Chapter 26:

Ghosts don’t feel tired! – Chapter 26

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Since there didn't seem to be any danger in this place, we decided to spend some hours resting, but Aya refused. Even though I couldn't talk using my voice, Aya still could understand what I wanted to say to her.

“It's okay ghost-san, I feel like I have slept for many hours and I don't think we should stop because of me!” She eagerly tried convincing me that we should move instead of resting. But the moment Aya got up, her body started shaking a lot until she lost balance and fell down.

“H-huh?! Waaaaah!!!” Thankfully, the grass was dense enough and Aya didn't get hurt from her fall. But what happened to her? As she was struggling to move, she turned her face towards me, and with teary eyes she said to me.

“G-ghost-san… I can’t move…” She was confused and scared at the same time about what was happening to her body. I was a little confused as well on what happened to her. She was just fine a few moments ago, she even ate the golden apple. She shouldn't be injured at all!

I went near her and checked if she was injured anywhere, but her body was just fine. She didn't even have any scars on her body. I wanted to ask her in what way she wasn't feeling okay, but I couldn't talk at all, that's why I continued looking around her body. I gently touched her arm to make sure that she didn't have any broken bones.

“OUCH!!” But she immediately reacted in pain the moment I touched her. What did I do?! Don't tell me her bones are actually broken?! I wanted to make sure her bones were okay so I tried lifting up her arm once again.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ghost-san! It hurts!” I could already understand that it was really painful for her, but she has to resist this for just a bit more until I make sure she doesn't have anything broken. But I have zero medical knowledge so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. All I know is that if her arm moves the wrong way that it's not supposed to, then it means that something is definitely wrong. But as far as I was feeling her arm, her bones were perfectly fine. I couldn't feel anything off about her arm other than Aya moaning in pain.

“Ah! Ummm! It hurts…” I was becoming even more confused about her condition since she was all fine some moments ago. Her body seemed perfectly fine and she didn't have any signs of injuries. She even ate a rare fruit which can give someone a full recovery, so is this happening to her?

“Ghost-san… w-what happened to me?” She asked me with a face that was about to burst into tears. I can understand how scary it can be if suddenly you realise that you can't move any longer. I don't know if it's a good idea to possess her in this kind of condition since I don't want to restrain her!

“…” Restrain her… I wasn't sure about this but I think I might have figured out why she was in that kind of situation. I got near her leg and gently grabbed it in order to confirm something.

“AAH! G-ghost-san!?” She reacted the same way about any part of her body. She can’t move, feeling pain each time I try to touch her body, her body reacts if I try grabbing any part of her body.

She is going through muscle pain! That's the reason why she can't move, and each time I try to touch her, she will feel pain. I restrained her body to the point where she can not move any longer. And the golden apple couldn’t help with her restrained muscle because it's not an injury in the first place, but it's part of inexperienced muscles getting to work. Sometimes, someone might start feeling the pain one day later or after a long sleep from all the work their muscles went through. In Aya’s case, she started feeling the pain some moments after she woke up. She was even eating the golden apple, that means the apples still had some effects on her by preventing her from feeling the pain. But after the apple’s effects wore off, her body went back into its original form.

What have I done to her?! I understand that it was necessary to keep her alive but I still feel responsible about this. And it is my responsibility to get her back into her feet.

I princess carried Aya into my arms as gently as possible and laid her body near the tree in the shadow.

“Ghost-san?...” Muscle pain is something really familiar to me since I went through that feeling many times, and I know the best way to treat this.

And that is…

Massaging her muscles.