Chapter 6:

Chapter 5

Vanilla Twilight

I’ve always loved this part of school. Well, love is a strong word. It’s more like I don’t particularly dislike this place as much as the others.

There’s no real reason that comes to mind as to why I feel different about this place, but if I were to say something, it would probably be because of the openness, and trees being around.

“This place is much bigger than I remembered! It’s strange!”

“How is that strange?”, I ask. “And why are you making it sound like a bad thing?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Richiyo.”


She flashes a cheeky smile before letting go of my hand and running towards the center of the moonlit field.

Aha, that’s why I liked this place a little more than others. It’s simply because of the vastness of it that helps me stay away from other students while I was here. Now that I think about it, my antisocial high school life is probably why I don’t recognize this girl.

I bet I’ve already walked by her a couple of times during my time here, but her personality and mine are too far apart to have a reason to talk to each other.

“Hey, what class were you in when you attended here?”

“Hm… I don’t recall my first- and second-year classroom, but I do remember my third year. I was in 3-5.”

“I was in 3-1. That’s probably why I don’t recognize you.”

Despite being in the same year level, my class and her class barely interacted with each other. Plus, even if we did, I wouldn’t have paid much attention. Not like I paid attention much during my time here to begin with.

“I suppose that’s a believable reason as to why I’m a complete stranger to you!”

“Or it could just be my way of life.”

“Your way of life? What do you mean by that?”, she asks with an intrigued look on her face as she plops herself down in the dead center of the field.

“I… don’t like people.”

“Oh, could it just be that you don’t know how to others? Or do you actually not like people in general?”

No one has ever asked me that, and it never crossed my mind, so I don’t know how to answer it. But I speak my mind without any filters and, obviously, without much thought too.

“People in general are just trash.”

“Pfft!”, she attempts to hold her laughter in but fails. “I don’t know why, but I kinda expected that from you! You’ve been giving off that energy for the past hour and I was just waiting for those words to come out of your mouth!”

What is this feeling…?

“You know, it’s strange. Despite already expecting this from you, I just had to strike up and conversation with you.”

“Why? Are you secretly a masochist or something?”



“I’m just messing with you, dummy. I can’t find the right explanation for it, there was this strange feeling that I just had to talk to you. That’s all.”, she says as she flashes a quick smile before laying down on the field and looking up at the night sky.

As if all my sense of reason left me, I find myself doing the same and lay down next to her.

“You’re a strange one. Probably the strangest person I’ve ever met.”, she stays quiet as I say this. “I mean seriously, a ghost? I thought you made it clear that you don’t believe in things that can’t be proven with science and numbers?”

I remind her of what she said an hour ago at the park.

She continues to stay silent as I turn my head towards her just to see her eyes—sparkling.

I was staring too intently to the point where I could see the reflection of the stars in the sky in her eyes. Almost as if there’s an entire reservoir of stars inside of them.

Of course, I could also see the emptiness of the vast open night sky.

She looked lonely.

“Tell me, Richiyo, do dreams exist?”

Another curveball question.

“O-of course they do. Everyone in this world have them, they all want something, and be something, isn’t that was dreams are?”

“How about happiness? Sorrow? Anger? Jealousy? Do emotions exist?”


“They do. They do exist. We all know they exist. Emotions are a special and unique way to show one’s intentions and what they are feeling in any given situation. But we are unable to prove and explain their reason for existing with simple numbers and even the most scientific equation and reasoning known to man.”. Her voice grows weaker with every sentence.

But despite that, she continues like there’s no tomorrow.

“Ghosts. Gods. Devils. Angels. Demons. Dreams. Emotions. Humor. Life. Death. Love. Pain. None of those can be explained easily. There’s no real way of breaking them down to their simplest terms without delving into the many different ways one can choose to live their life. Some may exist for others, some might even be simple fantasies others can only dream of.”

I lost track of how long I’ve been staring at her for as the tears well up and flow down her cheeks.

“I’m a ghost, Richiyo. I’m invisible to others.”

She turns her head to the side to face me as I see her mysterious character shatter and fall apart in front of me.

“Don’t you see? Nothing in this world makes sense.”

Vanilla Twilight

M.L Belen