Chapter 23:

Star: Who Do You Love?


I got my clothes back on and watched the rest of the show from the back. I saw Avon defend his title from one of the top stars, Ace. Of course, F-1 Climax was a summer tour. They'd be touring all around Japan, so I'd get a call whenever Avon needed The Overlord. I walked out with Gisei, with Star leaving early. Gisei had to show out to something like a wrestling event. He wore a blue and gold buttoned shirt, slightly open. He also had on white pants with the shiny dress shoes to match. 

Gisei took out a cigarette, like usual. "So, how was the ass-kicking, champ?"

I scoffed. "I might've gotten a concussion and my back hurts like hell. I'd say it was a great time."

"Yeah, looked like you had the time of your life getting your head bashed in."

"Not the first time. It was pretty fun."

He started to play with his lighter, flicking it and closing it before placing it to his cigarette. "Kunshu, you're insane."

I smirked. "I also look good in trunks, so thank you."

"Not as good as me of course," Gisei said with pride. 

I laughed out, bumping shoulders with my best friend. "You seem so sure of yourself, why don't you head out to the ring with me?"

Gisei widened his eyes and shook his head. "Oh, God no."

We joked around as we walked around the Kyoto streets. I could feel the warm air around us as we walked against the subtle wind. The night sky was littered with a few more stars since we weren't in the crowded Osaka streets anymore. The paths we took were inhabited by a few wandering couples enjoying the summer. It was peaceful. As we reached the hotel, we heard the crickets mummer their tune. Gisei sighed. "I used to hear those things all the time when I hung out with Elin."

I weakly chuckled. I didn't want him to get sad. "Come on, let's go inside."

Gisei continued as we walked inside. "I'm starting to get this feeling. She might be dead, Ito. Dead and gone."

"Come on, bro. Don't think like that. We're gonna find her." I responded after we got in the elevator then went to the third floor. As we stepped off, Gisei gave me a massive hug. I felt terrible. I wish I could've done more, but what I could do is be the best friend I could be. 

I got in my room to see Star in a bathrobe, reading something. I took my shirt off and rested next to her, sighing lowly. After a bit of silence, I decided to speak up. "You ever lost something important, Star?"

She put down her book. "What?"

"Have you ever-"

Star interrupted me. "I heard you. But where did that question come from?"

I didn't want to air Gisei's dirty laundry. "I was just wondering."

"Hm. It's a long story and a bad one at that. He technically wasn't even a lover."

"Bad in what way?"

She huffed, thinking about telling me. Eventually, she gives up. "Just don't tell anybody, alright?"

I nodded. "Deal."

Star began to tell her story. 

"I was 16, back in China. It was around the same time if I remember correctly. Summertime in China is so beautiful. The lush green trees, the locals would do these silly events, I loved it. It all changed when the Triad came back. They left for some time after killing the little boy. Coming back meant we had to live under their thumb. They controlled the events, hosted their adult parties so that means the kids had to go home early. I had enough. I was so sick to my stomach thinking about a Triad. It dove me to take revenge. I figured out one night the local leader was a sicko. He liked kids, Kunshu. Kids. And I took full advantage. I wore something skimpy. I looked like whore, I was ashamed of myself. The drive to kill was fueling my drive to strike back. They invited me to those parties after a day of showing myself. Those men...The things they told me...The way they looked at a 16-year-old...I hope they all rot. Burn. 

I was going to be touched until the leader stopped them. He was the buff prick that thought he was the shit due to how much he worked out. He had this cocky smile showing off a single gold tooth. I was invited to the back room, alone, for private time with the leader. He only stopped his boys so he could have me all to himself. He wanted me pure. There I was, on top of him. I felt on his chest, trailing down. He closed his eyes, waiting for his pants to be next. 

Only for a knife to be lodged in his throat, blood spitting everywhere. I was disgusted, enraged when I looked into his eyes, struggling to breathe as his throat was gone. His mouth erupted with blood when he moved and coughed. I wanted him to stop moving. I continued to stab him. In the chest, face. Everywhere. I wanted his face gone. When the rest of his boys came in, I was covered in his blood, panting. I turned to them. They were frightened. I charged at one, stabbing one on the leg as they all ran away. I don't think they came back. If they even did, I was already in Japan anyways."

I had my mouth agape. 

Star had a stone face the entire time she told the story.

She had to conclude the story. "I lost my innocence that day. Being looked at like that...It changes a woman."

"W-Who..." I started. 

She turned to me. "What?"

"Who are you, Star?"

"A woman who loves you. That's all you need to know."