Chapter 12:

Chapter 7: Freedom and Destruction

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

"Layo Seriously! That's all we have to do?" She asked.Bookmark here

"Yep! The plan's as easy as that." Layo said with assurance.Bookmark here

The door to the elevator shaft opened up and a tiny robotic voice spoke,Bookmark here

"Floor 1!"Bookmark here

Mayu rushed out of the elevator and spun around in excitement.Bookmark here

"That means I can finally go home! I can finally see my family!" Mayu continued to spin around full of joy, for she believed that it all would finally be over. Bookmark here

When Mayu was finished celebrating she stopped spinning and began to wander off.Bookmark here

“So how do we get out of here?” She asked.Bookmark here

Mayu looked around and saw that the area was quite empty. They were standing on a wide floor, behind them was the transportation cell that they just stepped out of, but as Mayu scanned the wall she realised that the cell was not the only. Side by side lay hundreds of other cells.Bookmark here

Mayu turned around and saw that across from the cells lay three big doors. Each door had a painted number, numbering from one to three.Bookmark here

"Mayu!" Layo called out,Bookmark here

"Yeah, what is it?" Mayu asked. Quickly she turned around to face Layo, giving him a cheeky smile.Bookmark here

Layo stared at Mayu and was almost captivated, a weird heat began to surface onto his cheeks. Bookmark here

Layo could almost see the happiness that glimmered from all around her. It was like a warm everlasting light.Bookmark here

"Mayu I-" his voice cut off, somehow looking at Mayu’s glimmering smile stopped him from speaking, but why? It was as if the sun was dancing on her lips. No... it was because the sun was dancing on her lips.Bookmark here

A bothersome thought had crept into Layo’s mind, "Is what I want to say, really the right thing to do?"Bookmark here

Layo looked up at Mayu’s face and he thought that to see that sun fade away, was what he wanted the least, but it was already too late... for she had already noticed.Bookmark here

"Nevermind It's nothing," he quickly responded. Layo quickly turned his head towards the ground and hid his face.Bookmark here

Mayu could see Layo’s sudden nervousness, she could sense that something was bothering him, was there something that he didn’t want to tell her?Bookmark here

"Layo! What's wrong?" Mayu asked with concern. She stepped forward in an attempt to get Layo to look at her, but he just turned his head to the side and avoided her contact.Bookmark here

"Layo! What it is it!" Mayu asked again and stepped forward into his gaze.Bookmark here

Layo now had no choice, he had to tell Mayu or this would only get worse, and he already knew that Mayu was not the type of girl to just give up.Bookmark here

"Mayu, when I was on my way coming for you, I happened to hear that after you were kidnapped, Alto he..." he stopped.Bookmark here

"He what?" Mayu interrupted.Bookmark here

"Mayu he... your village... it's... it’s gone!" Layo answered.Bookmark here

For a moment there was a sudden silence, thoughts and unanswered questions began to flow like rushing blood through Mayu’s head, but somehow when Layo spoke to her, the words just didn’t come through.Bookmark here

"What... what do you mean it's gone?" She asked, with a shallow tremble in her voice.Bookmark here

Layo could hear the sadness in Mayu’s voice, as she looked up at him, waiting for him to answer. He thought to speak and give her an answer, but a sudden sour taste began to fill his mouth like an infection... he couldn’t speak.Bookmark here

"Damn!" Layo cursed and tried to turn away, but Mayu moved In front of him, blocking his path,
Bookmark here

“Layo I need to kno-"Bookmark here

"He ordered his men to burn down the village!" Layo blurted out.Bookmark here

 Mayu’s heart sank.Bookmark here

"What about the villagers? What about my home?... my family!” She asked. Mayu looked into Layo’s eyes hoping that he would have the answer.
Bookmark here

Layo saw Mayu look up at him with tear filled eyes, but he just looked away in shame and defeat.Bookmark here

“Layo?” her voice cracked. Mayu could feel her own heartbeat rising and falling, she took a couple deep breaths to calm herself down, but the pain just kept coming.Bookmark here

"What happened to them Layo? What happened to-"Bookmark here

"Mayu, everyone is gone!" he interrupted.Bookmark here

Mayu stepped back. Her heart was now beating faster than a steam pump. Bookmark here

“ Layo... you’ve… you’ve got to be kidding right?... Right!" She asked chuckling, but he didn’t respond. Bookmark here

