake!”

Well at least she finally got Risa to agree with the plan. Then again, Ichigo didn’t really like where this plan was going. That thing looked super scary, she didn’t want to deal with it again.

Let’s change the scene to a few minutes later!

First! Imagine Ichigo’s house: a regular and cozy home in the middle of a neighborhood with a big garden behind it. Well, now imagine that house, but like a giant strawberry cake with colorful candy sprinkled all over it.

This was the ultimate bait to lure that alien in!

Of course, as demons both had wings so they simply decided to fly and use the next door houses to hide on the roof. This would give both a really good view of the place below, if that thief came back, there was no escape!

If that thief came back… were they even going to come back? Even though this was such an obvious trap? Ichigo was starting to have second thoughts about this, there was no way anyone would fall for such an-

-“It worked?!”- Ichigo yelled inside her head the moment the strange Alien creature approached the giant cake. Unlike before they were simply walking towards the house normally, no floating or teleportation.

Did it let its guard down? Either way this was the perfect chance! Both demons dived down into the ground and tackled the alien into the floor. Needless to say, the poor alien took the beating of a lifetime.

Minutes later - Inside Ichigo’s home.

The alien was tied down in the living room and both demons stood in front of it.

“Alright thief! Confess your crimes!!” Risa, who now wore a detective hat glared at the Alien as she approached closer.

“D-Does this thing even know human language?” Ichigo was still shaken after coming face to face with something not even demons knew about. Although, this also made her wonder if selling it off to a mad scientist could get her a lot of money. That wouldn’t be bad.

“W-Wait! I already told you it’s me!!” A muffled voice came out of the alien.

Ichigo and Risa looked at each other and then at the beat up creature. On closer inspection, there seemed to be an opening on the area of its neck, was it a mask all along?

“Okay Risa.” Ichigo curiously leaned in closer, moving her hand towards the head of the alien. “Time to find out who is under this mask.”

And so, the mask came off to reveal…!!

“Boss?!” Lilith?! The boss of all dream demons?!

A beautiful girl with now messy, long, platinum-blonde hair let out an evil laugh after being exposed.

“And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t because of you kids and your….! Hm? I just realized you don’t have a cute mascot character! How could this be? How will my Ichigo become a famous magical girl like this?!”

“One. I’m not your Ichigo.”

“Two.” Risa cracked her fingers. “Give me back my cake thief!!”

“But I already told you it wasn’t me! I was just on my way to the party when you two--!!”

“Save it for later! Let’s go I-chan!!” “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! I finally get Ichigo to punch me! A dream come true!!” It didn’t seem like the boss was really against this either. It was the start of a really long Halloween night.


As the three demons were busy inside Ichigo’s house.

An otherworldly creature floated in the air just outside, watching by the window. It laughed, devouring an entire slice of cake without even having to open its mouth.

Maybe this is a mystery Ichigo will never really solve.

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