Chapter 6:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man! Book 2

A Week Later

‘Now this is a place fit for a battle.’

Nico thought to himself as he surveyed the new surroundings, the gym. Even though the school is infested with a bunch of morons, they sure have top class facilities.

You will be attending this academy from the next month.

That’s what the intimidating man, his father, told him before he came here. He had always pushed him hard to excel in everything. So he assumed it was for his good.

But he never expected him to be in the same class.

The one person he despised more than anyone else.

The one person being the reason why everyone in his family turned out the way they were.

His family, the one destined for greatness. No he was the one! Not that weakling of a prince.

So he tormented him while he was here. Hugo became his little play thing. In this past week, he and Luna spent their time hurting him. Scarring him both physically and mentally.

Just like old times…

But today... He reached that plane of enlightenment. His family was destined for greatness.

And today, he will prove it to everyone. Today, he will establish it.


Nico went to where Luna was. She was surveying the gym like he was.


Luna turned towards him with a grin.

“Oh, Nico. I was just checking this out. Sweet place ain’t it?”

“Yes, although I still do not like that bunch.”

He looked toward Hugo who was setting up targets to practice on.

Luna looked at him and sighed.

“You and me both. Why don’t you go do something about him then? It’s that you always do anyway.”

Nico stared intendedly at Hugo and then spoke,

“He wants practice? I’ll give him a real challenge!”


A sword. It wields no strength if the wielder doesn’t have courage.

Nico walked toward Hugo with his sword on hand. The blade was as black as the night sky. The hilt was pure white.

“Hey, Hugo!”

Hugo looked toward the voice and saw Nico standing there with a pompous grin on his face.

“What is it, Nico?”

“Let’s settle this. I want to know who is stronger, me or you.”

A crowd of onlookers started to form seeing the commotion. Eyes shifted between both of them.

The challenger and the challenged.

Hugo hesitated but he actually considered this. Of course he knew the answer considering the past week of getting beaten up. But…

‘If it makes me any confident, I’ll take it.’ He thought, ‘Sure I am afraid. But maybe I won’t be afraid if I take this step.’

He noticed Nobaru and Kaeda looking towards their direction with concerned faced. He also noticed Eri figure in the distance, watching intendedly with what looked like a forced emotionless face.

The rest of the crowd looked at them with interest and excitement. Nico’s showy declaration drew a lot of people into the audience by the looks of things. Of course they looked at Nico. He did have the confident gaze and the build. Comparatively, Hugo was scrawny.

They were there. Watching him.

He exhaled slowly and on his hand, he held a black blade. A blade created out of Dark Magic.

“Oho, you have learned new tricks I see.” Nico commented, “But you still won’t surpass me!”

Nico lunged forward, looking to end things quickly.

‘I may be scrawny but I have grown!’

But Hugo saw through. Instantly, their blades clashed. He struggled to counter him. Nico’s blade was one inch away from his face.

The crowd cheered and wooed them, urging them to continue. But their voices were like echoes to Hugo.

A powerful kick sent Hugo staggering backward. As he fell on his back, he let go of the blade and it dissolved into nothingness.

Nico wasted no time lunging at him again, but this time, with killing intent.

Even though he didn’t have his blade. Hugo still fought, rolling to the side in response as the point of Nico’s blade hit the ground.

Hugo flipped backwards and ended up on top of Nico.

A broken blade can’t be reforged. But a new blade can be made.

Another blade was on his hand, inches away from Nico’s throat.

The crowd cheered louder this time. Hugo looked at Nobaru and Kaeda he noticed the sudden alarmed look as a huge shadow loomed over him.

“Nice going, dummy!” Nico shouted, “But you were too early to celebrate.”

Nico disappeared from below Hugo as a kick to the head sent him flying.

Hugo looked toward Nico who was pretty much fine.


“Clones. While I am surprised that you have risen a bit higher than the insect you were back then, I’m also surprised…”

Instantly, Nico stood on top of Hugo. A punch landed on his gut.

“… at how you didn’t notice my trick.”

The fight was clearly over but Nico didn’t stop there. Another punch, another, and then he followed with a kick on the face. He continued to beat him up, unable to get the chance to react.

The people were walking away now. Some laughed and snickered. Others were afraid and terrified. Probably because of Nico.

Losing in battle…

The ultimate form of humiliation is losing in battle.

Those were the words of Nico’s father.

And now, he could see it. The faces of the crowd. It was a sad end… For the loser.

Hugo was bleeding at the time when Nico stopped and walked away. Some of his wounds opened up.

“That felt amazing!” Nico said in a singsong tone.

Hugo was in a lot of pain. His vision was blurry. The last thing he saw was a shade of red on his hand before he passed out.


“Where do you think you are going?”

Eri stood face to face with Nico and Luna. No one was around them. They were away from the gym. Away from earshot.

“You are that little girl who tried to come near me the first time no?”

Nico laughed at her as he said this. Eri glared at him.

“Tch!” Nico scowled, “Well if you are going to defend your pathetic friend, think twice before you try.”

Nico quickly grabbed ahold of Eri. The next moment, they were staring at each other eye to eye.

‘Where! How?’

“Dark Magic has it’s uses. Movement being one of them.”

Nico was holding her by her neck, strengthening her grip with every passing moment. Eri struggled to free herself, knocking down vases and tables, kicking him just to not see any reaction, casting spells just to be guarded against...

Luna appeared from behind as Eri spat out blood. With a single chop to the neck, she knocked her out.