"They can’t be gone, what do mean they're gone?!" Mayu asked, shaking in her voice.Bookmark here

"They were either taken in as slaves or-“Bookmark here

Mayu’s face lit up for a moment,Bookmark here

“That means that there’s a chance that there safe, we can still save them,“ Bookmark here

“Mayu,”Bookmark here

“I’m sure if we work hard enough we can find them, why don’t we go back and chec-"Bookmark here

“Mayu!" he yelled, Mayu slightly jumped back,Bookmark here

"They would be halfway across the realm... there’s no getting them back, I’m sorr-“Bookmark here

“Stop! That's not true. I know I could find them!” She yelled back.Bookmark here

“Mayu even if you went to go look for them it would take years maybe even decades. By the time you find them, they might already be...” Bookmark here

“No!” She yelled. Bookmark here

Mayu continued to ignore what Layo was saying. She didn’t want to believe that they were gone... no, they weren’t gone, there was no way Mom and Aunty would-“Bookmark here

"Everything was burned down with the village Mayu." Layo said, interrupting Mayu’s thought.Bookmark here

“They were what?” Mayu asked in shock.Bookmark here

"No... no way. My village... my friends... my home... my-" Mayu suddenly brought her hands to her mouth and covered it as if to block something from coming up.Bookmark here

 Thoughts and images began to spin inside Mayu’s head over and over. Everything on the inside began to tune out.Bookmark here

Mayu could no longer hold back her flowing tears, Mayu was starting to feel weak, her knees began to wobble, and her legs slowly became numb, it was as if they had lost all life. Bookmark here

Mayu felt so shocked that she didn’t even want to see Layo’s face. Bookmark here

“Why didn’t he tell me this before, why didn’t he tell me the truth?” The questions circled her mind like a train on a looping track.Bookmark here

 Mayu attempted to take another step back when suddenly she fell to the ground and started gasping for air.Bookmark here

“Mayu!” Layo called, in a swift movement, Layo caught her in his arms.Bookmark here

“Layo I-“ Mayu suddenly jolted in his arms,Bookmark here

“ahh!” She began to scream in pain.Bookmark here

Mayu! What’s wrong?” He asked, but she just continued to scream, she suddenly began to pant as if she was in great pain.Bookmark here

Mayu looked up at Layo, filled with pain and hurt,Bookmark here

“Layo... help-“ she beggedBookmark here

Mayu grabbed onto Layo’s chest and started screaming vigorously, as a weird pain began to fill her chest. It felt as if something was peeling off the skin from inside of her. She tried to call out to Layo, but as soon as she opened her mouth a weird dryness filled it... she couldn’t speak.Bookmark here

 It was as if something was wrapping itself around her throat, squeezing it... drying it of all of its fluids. Slowly It was becoming harder for Mayu to breathe, and soon she was gasping for air.Bookmark here

"Mayu... Mayu!” Layo called her name in desperation, gently he shook her soft frame, trying to wake her up. Bookmark here

Layo continued to call out to Mayu, but somehow it seemed as though that everything that he said wasn't reaching her. He stared at Mayu and tried to see what was wrong.Bookmark here

Her hand was gripped tightly over her chest, sweat was dripping down her face. Layo quickly lifted up her short brown bangs and placed his left hand on her forehead. She was burning up.Bookmark here

"Mayu... what the heck is happening to you?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A small smile crossed her face as she looked up towards the blue sky and witnessed the fall of the infinite stars. Bookmark here

Each star had their own unique shape and glow. The girl danced as the stars fell down onto the earth and gave it light. She looked up into the night sky and witnessed the stars burst into hundred of other shining lights. They moved through the sky like a glimmering ocean. Bookmark here

Quickly the girl ran over to the of the hill and cupped her hands, slowly she pushed them out. In a few seconds, a star had fallen into her small hands. It was small and did not gleam like the other stars. She raised her hand above her head and prepared to toss it away when suddenly she stopped. She looked up at the star as the moonlight illuminated its inside. She squinted her eyes and gazed into the core of the star... there was something inside. It was a star, and there was another one and another.Bookmark here

She soon realised that this small star was nothing but a shell hiding away its true radiance. Slowly she brought that little star towards her chest.Bookmark here

“Soon my dear one… soon.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I was starting to lose consciousness, somebody was calling my name, but all I could really hear was the hard beating of my heart. I squeezed my chest in pain as the burning filled it. I could feel my warm tears drifting down my face as I winced in pain. For some reason this feeling was familiar, it was as if I've been through this before, but I couldn't quite place my tongue on it.Bookmark here

