Chapter 27:

An ecchi massage from a ghost can’t be that scary! – Chapter 27

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Aya was staring at me like she wasn't sure what I was about to do. But she didn't seem scared of me, nor did she try to run away. I always have done this to myself but I have never given a massage to someone else, especially to a girl. I gently moved Aya's body so she could lay her whole body into the ground. Thankfully the grass was long enough to make a soft ground so Aya's front part of her body should be comfortable staying like that for some time.

“The grass is so soft and chilly.” She said as she tried not moving her body at all. Is she concerned that she will feel pain again if she moves? I've been using her body without her knowing anything so the least I could do was to help her recover from muscle pain.

As she was lying on her stomach without moving, I got closer to her and grabbed one of her legs.

“Hyaa!!? G-ghost-san?! What are you doing?”

I wasn't sure how to explain to her that I wanted to give her a massage, that's why I decided to let the pleasure of her body be my answer. I tightly grabbed her calf and started rubbing it really slow so I wouldn't hurt her.

“AH! Hyaaa!” She was releasing cute sounds as I was trying to relieve her muscles. I could feel the muscle on that part of her body a bit swollen, that's why I tried helping her recover her muscles really fast.

“W-wait-hyaa!” The way she was breathing was getting a bit faster and the calf was getting softer as I continued rubbing, gripping and slowly moving it around. The same thing I did with the other leg while I made sure not to hurt her in any way. The way she reacted was basically the same as before, releasing cute moans that made her really adorable.

Next up are sensitive parts of her body that also need a lot of massaging in order to get relief from most of the pain. And that is… her feet. Feets are an important part of a human’s body which helps them with basically everything they do. Moving around, walking, running all day along with a little breaks every day.

Massaging my own feet was the best feeling I ever had when I was a human, so doing the same to Aya will make her feel a lot better than before.

I carefully turned her whole body the other way so she could lay down on her back and looked at her face. Her cheeks were slightly red as she was looking back at me with her seductive eyes. I slowly took off her shoes and socks while making sure I wasn't hurting her in any way.

“Ghost-san…” The moment I took them off, she released a refreshed sight as if she was free from a heavy burden. Well I can't blame her since she has been wearing them for a long period of time without taking them off. And I know that feeling when I used to take my own shoes off after a tiring day at school. And that kind of feeling was the best. But the best part of the massage feeling has yet to come for Aya.

I grabbed the sole of her foot and started rubbing it in order to make her muscle recovery rate faster.

“HYAAAA!” Her voice was becoming louder and the way she breathed was getting faster. I could feel her muscles becoming dense from me touching her, but that was the opposite of what I wanted her to do.

“Ah! <3 w-wait! Hahahah-s-stop p-please! Aaaaahh<3” It seems like her feets are a little sensitive right now, and she was trying to wiggle her feet away from me. But I wasn't going to allow that until I relieve every muscle on her body.

“Hyaaaaahaa <3”

I rubbed every part of her feets, starting from her sole, gripping her heel really tight, her ankle and in the end, moving my fingers between her toes. Now that I think about it, her feet are so tiny compared to my feet when I was a human. Her foot is almost as big as my whole hand and her toes were so tiny.

“Haa <3… Haa <3… Haaa <3…” She let her body loose the moment I finished massaging her feet. She had a relieved expression on her face as she was feeling the sensation of having her feet massaged. But I wasn't done yet…

Next was also another important part of a human body which were the thighs. I know that touching a girl’s thighs isn't something that a guy should do, but I'm sure those parts of her body are swollen as well.

I placed both of my hands on one of her thighs and gently grabbed it in order to check its condition.

“W-wait! Not there hayaaa!” But the moment I did so, she closed her thighs together, locking one of my hands between them. My hand was surrounded by the softest things ever that I have never felt before. Her thighs were really soft and warm at the same time which were succking my own arm inside. For a second I almost lost control and possessed Aya since she was not letting me go, and the only times I can go through her body is when I possess her.

Her legs were slightly trembling as she had her legs shut. She must be really embarrassed about me touching her like that… No one would really want to get touched by a ghost. I would have freaked out if a ghost touched me while playing games in my own room.

Since I didn't want to be insensitive about touching a girl's body I tried massaging her as fast as possible. After I finished massaging her thighs, I could already feel her muscles being less dense and more softer than before. But I felt a little weird by Aya moaning seductively each time I touched her.

“Ghost-san! Ghost-san! T-there!! Hyaaaah!” She was even requesting to massage some parts of her body with my hands. That made my job a little easier for me as well. Her back was even more dense than any part of her body. It felt like she had never had a massage in her entire life. Is this her first time getting a massage?

But anyway, now that I look at her back closely, her body is really small. I could even wrap one of my arms around her body with ease. After letting Aya calm down for a little bit, she laid her back on the tree leaving her body loose. I could see that she was feeling much better than before. But now the only parts of her body that I still haven't massaged yet, were her arms. I started rubbing her arms while trying to ignore her gaze directed at me. She was staring at me blankly with slightly red cheeks without saying anything. It seems like she got used to having a massage.

As I was giving her a massage, everything around us had become really quiet. The only thing that I could hear was the way Aya was breathing. When I was rubbing her hand, she suddenly moved her fingers between my own fingers while looking at me.

“Hehe” She giggled as she was looking at me. Our hands were linked together as if we were lovers...

“It feels weird that I'm the only one talking. I wish I could hear your voice as well…” She said with a sad expression on her face. Her shoulder dropped down as she felt a little sad about me not talking to her. But you know… Aya… Last time you heard my voice, you fainted no matter how many times I tried sounding friendly.

“But it's ok! As long as you are with me, I'm happy.

You are my savior after all.

If it wasn't for you, that bad ghost would have eaten me…”

Wait, hold up! Is she talking about the first time we met? Because we never encountered any ghosts on our way here. Did she think of me as a bad ghost when we first met? Also the bad ghost eating her? Is this what ghosts do here, or is Aya saying nonsense because of her fear? But after having our souls bound together she wasn't scared of me anymore. Did she think I was another ghost there and I saved Aya after she woke up?

“You are the only person who has been kind to me other than the lady from the guild.” She looked a little sad as she said that to me. I still barely knew anything about Aya, and I was limited by this new ghost form of mine.

There are so many questions that I wanted to ask her….





As I continued rubbing her hands, she became quiet once again. She wasn't saying anything nor was she reacting in any way. When I finished massaging her, I noticed that she had fallen asleep once again. Her sleeping face looked so peaceful and relaxed at the same time. It felt like she had trust in being asleep around me, and that thing made me kind of happy.

I gently placed my hand on her cheek as I was looking at her, then she immediately leaned her face on my hand.

“…” Maybe being a ghost isn't as bad as I thought. I thought to myself as I sat next to Aya while looking at the view this nature had to offer.