Chapter 4:

"I leave it to You"

The Advent of Dual Sentience

"WHAT!? What the hell does that mean!?" I blurted out. The Voice said back to me, "It only makes sense, that gem just absorbed that monsters spirit. I felt it get slightly stronger after doing so."
I kept looking at all my surroundings, I can still see all the monsters with their blue flames within their chests, I called back out to the Voice, "How though? That doesn't make any sense? Is it normal to be able to do that! I feel like that's not normal at all! How did you even come to that conclusion?"
Many questions swarmed me, but I can only say a few. The Voice that claims to be the Other Me can sense things that I don't. I then saw another feral creature getting itself ready to attack, I could feel the bloodlust from here! I heard the Voice say, "I will explain things later, hurry and brace yourself!"

I readied my stance and kept myself calm, the feral beast then suddenly pounced at me! I swung forward at his pounce and slide my blade through it's ribcage! It let out a loud screech, then I quickly saw more of them getting ready to attack! I then saw another light blue haze emerge from the dead carcass. I felt refreshed and empowered with all the essence I consumed. 

The Voice said to me, "Draw your Power forth and strengthen yourself Other Me! We don't have time to mess around with these bastards!" I drew back my knife and focused all my momentum into my hand, just then I saw blue strings wrap around my arm and felt a new strength burst through! I fixed my grip in my dagger and began to slash away at the incoming threats! I felt my blade gliding through them like butter! Their bodies were left with huge gashes that poured out crazy amounts of blood! I heard the Voice say to me, "Yes just like that Other Me! Keep focusing the Power onto your body like that! It seems to be strengthening you to a unnatural sense!"

I nodded my head, I began to focus the Power onto my legs to become quicker! The blue strings began to flow out and wrap around my legs as well! I felt so much lighter than ever before! I kept slashing through the beasts and new power kept surging inside of me!

I kept aiming my blade towards the blue fire, it seems to kill them instantly when I shatter that flame! It seems like the Blue fire was in different places on every feral beast. I swung left and right, I evaded side to side and even did spin attacks! I kept being empowered by every critical strike I land, am I really absorbing their souls as I kill them? Soon I looked around and saw none standing before me, instead they were all doing something else...

I took a few steps back to re-analyze the situation. I gazed around and saw over a dozen corpses piled up before me. The Blue Fire seems to be a vital point on them. I was still surrounded and their numbers were quite large. I then started to feel the atmosphere become heavy. The feral beasts just kept circling around me as if they were trying to corner me again. I think this heavy atmosphere is coming from these creatures. Could it be that they are becoming afraid of me?

The Voice spoke up saying, "What's wrong Other Me? What's happening out there? What's with this fearful atmosphere? I can feel it from here!" I kept darting my eyes around while holding my knife like an assassin. I said back to him, "It seems like they realized the difference between our strength and got a little scared..? I didn't even know monsters could feel fear? What should I do now? Should I take this opportunity and pursue them?"
The Voice replied, "Hmm let's not get too cocky. How about instead you use this time to heighten your senses and draw out as much power as you can. Maybe they will run off if they feel overwhelmed."
I nodded my head, "Okay sounds good! Let me draw it out then!" I then closed my eyes and began focusing on the Gem again. I began to draw the Power out and focus it into my eyes and limbs. I started seeing the feral beasts drawing close again, looks like they are coming in together now...

I felt so much lighter and quicker in all areas of my body and the creatures started to become much slower than before! I said within myself, "I can do this, I just need to stay focused and keep the Power flowing!"
Then all at once, the feral creatures charged in randomly! I was caught off guard and frantically slashed my blade around aimlessly, but they were coming from all directions! They closed in on me and left almost no room to move around! My blade instantly sliced them in half and I was covered in their blood! However there was simply too many for me to handle at once!

After a few moments, I felt one of the creatures bite into my leg, I let out a painful cry, "ARGHHH!!!!" The Voice said unto me, "OTHER ME WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE!!! KILL THEM!!!"
I jammed the dagger right into it's skull and it's bite immediately released! However, they were still coming from all sides!  I quickly regained my stance and fought! I unleashed my blade and tore through their flesh as they pounced me. I saw a lot of blood spray and blue haze kept flowing into my Gem! Then I swung and slashed one beast, but another came and crunched into my arm! "ARRRRHGGGG!!" Then another came and gnawed into my leg again! My movement is becoming restricted! The Voice said to me, "OTHER ME!! HURRY AND BREAK FREE!!! DO IT YOU IDIOT!!!" 

I tried shaking the beast off my arm, but it's bite wouldn't loosen! It also hurt like living hell, and I can't attack them with it latched on! Soon I saw more coming in! Soon another bit into my other leg, and another bit my other free arm! They kept gnawing into me and I couldn't shake off their bite! The Voice called back to me in desperation, "OTHER ME!! WE HAVE NO CHOICE ANYMORE!! WE NEED TO SWITCH! LET ME TAKE OVER THE BODY!!"

The feral creatures then brought me down to the floor and surrounded me while tearing chunks of my flesh in different places! I tried my best to cover my head, and they kept feeding on me. I felt blood pouring out from every hole in my body. I couldn't even speak anymore... My whole body was just in agonizing pain!

I replied back to him in my thoughts, "How do we even switch bodies?"
He replied back instantly, "The Key!! You just need to give me the Key! Hurry and give me the Key!!"

I became confused, what is the 'Key'? How would I even give it to him? I replied back to him, "Whatever you need, I'll give it to you, just please help me! Help me Other Me!!!" Fear soon overcame my mind, I then chanted into my heart saying, "I need help, I need my other self! I don't wanna die yet! I want to live, and I want to discover who I am! I want to know my name, I want to know my past! I want to know everything! I don't want to die!! Help!!!!"

In a gentle and soothing tone, I heard the Voice call out to me again, "That's all I needed to hear my dear Other Self, all you need to do now is sleep and rest.."
I thought within myself again, "Won't I just die if I do that? I don't want to die.."

He reassured me, "Oh you won't die, you've already given me the Key, now you just need to sleep.."
"What? I gave it already? How and when?" I replied.
The Other Me spoke back, "Stop asking so many damn questions, just trust me for once. When you wake up again.. everything will be over..." Then out of nowhere, a large sleep overcame my body! I was overwhelmed with tiredness and I fought to keep my eyes opened! Am I really about to die?
The Voice said to me once more, "No more struggling, you've done more than enough already Other Me. Now let me finish this once and for all..."

Without another second, I closed my eyes and allowed the sleep to consume me. The pain soon faded away like a vapor, in my last moments of consciousness I said to the Voice, "Okay then, thank you... I leave it to you now.... Other Me.."
Then it all went black....