A cold feeling suddenly brushed over my right cheek. It was sticky and wet. I felt this strange feeling repeatedly, but no matter how much I tried to wake up to it, I just couldn't.Bookmark here

I was falling into a deeper sleep. I felt as though something was clinging on to me, pulling me into a dark abyss. It was as if my body was floating in zero gravity. I reached out trying to grab hold of my body but I whisked away into the darkness. Bookmark here

The force that pulled me was so strong that I had closed my eyes, afraid that I might hit into something hard. I think I had been flying for at least ten seconds, I should have hit something by now. "Maybe I that was all an illusion, Maybe-"Bookmark here

I opened my eyes hoping to see the light, but I was greeted with nothing. I stretched out my arms in an attempt to touch something… anything, but there was nothing to touch. It was as if I was floating in an empty space of nothingness.Bookmark here

There was no warmth or light, everything that I felt was cold and wet, this sick feeling covered my body like a thick heavy blanket. I tried to stretch out again, but I couldn’t move. Then the thought came to me that the longer I was in here, I would slowly and surely lose the movement of my body.Bookmark here

I began to panic. I tried kicking and spinning, but nothing was happening, the more I fought the more tired I became.Bookmark here

This weight on my body made me feel so sleepy, but I didn't want to sleep for I feared that I might not come back... but wasn’t I already asleep? If so I didn't want to fall deeper into the nothingness, but before I knew it the darkness had begun to rap over me like a thick blanket, and my eyes had begun to flutter closed... I was falling into the darkness.Bookmark here

The thought of falling asleep had circled my mind, I was about to close my eyes when suddenly, I heard a strange sound.Bookmark here

It was a melody, singing in the darkness. Slowly my eyes and ears opened up to the sweet melody of the song. A strange warmth was welling up from inside of me, causing me to feel as though a heavy weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Gradually I began to move towards the soft melody. Its sound was dim and almost barely hearable, but somehow I knew where I had to go. It was as if something or someone was drawing me towards their song.Bookmark here

As I drew nearer into the darkness the melody slowly became louder and more full. The song was now at its climax and a strange light began to take form from in front of me, before I knew it, bursting out of the light came two huge hands.Bookmark here

I tried to move, but for some reason, my body was still. I watched as the hands grew into the size of mountains. I was brought out of my distraction when the hands came bursting towards me, I threw my hands up in front of me in defence, I was scared in the mere seconds of thought that I had I asked myself, Bookmark here

"Why was it attacking me? What did I do wrong?" Tears slid down my face as I waited to take the blow... but nothing happened.Bookmark here

"I should have been hit by now, what happened?" I thought. I moved my hands from in front of my face and saw that the hands of light had disappeared. Bookmark here

"Where are they?" I asked.  I looked to my left, and then to my right... there was nothing, but then I looked up. On top of me lay the to hands of light, they were clasped together creating a dome-like shape. Quickly I looked under my floating body to see a sphere-like shape closing up underneath my feet.Bookmark here

I raised my head and looked in front of me to see a curved wall... It was keeping me in a ball of light. I tried to move when suddenly a strange warmness began to flow out of my body, consuming me as a whole. I was scared, but for some reason, I felt safe. Slowly my eyes had fluttered shut, and my mind began to wonder. Bookmark here

"What was it? This strange feeling. I know I've felt it before, but where?" Bookmark here

"Mayu..." a voice spoke.Bookmark here

"Who's there?' I asked, Bookmark here

For a moment there was nothing but a pure silence, but then suddenly a voice began to sing, it was the song that guided me through the darkness. Slowly my eyes had opened and floating in front of me was a girl. Her hair was long and white, she wore a purple dress that stopped before her ankles. She was short and probably younger than I was.Bookmark here

"Who are you? Why did you bring me here?" I asked. but she did not answer, instead, she looked at me with a look of contempt on her face.Bookmark here

"Mayu... I've found you," she saidBookmark here

"What do you me-" I stopped. The girl ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, she was hugging me. I was surprised. I was about to ask her another question when suddenly, she began to sing. For some reason, listening to her song made me feel tired, soon my mouth had closed and my eyes had fluttered shut. 
Bookmark here

In the warm light, I could still hear the soft and sweet melody of her song.
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