Chapter 37:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I have to keep remembering that my novels can't be rapid fire action the whole time. There also need to be slow and lore chapters, and of course, more key characters need to start appearing soon.

I am going to save some things for a little bit later, for now I am going to focus on finishing up the fight with the Alpha beast.
Soon in a few chapters, our old character cast from Unholy Crusader will be re-introduced once again! Not as Vampires and demons, but as something more "Human"

I have some nice things lined up, but we will get there when we get there! Please keep following the development of this novel and please go and support it on the other sites I posted it on Webnovel and Scribblehub

I have a full grasp and understanding on how I want to portray this Soul Power and Gem as well! There is a sinister and very malicious power within the Eye of the Storm, but you will find out what it is later!

Please keep supporting me in this novel! My friend is drawing me a nice novel cover for it so be expecting that soon as well!