Chapter 13:

Battle of the Myth

HoloMyth: The World's End

The girl with a pointy ear that have long purple hair and some squishy in the end of it. The skeleton with a black crown in its head with a black cloak covering its body, The two figures where staring to each other as the tentacle and the scythe clashed. The purple haired girl step back with a huge leap while the skeleton steadily stand as it raise its scythe in the mid air protecting the two behind her.Bookmark here

The skeleton glanced the two. "You failed?" The skeleton asked.Bookmark here

"Sorry I didn't mean to, I'm just late. When I made it here, The world was already devoured" The orange haired girl answered.Bookmark here

"I see..." The skeleton confronted the two and swung its scythe, The chain that tied the orange haired girl's feet to the shadow was cut down.Bookmark here

"Thank You" The orange haired girl thanked before she stand as she carry a blonde haired girl like a princess.Bookmark here

"Its nothing. The chain that tied you is pretty strong"Bookmark here

"I agree, That's why I didn't able to cut it"Bookmark here

"You've been in hard time, It is my turn to fight. Stay away from here with that human girl"Bookmark here

"Like I would let you" A cold voice of a girl was heard in the distance.Bookmark here

The skeleton and the orange haired girl look around the place in alert, The place was covered by a purple like a glass but its solid and intensely hard.Bookmark here

"Damn it, Looks like the only way to get out here is to fight this girl but..." The skeleton gritted its teeth as it gripped its scythe.Bookmark here

"This girl is too strong isn't?" The orange haired girl asked as she put down Amelia to the ground.Bookmark here

The skeleton just nodded while confronting the girl, Open its mouth and release a word. "Your target is this human are you?, Ninomae Ina'nis" The skeleton asked.Bookmark here

"So you know me?" Ina answered the question with a question.Bookmark here

"Yeah, Due to your style of living like being stepped down by the others, Its like your soul reached the afterlife. People when they live, They would like to live more but, Your different. Its like you drown your self to death, In other words, You don't care in your own life and just wanted to die but-, Your life shined when you met her" The skeleton glanced to Amelia and as she look back, It was like its face just smiled. "Humans are really mysterious, They cared others than their own selves" The skeleton raise its scythe and pointed it to Ina. "If you cared for her, If you really loved her. Just because you lost a person doesn't mean you need to abandon the other one!"Bookmark here

"BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW PAIN IT IS!!' Ina shouted with anger with her hand in her chest as she grip her chest hard as her tears flowed before she stand up straight. "After my parents died, My grandmother raised me but..." She stopped as she wipe her tears.Bookmark here

"Amelia is also precious to me, I also wanted to be together in her side. But-, I don't want to bother her. I just met her and we become friends through the crime I did that's why..." Her figure disappeared and reappear in front of the skeleton. "Don't get in my way" She swung her tentacles to the skeleton. The wind rage as the tentacle got stopped by a shield.Bookmark here

"Don't butt in, Pheonix" Ina spoke as she swung her tentacle that got stopped by a shield.Bookmark here

Kiara was sent flying and thought 'She's strong'. Before she crashed to a debris.Bookmark here

"Kiara are you okay!?" The skeleton asked loudly.Bookmark here

A arm raised from the pile of debris, giving a thumbs up. Bookmark here

The skeleton sighed.Bookmark here

"Don't ignore your opponent!" Ina shouted as multiple tentacles approach the skeleton.Bookmark here

*Splash*Bookmark here

Blood splashes as the tentacles got stopped by an arm as it got stucked between the arm's flesh from the female figure with a pink long hair.Bookmark here

The pink haired girl made a huge step back with a leap as its arms was bleeding as hell and swinging like its lifeless.Bookmark here

The pink haired girl stayed her head low and her fine arms lifeless. She was completely fine but she's like broken inside.Bookmark here

"Excellent Idea, You turn into human and use your own flesh to block my attack. But... Do you think you can block it again?" Ina smiled in a psychotic way as she asked the pink haired girl.Bookmark here

The pink haired girl was still in its position. "As a previous human being, I'm sure you knew what is right and what is wrong. Then... Why are you doing this?" The pink haired girl gave a tense glare to Ina as she ask.Bookmark here

"Yes, All human being knows that. But- they follow what their mind, heart, soul says and even for people around them. I'm sure you knew how I live my life. I dont care if I will be below, I don't care if I'm being stepped as long for someone precious to me. But..." She gripped her fist. "I couldn't accept that day, My conciousness just split. My mind say its all a dream, My body trembled and says its real, My soul screams. But my heart says..." The wind rage as a strong dark aura from Ina release. The ground that she stand on cracked and the wind rage, Creating a whirlwind. "Finish Everything"Bookmark here

The pink haired girl gritted its teeth and grip its fist and raise its hand to the mid air. While she wait, She take a look where her scythe is but, It didn't able to flew as blavk chains tied it to the ground. The pink haired girl widened its eyes. 'This is bad' The pink haired girl thought before she look back to the tentacles that approached her.Bookmark here

A figure of a young girl stand infront of her, Its blonde hair waved while its hand expanded in the mid air, Trying to block the tentacle for the pink haired girl's sake.Bookmark here

The tentacle stopped before it reached to the blonde haired girl.Bookmark here

"Finally" Ina muttered before pointing her palm to the two.Bookmark here

Black chains rise from the ground and bind both arms and feet of the blonde haired girl. Bookmark here

"Your now mine, Amelia" Ina smiled while looking to Amelia, Strugling to go free from the chains that bind her.Bookmark here

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