Chapter 6:


The denied one

So many sweat are flowing in my face and almost blocking my eyes, i ran faster as i can to go to rena's house im filled up of nervous like a mother who lost her sight from her child.Bookmark here

and started to feel worried and panic, when i saw rena's house from distance i tried to surpass my limit by running more faster, as the result, i got out of balance and stumbled, but i realize that im now in rena's house so i tried to stand up even my feet's hurt, i didn't called them because i thought that, (what if there is a group of man inside like i saw a while ago), but another thought came up in me that, (if that is the situation then i really need to go inside), nervous in me got worse even more when im about to go inside and then i push the door with my hand strongly and then...Bookmark here

"Rena, rina, gray, grug, akasha!!!!"Bookmark here

I shouted a loud so they can hear me and.....Bookmark here

"Heyy! what are you shouting for, don't you know that it is already night you d**k head."Bookmark here

Rena responds to me as usual like nothing happened, everything is normal, their doing chores as usual, and that's surprise me and felt relieved that their safe and nothing happened, after that i immediately ask akasha to talk outside.Bookmark here

"What?? you are on your way to home and saw a kid getting kidnapped by two man and another kid that dissappeared?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that why i need your help with your sensory magic we can find, where they go."Bookmark here

"But how can we find it, i didn't sense their mana because im not with you at that time and why are you so eagerly to help the kid that got kidnapped even it is nothing to do with you?" Bookmark here

I thought that too about what akasha said to me that why im helping the kid and the other kid, it is nothing to do with me and it cannot help either about my plans for now, but it came up to my mind that i must help to both rena's family and the kids because if im not it feels like i will regret in the end and as i thought that i said this too to akasha.Bookmark here

"Honestly i don't know what are your planning to do but meantime let's collect some clues because i can't locate a mana or magic if i didn't feel or sense it first, like a person who introduced him or herself to the person that didn't know who he/she is."Bookmark here

"You know sometimes i couldn't get it what are you saying or maybe im just dumb?"Bookmark here

"Yes you are."Bookmark here

And after that we came back to house and i notice something.Bookmark here

"Rina? What are you looking there?"Bookmark here

"There is a ghost in the window looking here."Bookmark here

I doubt about what rina said about the ghost so i responds.Bookmark here

"Umm maybe rena or your brothers telling you a story about ghost right so you're imagining things like that, but rina ghost aren't real, (well i don't know if its real or not, since magic exist in this world.)"Bookmark here

"But there is a girl that standing and have a glowing body and staring at me and saying something."Bookmark here

I still have a doubt as she said that glowing body and saying something, it came to my mind that what if this is a work of magic. And i was planning to ask her what else she see about the girl but something catch my attention.Bookmark here

"Rina? your eyes."Bookmark here

"Hey thrice! what's happening to rina's eyes, why it became yellow?"Bookmark here

I didn't notice until i went to her front because i was in her back while talking to her, me and akasha got surprised but rena and the brothers didn't as if this is normal, while me and akasha confused to the situation, rena talk to us.Bookmark here

"It seems that it is a ability of rina, we got surprised too when we for the first time seen that eye, and the girl that rina said "the ghost"Bookmark here

actually way back before we first seen her eye she keep seeing that girl in the window, and at first we got scared but days has passing and we feel nothing anymore all about it."Bookmark here

After rena explained about rina's eyes, i whispered in akasha's ear and said.Bookmark here

"Did you sense some kind of magic or spell?Bookmark here

"No but i feel some strange presence coming from that window."Bookmark here

I also said to akasha that i feel the same about what she sense about that window, and i ask akasha about that eye and she said that it is a mystic eyes, mystic eyes have a different ability it can be ability to see a thing that normal people or mages can't see or it can see through wall and others and it can be obtain by genes in rina's case she's using the eye unconsciously or without control so sometimes her eye turns into mystic eyes that's what akasha said to me, it is not so much strange to me because rena can use magic also but speaking of rena's magic it came up in me that how rena learn magic, so i asked her about where did he learn using magic.Bookmark here

"There is a knight that came to village months ago when my father still hasn't dissappeared."Bookmark here

it seems that he's a knight that came from empire to visit this village, im on my way back to home because father asked me to buy ingredients for food since father usual preparing a food for our dinner when he still hasn't gone, i got tripped and almost gonna lie to the floor, but it got me surprised about what i saw, im floating like a bird in the air but not so high without drawing his sword it got me suprised ever in my life and that is the first time i got interest in magic."Bookmark here

It got surprised me about what rena said to me, (a knight that can use magic? I will understand if a knight that have sword magic weapon or similar to that but knight that can use magic without a weapon? What's going on, and he visits this village? For what reason? Does it have some connections with the kidnapping case and the disappearance of a kid? And beelzebub, what is really going on?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

NOTE FROM AUTHOR (Akihikodesuu) :Bookmark here

Hello everyone that reading my novel first of all thank you for reading it all the way until here im so grateful, im still not used in writing cause this is my first time and still digging some ideas from some people and i hope that you still gonna support my work until the very end and gonna try to improve my self more for all of you and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, your relatives, i hope that your new years will be best and great and also MERRY CHRISTMAS although it is already late haha.Bookmark here

PS: I want for my new year is quiet surroundings, no noise, just the voice of the character in anime that im watching , no hates, just want to share to you guys hehe.Bookmark here

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