Chapter 1:


The forgotten uchiha

"At last i found you, it is hard to find you since we don't know where did you go, ever since you left the leaf village, and all we know is that the information left by isshiki, about you, left the village and this place, nice to meet you.

Kuronagi tsukiyo."

A guy look like shinobi came before me, seems like he is looking for me, and know my name, i don't know why he know my name and where he came from, but the only thing that i know, is this guy is a danger to me, i jump right where he stands and point a kunai to him in the back.

"Why are you looking at me?"

"Oww so scary huh haha."

"If you don't answer to my question i stab you with my kunai."

He immediately kick me and i fly out to the woods, i tried to defend myself but he's strong than i expect to him, after i land in the ground,

he is in my back and pointed me a claw that came to his hand, and now im in the same situation like him a while ago.

"So now you're experiencing a same thing haha."

"You're creepy."

"Huhu it hurts for me to hear that from you"

"What is your goal."

"Hmm well let's make this simple, i want you to lend me a hand."

"Why would i?"

"Uchiha sasuke, uchiha sakura

As i heard that name i jump and i position myself in the air upside down and cast a jutsu to him while activating my ability eye.

"Lightning style, Red drill."

I thought i hit him but, the moment i landed to him, he disappeared.

"(Where did he go?)"

"A lightning style and sharingan huh, that's what i expect from uchiha sasuke's son haha but i got surprised, it is more than i expect, i wonder if the lightning style is just a coincidence."

"Why do you know that names?"

"Do you want me to tell you?"

I charged to him and attack him, he is quite a skilled in taijutsu, but it is not a problem to me.

"Wow as i expected that sharingan is nuisance, i guess time to be little serious."

(What's that white mark that spreading from his hand to his body) after the spreading of the white mark he attack me at more speed than a while ago, as if that mark give him more powers.

The jutsu that look like teleportation, and the claw and white mark, just who is he.

"Are you wondering about this? Oh if its the teleportation, basically im placing this black thing in places where i want and coming out there whenever i want."

"(Black thing) like the black in his head?"

"And for this mark this is called karma, and this is also called power of otsutsuki, the person i admire give this to me to became his vessel, but i failed so i only received his power though."

"Vessel, karma, otsutsuki?"

"Haha, don't try to understand deeply, your head will hurt only, but if you want to understand more, then come with me."

"I said this to a while ago, why would i go?"

"Don't you wanna know why your uchiha sasuke abandoned you?"

"I pointed my attention to him, and got shocked, ever since i was a kid my master or the one that take care of me became my only relative, he said that my father, uchiha sasuke, abandoned me in the forest, and they found me, they know that my father is uchiha because, of the letter with me saying that, (Sorry, i abandoned this child, i can't see this child as my son, uchiha sasuke) the one that take care of me is a head of a organization that specialized assassination, the kuronagi, but all of the member got wiped out in the fourth great ninja war except master, master teach me about assassination, he wants me to continue the lineage of kuronagi, but i know that he thinks my uchiha blood will help strengthen kuronagi clan in coming generations and im the only one that can inherit his place as the head, master died due to aging last month, but i didn't feel anything, i didn't feel sadness and i didn't even cry, master taught me about wiping my emotions since i was a kid, that's why right now in this moment i can't feel sadness, happiness, jealousy and love, he said this is necessary to become skilled assassin. But there is one emotion, left inside of me, that is anger towards my father who abandoned me, why did he abandoned me, why im the one burdening this kind of situation, i didn't wish to become a assassin, why, why.

Why im a alone, i was with my master back then but i feel like im alone, my master did not do any father like to me, i know what father is from the book that i read when i was a kid, i wish master did the same like in the book, but no, he only think of me as a tool to continue kuronagi, i want to feel parent love, different emotions, but its not been granted, because of uchiha sasuke, i hate him, i despise him, that's why.

"What is your goal?"

"Haha, curious?"


"Ok i will tell you."

"To kill uchiha sasuke, and uzumaki naruto and uzumaki boruto.

"Uzumaki naruto and uzumaki boruto? who are they?"

"I know you will get surprised for this, guess what, uzumaki boruto is uchiha sasuke's disciple and uzumaki naruto is he's close friend since kid, and for extra you have a little sister."


Little sister? he abandoned his son and make again a child, what, why, is he hate my existence so much, little sister, why.

At that moment, anger in me got increase and urge to see him, not because he is my father but because i despise him.


"You decide if you want to come or not, but even you refuse i still gonna force you to come haha."

"Okay, i come"

"Woww, you really hate your father aren't you?"

"None of your business"

"That's harsh, well i guess i struggled a little bit but worth it, nice to meet you, tsuki, i am code."

"Don't call me with that name."

"Ehhhhh, but why did you accept my invitation so sudden, well we had fight a while ago so it is not sudden though."

"I have my goal too and it will be succeed with the help of you."

"So we will help each other then, sounds good to me, we have two other allies to, one woman and one kid."

"Are they strong?"

"Haha you won't believe?"


"But it is okay to abandoned this base, aren't this base your master left to you?"

"I don't care, its not like he gave me that, and besides my goal didn't change since then."

I want to know why he abandoned me, and made another child, I don't care what happens to other, i only care about my own goal, father, uchiha sasuke, i definitely gonna see you no matter what, i wish you don't say trash things when i see you, because i might kill you.

"(I guess i will not say why uchiha sasuke abandoned him, or well it is lie though, kuronagi clan has, secret jutsu, and that is memory altering, that can deceive even the eye of uchiha, i guess one of the powerful jutsu in this world, he use this to take away tsukiyo, head of kuronagi cast this jutsu all over in the leaf village, change their memory to tsukiyo did not exist and that the head is one of the ninja in leaf to deceive the security, although the guard sense suspiciousness to the head because he has no chakra record in the sensory squad, but he passed that by saying, the squad did not record his chakra yet due to some reason, and passed the security, and now he make his move to take tsukiyo, and he successfully did this because no one knows tsukiyo due to the jutsu luckily everyone in the village including sasuke is in the village so he has no problem, he use his camouflage technique to get away to the village and he successfully done it, but unfortunately death is the price for casting that jutsu, hmm, i still didn't believe konoha's security has been passed that easily, i think isshiki did something about it, since this information came from him after all, i bet he use this head to take tsukiyo in the future to be vessel, hmm,

but let's guess what will happen when the family member reunited again haha, so exciting.