Chapter 22:

The Overlord's Debut


Playboy and I circled the ring for a moment. He had a mean look to him as the spotlight shined on us. The crowd was getting restless. We were on first, better make it count. I ran up to him and started to lock up Playboy, in a weak-looking collar-and-elbow tie-up. He threw me off, showing off his strength. I scoff as the American flexed and did a Hip-Hop pose. I knew I wouldn't overpower him easily, so I stood up and went for a swing with my right hand. Playboy caught it and threw it up to grapple my mid-section. He picked me with ease and did a northern lights suplex, slamming me on my back while he kept the arc for the pin. 

The ref slid in. "1...2..." I kick out and slide to the corner of the ring. 

Playboy charged in like a train to clothesline me, but I rolled out of the way to let him hit the ring post chest first. He fell down. As he got up, I ran to step on his knee and use the other leg to drive it into his chin and neck, making a loud smacking sound. The crowd cheered as Playboy hit the mat, seeing the rookie fight back. The good feeling was short-lived, however. Playboy charged at me and punch me square in the jaw, turning me around due to how much power was in that strike. He then grabbed my waist again to pick me up and slam me right on the back of my head on the hard canvas, or a German suplex. Playboy didn't let go once he dropped me. He got up while still holding me for another German suplex. He did this one more time before I found a way to counter. As he picked me up one more time, I hit my opponent in the face with my elbow twice mid suplex. He let go, but I was still sent flying. I landed back first, making it hurt not as much, but still make its appearance. I got up at the same time as him, with the fans getting hyped, knowing this is far from a simple squash match. Playboy was leaking blood from his eyebrow, My back was starting to get bruised.

We ran at each other. I duck under his clothesline, bounce off the ropes, and hit him square in the chest with a dropkick. It sent him towards the ropes, hanging off of it. I ran at full sprint to do a clothesline of my own, sending the both of us towards the outside of the ring. Playboy knocked his head on the apron on the way down as I just landed on my side. The ref started the count as we writhed on the blue matted floor. We had to the count of twenty to head back inside, or face disqualification. Playboy got up first and grabbed me by the head to throw me into the steel barricades that separate the fan from the wrestlers. The side of my head bounced off the barricade. I could see stars, the ringing in my ears blared in my mind. I was stunned. He wasn't finished, tossing me back first, making the barricade sing with the sound of my body hitting it. Playboy got in the ring, taunting me as I wondered where the hell I even was. 

I crawled on the ground, trying to focus on the ref. It was like I was underwater, with the sounds being drowned out. As I staggered up, I could hear the count, finally. 


I immediately slid into the ring, causing the crowd to go crazy for my spirit. Playboy looked annoyed. "You ain't dyin' mane? Ight, Let's finish this, yo." He picked up my stunned, beaten body. He placed me on my shoulder attempting to hit his finisher, the S-U. I had a little bit more fight in me as I used my elbows again and again, making the eyebrow cut worse with each hit. Playboy weakened his grip, so I slid off and landed behind him. I placed my arm between his legs and pushed him backward over my body so he can have his shoulders on the mat. I went on top and pulled on his jean shorts for the pin. 


I won, barely. I panted out as I got up, using the ropes for help. Playboy looked disappointed, but he outstretched his hand for a handshake. "Good job, G." He told me. The crowd loved the sportsmanship as he helped me to the back, and into the locker room. Avon walked up to me as I drank my water, and my body was covered in ice packs. 

"How was it?" Avon asked.

I chuckled. "The worst."

"So we'll see ya next time?" 

"You bet."