Chapter 35:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Guys heres the situation!
I am losing heart in trying to create long length novels with my characters. So I was thinking of just creating short novels for the monthly writing challenges. Like short stories kind of using the same characters from my previous novels.

Those characters include
- Princess Shizuku Yuki Tsuki (main heroine)
- Shin Akai Tsuki (Protag with two personas)
- Shesh, Naag and Naga (Venomous girl with 2 loyal servants)

The common theme I share among my novels is having to consume people to gain power and overcome dire situations with little resources. I love the romance part where Princess Shizuku Yuki Tsuki gives protag his first name (or new name) and protag devotes his life to Shizuku for giving him an identity. He also just likes her lolll

Shin Akai Tsuki is another name for "Death of the Red Moon" or "Killer of the Red Moon". I take the word 'Shine' from Japanese and use Akai Tsuki as the base of the name. So in short it roughly means Death of the Red Moon. I wanted Shizuku to name him this because of his lust for bloodshed and war. 

Shizuku Yuki Tsuki means quiet silent snowy moon, I love all the words in her name and they fit perfectly translated! I wanted to make her eccentric and charismatic to all but I didn't get to that part in my novels where she was able to do that. I wanted her to be a royal white haired beauty with strong cryo magic. 

There's a lot I wanted to do but dang I just can't get into the groove of my new Dual Sentience novel, I'm just forcing myself to release chapters. I need to figure out what I need to do, so far I'm at a lost and unmotivated to continue it. For now I'm going to leave it 'finished' and experiment on other short stories. I will be using these characters because I personally fell in love with them and the ideas I had for them.

If anyone reads my novels, please give me that support so I can keep writing with a smile on my face hahaha

Edit: I realized I just need to power through this little block, it sucks having to start over but I will power through this. Even if I have I force out chapters, I will never let my dream die!

My protag has a little catch phrase I thought of, he says, "Show me the Extent of your Resolve" I think my resolve is being tested on whether I continue this novel or not. I know someday someone will take a genuine interest in it and I will keep chapters flowing till then and beyond. I probably just need a day to think on how imma go about his power. His power is to absorb the essence of souls and spirits and mold them into things at his will. That's already extremely overpowered as it is. If he binds the essence around a victims soul, he can manipulate and kill the person with ease. It's quite a power and there are many other characters and powers I had lined up. I just need to get to it. I don't feel very confident on the first few chapters at all, and I feel those chapters are turning people away from the novel, I wish my start was a little better. And the first encounter with Princess Shizuku is a few chapters away, I want to get to her character already but I want the flow to be at a normal pace. She's gonna name the protag as a reward for a future accomplishment I have in the making. There's a lot already thought of and planned, I just need to get there.

Be expecting great things though and thank you for hearing my little aimless rant. Please be sure to follow the development of my novel as I make it through