Chapter 1:

Chapter One

The Legend Crystal-Dragon

It happened on a completely ordinary day. The kind where you go to school, chat with your friends, take classes, go home and play video games, eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed. At least, that’s how it was supposed to go.

That day, Nero Silverwing, a fourteen-year-old boy in Grade 8, a high school student like any other, rubbed his eyes sleepily while he walked to school. he’d stayed up late playing space games the night before, and now he was paying for it. Once he had got to school, he had stifled a yawn as he entered the classroom.


“Good morning.”

“Mornin’… What’s up? You look hella tired."

Nero had greeted his friends in class, Zelda Aran and Koyori Gunblade.

Zelda Aran, one of the most popular girls in school, and beautiful enough to be considered a goddess by many. She had sleek, black hair that went all the way down to her waist, and large alluring eyes filled with kindness. Her small nose sat perfectly upon her face, and her pink lips were the epitome of perfection. She always seemed to have a smile on her face, and her knack for looking after others combined with her strong sense of responsibility made her one of the most respected students at Nero's school. Moreover, she was tolerant and understanding to a fault, to the point where no one had ever even seen her look unhappy before.

Koyori's black hair was tied back in her trademark ponytail. Her almond-shaped eyes give her a rather sharp look, but deep within her gaze dwelled a kindness that made her seem cool rather than cold. She was a good deal taller than most of the other girls in Nero's class. That, combined with her well-built body, made her seem like a dignified samurai. And samurai made for a rather apt analogy as her family ran a dojo, and Koyori herself was a peerless swordswoman who'd never lost a single kendo tournament. She'd been featured in magazines before and had a rather rabid fanbase. The press even took to calling her the modern samurai beauty. Many of the younger female students had started calling her sister in an almost worshiping manner. Koyori's family ware close to Nero's Family, her family even saved Nero when Nero's father had business from the mafia.

"Yeah, I'd stayed up late playing space games, oh, Koyori I had done everything." 

just then the school bell rang, and they all scattered to their desks. 

When Nero got to his seat and began preparing for class, he had realized his pencil case wasn’t in his bag. After a moment’s thought, he recalled taking it out to scribble down some game info in his notebook. He probably had forgotten to put it back.
“Ah, crap.”
“What’s wrong?” Zelda, her desk was next to Nero, responded to his grumbling.
“I forgot my pencil case.”
“Oh, did you? Well, I suppose you can borrow these, then.” Zelda handed Nero a pencil and eraser.
“Mm-hmm. You have to hang out with me."
“C’mon, you’re charging me?” Nero groaned, but he had smiled wryly and waved a hand in acknowledgment nonetheless.

Then, during the third period, it happened.

So tired… Nero was fighting a losing battle against his overwhelming drowsiness.
“All righty, then. Pay attention, pleeease! Next is page thirty-seven of the textbook, starting on line one. Let’s see… Let’s have Ms. Shinohara can you read it? shall we, since she’s peeking at her cell phone in the middle of class?”
Hearing her name, Mirei Shinohara squeaked and scrambled frantically to conceal her smartphone.
In the seat next to her, Kengo Natsume was suppressing a smirk, but he was clearly fiddling with his phone, too.
“I wouldn’t be quite so smug, Mr. Natsume. If Shinohara can’t, then you’re up next, okaaay?”
their teacher—Ms. Kanami Okazaki, though the class all called her Ms. Oka—had noticed Natsume’s hands, too, which triggered some chuckling around the classroom.
Natsume’s face turned red, and he scowled as the class laughed at him.
The person laughing the hardest was Natsume’s closest friend, Issei Sakurazaki, who had turned all the way around in his front-row seat just to point and laugh.
“Now, nowww. Quiet down, please, claaass. Your answer, Ms. Shinohara?”
In the end, neither Shinohara nor Natsume was able to, and another wave of giggles rippled through the class.
The mood of the class stayed relaxed as Ms. Oka began to read aloud.
To Nero, her voice might as well have been a lullaby.
Nero knew that if he didn’t do anything, he’d doze off in no time, so he looked up from his textbook. he had noticed that almost all the other students had their eyes on their books.
Most likely, they figured that if they slacked off they’d end up like Shinohara and Natsume.
Ms. Oka was usually very kind and friendly, but if she caught you skipping class or goofing off, she could be merciless.
Meanwhile, Nero's eyes stopped on a particular crack.
He doesn’t think anyone else noticed it yet.
In the middle of the classroom, above their heads in what normally would have been empty space, there was a rift in the air. Nero doesn’t know what else to call it, Not only that, but it was expanding by the second. The tear in the classroom ceiling looked like it would burst open at any moment.
Although Nero was staring right at it, he was so dumbfounded that there was nothing he could do. Even if he had been able to take action, it probably wouldn’t have changed what happened…
The crack split wide open. At the same moment, everyone in the room had died, there weren't even bodies left.