Chapter 7:

The 25th of November

The Gift That Keeps On Grieving

December 5th, twenty days before Christmas. Around this time of year, most people of Merry’s age would be out shopping for Christmas presents for their family and friends. Fortunately for her, Merry had already gotten her Christmas shopping out of the way in late November. Unfortunately for her, that was also the week that she had found herself front and center of a crime-scene, with no other witnesses to attest to her innocence.

Merry sat in the Aluminum Pigeon canteen as she thought back to the events of that fateful November 25th. It was seemingly just a day like any other in the young girl’s life. When she woke up that morning, she could have never predicted that her life would take such a dramatic and dark turn…


Chapter 7: The 25th of November

November 25th, the week before the conviction…

“That’ll be $420.69.”

“No problem!”

Merry handed the money over to the man at the checkout, smiling as she left the department store. She had just finished the last of her Christmas shopping with a month to spare. As she exited the store, she was greeted by the sight of an empty carpark. In an ideal world, the emptiness would have been broken by the presence of her own car, but unfortunately, Merry didn’t have her license yet.

“Guess I’m the only one in town?” Merry sighed. “Man, and I was planning to ask someone to give me a lift back home. Now I’m gonna have to carry all of this stuff by myself! Could this day get any worse‽”


Startled, Merry dropped her shopping bags as a loud noise reverberated throughout the carpark. A gunshot, followed quickly by another, and then another. Merry sighed as she looked down at the gifts and presents that had scattered around her. As she bent down to start picking up the dropped goods, she heard a final gunshot coming from just around the corner. Curious, she slowly got up, walking in the direction of the sound. Why would someone be firing a gun? she wondered. Is this some kind of early Christmas celebration?

As she approached the source of the noise, she heard something squelch underneath her shoe. Looking down, she was met with the image of a thick red liquid – Blood. Lots of blood. A constantly expanding pool of blood. This wasn’t a Christmas celebration… it was a murder.

Merry nervously peered around the corner. On the ground lay a man who was rapidly bleeding out. In the distance, another man was walking away from the scene without a care in the world. Merry had no evidence, but her gut instinct told her that he was the killer.

“H-hey,” Merry nervously called out, her fear vocalized in the form of a stammer. “A-are you just going to walk away, when someone is clearly dying on the pavement‽”

…No response. As much as she wanted answers, Merry didn’t have time to chase after him. Instead, she had decided to do everything in her power to try and save the victim lying in front of her. Getting down on her knees, Merry placed her hands on the open wound in the man’s chest, pushing down as hard as she could in a desperate attempt to prevent any further leakage from the GSW.

“J-just hang on, OK?” Merry begged, unsure if the person that she was talking to was even still alive. “Y-you’re going to make it through this, yeah?”


Merry let out a loud sigh as she sat at the canteen table. She had tried to do the right thing, but her generosity was instead repaid with the unwanted solitude of prison. Worse still, she wasn’t even able to save that man’s life. And even worse than that, as if to add insult to injury, she was now able to freely take a life with ease, thanks to her new succubus tail.

“How did this happen to me?” Merry sobbed to herself. “I was falsely accused of murder and sent to this penitentiary. But since arriving here, I’ve now been responsible for the death of another person. I didn’t ask for this… I didn’t ask to become a murderer…”

“H-hey! Give it back!”

Merry’s wallowing was interrupted by the distressed cries of another inmate. Looking up from her table, Merry spotted two males towering over a noticeably shorter female prisoner. In one of the men’s hands was what appeared to be a small wooden horse.

“What’s the matter? Does the baby want her dolly back?” one of the males cooed.

“Pl-please give it back,” the girl stuttered. “I-it’s very important to me…”

“How old are you, two‽ Does the little crybaby need her pacifier? Is she wearing a diaper under that skirt?”

“Let’s find out,” the other man jeered, tugging at the hem of the girl’s skirt.

Merry stared at the scene in front of her, absolutely disgusted. Her tail twitched under her newly-acquired nylon tights as she contemplated teaching those men a lesson.

“…No, I probably shouldn’t get involved,” Merry told herself as she removed herself from her seat and began to walk away. “It’s not my problem. The last time I tried to help someone, I ended up getting sentenced for twenty years…”

As Merry exited the canteen, she briefly looked around to see if anybody else was willing to step up to help the girl, but nobody did. In fact, none of the other prisoners even looked up from their food. Much like Merry, everyone else had unanimously decided that this wasn’t their problem either. Merry sighed, staring back to the crying girl, whose skirt was now being held up high as the two bullies pointed and laughed at her.

“Fine,” Merry said, as she turned around and started to walk towards the ongoing contretemps. “If no-one else is going to help her, then I guess I have no choice…?”

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