Chapter 21:



June, 1999.


At the behest of my two girlfriends (Star and Gisiei. Get it?), we took a vacation over to Kyoto at the start of the month after the clean-up job in May was just about finished. We got a raise once again for playing hitman all spring. We packed up and got in the fanciest hotel in town with Gisei getting his room next to mine. After one week of romance with my lover and good times with my best buddy, I choose to sightsee on my own. There were more Americans coming over, especially after the government encouraged them to see the sights. The US did the same, they were doing this summer campaign to make the world know this will never happen again. It was a hot day so I had a nice floral pattern shirt, slick black slacks, black dress shoes, with a gold chain, and tinted aviator sunglasses. I was walking past some new-looking arena when some American stopped me by tapping my shoulder.

He was very tall and tan. He had long slick hair, all black. By the looks of it, he looked like a wrestler with his branded merch, showing his face in a rocker style, like a band. "Hey, dude." He said in his decent Japanese. "You look great. You got a mean attitude to ya."

I looked at him, confused. "Thanks...?"

"I know, I know, sorry for my manners. I'm Avon." He stuck out his hand.

I reluctantly shook it. "I'm Kunshu. You have a reason for stopping me?"

"I do. I was wondering if you were looking for something to do for a nice paycheck."

He had me interested. "Depends."

"We're down a man for our shows. You know what Bleeding Edge Wrestling is?"

BEW. I watched some of it as a kid, but I was too busy with father's business to really do any of my hobbies. I nodded. "Yeah. Don't tell me you want me to wrestle."

"Only if you know how to fight. This ain't that scripted shit like in the west. We aim to win in BEW."

I smile a bit. "So there's no holding back?"

He smirked with me. "You'd get your ass kicked if you do."

"Sounds like my kind of place then. I'm in."

Avon clapped. "Perfect! Come with me, Kunshu."

I follow the wrestler into the back of the arena. He talked with a guy in a suit, must've been the promoter. He let me into an empty locker room, claiming the other wrestlers would come in an hour or two. until then, I was given some plain black trunks, black fist wraps, and black boots. The attire for young lions, or rookies. Once I put them on, I went over to the main arena.

"This," Avon started as we walked down the sentence ramp. "Is the arena for F-7 Climax. We do it every summer, it's a big draw. You'll have a lot of eyes on you. You'll be ready for that?"

I chuckle a bit. "No big deal. I'll do my best to put on a show."

Avon hummed.

That night...

I called Gisei and Star about my plans. They laughed, but they requested to come to see me fight. I was on first after the cards got posted. It was me versus Playboy King in a regular one-on-one. The crowd got hyped, stamped their feet. They were ready for the event of the summer. I was slated to go out first. My music came on, it was a guitar riff, pretty generic. I walked out to face the crowd. With them not knowing who I am, only seeing my recently done back tattoo of Ōtakemaru, the violent demon king. I told them my name I'd be going for. My name will be the Overlord as I walk to the ring. Playboy came out next. He was a rapper character, coming down to the ring in an aggressive fashion in a basketball jersey, jean shorts, a tipped starter cap, and a padlock chain. He got in and removed his jersey, staring at me. He was huge, with a massive physique. I had to stop staring, however. The bell rang,

Time to wrestle.