Chapter 7:

Pilgrimage into the Storm

The Advent of Dual Sentience

"What the hell did you just say!?"

He replied, "There is something sinister and bound in the center of that Storm! I have to find out what it is, it can be a clue to what the Gem really is!"

"Do you even realize how unbelievably dangerous that is!? What if something happens to you!?" I said furiously.

He stayed quiet for a few moments, then after a brief pause he answered, "If I disappear then you can keep the body to yourself... However, you can't change my mind about doing this, I'm going in whether you like it or not!"

I kept my guard up as I watched the Alpha beast stumbling around trying to find his balance, I don't have time to argue with myself. I took a slow deep breath, then said back, "Since when did you become so cheeky Other Me? Okay then fine, you better come back alive with that  'power' in your hands. If you don't, I'll tear you apart you got that!" I then raised up my right fist and began drawing power again, the Other Me took another short pause before saying back to me,  "I promise! I'll be back soon, just wait for me!"

Then he went silent..... he's about to begin his pilgrimage. I guess I should finish up here then!
"Good luck Other Me, I know you can do it..."

Meanwhile within the Body....
Deep within the Abyss of the Mind, there I drifted aimlessly. Surrounded by echoes and shadows, I then saw the Blue Light.
"The Other Me is doing his best fighting out there. He can't be the only one working hard though. I got to prove myself and be useful for once!"
In the midst of the Abyss, there was a stream of blue fire that reached out towards the Gem, I simply followed it close. The closer I got, the more intense the feeling became. The raging fires drew closer and closer with each passing moment, I can feel the intense emotions spewing out from within!
"Anger... Hatred... Despair... Hopelessness..."
These emotions overwhelmed me, but never influenced my heart!

Soon after some time, I saw the Gem! I saw essence wrapping itself around it as if it wanted to go in. I picked up my speed and made my way towards the enormous object. Soon I was floating right in front of it, I peered my eyes into it and saw a terrifying sight! It looked as though a multitude of flames spiraled into a fierce raging storm. The Storm felt.... wrong and wicked, there was so much chaos and calamity bottled up inside!
"So this is it huh? This is what the Other Me was investigating before? It looks spectacular, but also frightening!"
I placed my hand against the wall of the Gem, I could feel an intense rumbling and vibration from inside. 
"All I got to do is go in. Shouldn't be that hard righ----"

A loud explosion interrupted me and instilled fear into my heart.
"What was that!? That was loud as hell!"
I looked around and saw the Gem releasing the flames that resided inside the Gem.
Multiple loud noises can be both heard and felt everywhere around the Gem. It seems as though the Other Me is causing a huge ruckus out there, I can see he is drawing out large amounts of power from the Gem. I gazed inside the Gem once again, the Storm began to die down a bit, it seems like the Other Me is indirectly helping me as well!
"Well I should take the opportunity while it's still here!"

Without another moments thought, I reached through and broke the threshold of the Gem! I then pulled the rest of my body through and finally I was inside of the Maelstrom of Souls!
I heard powerful, deafening clashes and booms everywhere, I also felt the winds force attempting to toss me in every direction! It was hard too resist them, but I persisted and kept moving forward!
"Damn just what is this crap! I've never felt anything like it before!"
I felt the Storm pushing me back away from the epicenter, I just needed to keep pushing forward!
"Grrrr, I will make it to the middle! Even if it's the last thing I do!"
I forced myself to move forward, the repelling winds became stronger and stronger with every step I made. I placed my arms in front of me and kept pressing on, "It's not too far from here, I just need to keep going!"

I jerked my body forward, this storm keeps rejecting me, however I will not go back empty handed! Soon I felt something wrap itself around my leg, "What the hell?"
I looked down and saw a thin blue flame twisting around and going up my left leg, I began to try and shake it off. After a few swings, it finally released it's hold on me.
"Damn finally, I don't have much time left, I need to keep going!"
I kept moving onwards, even if the Storm rejects me, I will keep pressing on!
The Storm became overwhelming, I couldn't even really see in front of me anymore, but I kept moving! Soon beyond the flames and haze, I saw it... the Shadow the rested in the Epicenter!

"That's it! I'm almost there, just a little more!"
The Winds and flames were more powerful than ever, it took all my strength to jerk my body towards it. Soon another clue will be revealed about this mysterious Gem!
Every step I took felt as though another burden wanted me to stop from going on, I have to keep going, I'm literally right there!
"Almost there..."
I was now only meters from the Shadow inside the Storm. I can feel as though all the Souls inside this Gem cleaved unto this Shadow. The Shadow began to take shape and the force kept pushing me back, I'm almost there!

I then reached out my hand to the Shadow, I was almost in arms reach of it. 
"Just a few more steps, c'mon! Almost.... there!"
My hand was only inches from reaching the Shadow, my fingertips were right there!
Then from the right side of me, the blue flames latched around me again and pulled my arm back!
"Ack! What is this!? Let go damnit!"
Then another stream of fire wrapped me, and another, and another!
"Let go of me!"
The essence and fire of the Gem kept binding around me and restricted me from moving onwards! I struggled and fought against it, but it was too much!
"No! I'm right here! I can't give up now!"
Soon the Maelstrom began to steadily drag me back, I could barely resist it anymore! I kept reaching forward while pointlessly struggling. I looked forward and saw the Shadow gain more and more distance from me, and within a few moments it was no longer in sight.
I lost it at the very end....

Anger and fury swarmed me all at once while I was being dragged out of the Storm! Soon I was then ejected out of the Gem itself and thrown back into the Abyss. I quickly rushed towards the wall of the Gem, as I reach it I began to bang on it repeatedly!
"Let me back in! I was almost there! I was right there!"
The Gem no longer welcomed me in, I couldn't enter it anymore...
I kept punching the Gem in absolute fury, I couldn't feel anymore hopeless or useless than I am now. Soon I realized it was futile and ceased my attempts of entering back into the Storm!

I then gave up and stopped hitting it, I lowered my head in misery and shame, I failed in my mission... 
Soon I heard the Other Me call out to me, "Hey are you alright!? Did you find out what was in there?"

I felt embarrassed and frustrated, I replied back to him saying, "I couldn't do it Other Me... I was so close too... I was so damn close!"

The Other Me answered back, "What? What happened in there?"

I pressed down my emotions and feelings, we still have things to do right now, I can't be wallowing in self pity right now. I took a deep breath and exhaled, I then responded, "I will tell you about it later, What's the situation up there!?"

He answered in a confident tone, "Well so far we've been tiring each other out, but I know the finale draws near!"

I said back to him, "Do you need my help with anything? I'll do as much as I can!"

In a sly and ominous tone, my Other Self responded saying, "Hey you know what, in matter of fact I do..."

I felt a little uneasy on how he said that, I carefully replied, "What do you need me to do..?"

I felt chills at what he said next... He said,
"Well I basically need you to take over the body for a few moments, can you do that for me?"