Chapter 2:

Chapter Two

The Legend Crystal-Dragon

Nero woke up on a soft feeling surface, as he is trying to piece together what had happened he felt like he was being lifted and held by a giant. (Uwa! What’s going on!?) unlike Nero's voice, which he had before, the voice that Nero heard seems like a baby’s crying voice.Bookmark here

From the noises that Nero could hear, there seem to be people with him, but Nero wasn't able to understand how many there are as his eyes couldn't be opened. before long Nero felt sleepy, as much as he wanted to confirm the situation, he couldn't resist the extreme sleepiness attacking him.Bookmark here

one month has passed since then.Bookmark here

Nero was uneasy in the beginning due to not understanding the reason, it didn't take long for him to notice that he had been reincarnated as a baby. Over time he had regained the ability to see and hear. In Nero's room is a baby crib, a closet and a simple desk, a soft carpet was covering the whole floor. The room may be lonely, but it is a room that has a calming feeling, After all, it’s a baby’s room. 
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what surprised Nero the most was that in this world, or at least in Nero's little room, unlike most isekai that is set in a medieval-like world this one is like modern Canada. When the windows are opened, Nero can hear the sounds of trees rustling in the wind, as well as cars and planes, the air is also surprisingly clean.Bookmark here

although after Nero thinking about it he remembers reading something about world-building, [Rather than create an entirely different world that readers will recognize as alien, it's often simpler to revert to more primitive times, and simply add in magic when its existence doesn't require you to create a dozen centuries of magitech. It's a lot of work for the writer, and it may confuse or alienate the reader.]Bookmark here

While Nero was thinking, he could hear footsteps and voices from the other side of the door, in all likely hood It’s probably his parents in this world.Bookmark here

Eventually, Nero's parents open the door and enter, this time there are two unknown children, in all likely hood they are Nero's siblings in this world as well, who came with them today.
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The very beautiful woman with soft chestnut-coloured long hair, clear red pupils, floating a gentle smile on her face is Nero's mother.
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While the woman called out to Nero in a soft voice that he couldn't understand because he didn't know the language, she slowly lifted him into her arms.Bookmark here

"ーーーーーー"Bookmark here

Next to her is a very handsome man with blond hair and clear blue pupils, He is Nero's father. Bookmark here

Both of Nero's parents in this new world are very good-looking. Though Nero thought that it was just his point of view, for all Nero could know his new parents were just average looking, but later on, Nero would learn that his parents are indeed good looking by his new planet's standards.Bookmark here

"ーーーーーー?"Bookmark here

the man timidly pokes Nero's squishy cheeks with his fingers.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Even though Nero could hear with his ears, he couldn't understand the words at all, seems Nero doesn't have any Language Comprehension skills. Though Nero didn't care about that as he loved learning languages. 
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the two children that had come in with Nero's parents had their eyes fixed stared at Nero. The girl has the same chestnut-coloured hair as Nero's mother, the girl is his sister in this world, Her age is 6 years old. The blond hair boy of 3 years hind behind his father, although Nero thinks that the boy looks more like a little girl.
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Their Mother stoops herself down so that the children can see their new sibling as well as to allow the children to pat Nero's head. While the little boy was patting Nero's head he started to cry because he found it slightly painful, this caused the boy to become super sad.Bookmark here

Seemingly satisfied, the father left the room with the happy girl and traumatized boy leaving only the woman in the room with Nero in her arms. Nero knew what this meant, over the past month it has happened many times now. The woman pulled out one of her breasts, at first Nero was embarrassed and anxious but as a baby, he felt no sexual desire, after all, it was just a means for feeding. Bookmark here

after having his stomach filled Nero fell asleep.Bookmark here

 "Ah……finally……"Bookmark here

Hearing a voice, Nero woke up suddenly, but he noticed it wasn't the room he was in before but an endless white space.Bookmark here

"……Where is this?"Bookmark here

"It seems you’ve woken up, Nero."Bookmark here

Turning his consciousness to the voice, a presence automatically came into view. in front of Nero was a girl with a pale skin tone, big brown eyes, and long brown hair that reaches to about her waist, on top of her head is an orange-yellow headband with ducks on the side.Bookmark here

"Duck!" Nero yelled happily.Bookmark here

"I'm glad you're okay Nero." the girl named Duck gave a little laugh. "I've would love to ask how you been, but since you're a baby now."Bookmark here

"Yeah... what happened? the last thing I remember is that we were in class then the next thing I knew I woke up as a baby." Bookmark here

"it's was something like that happened in novels So I'm a Spider, So What? and Arifureta from commonplace to world's strongest." Duck crossed her arms over her chest. "It seems like some sort of spirit had summoned the class. I'm still looking into it."Bookmark here

"What do you mean 'you're looking into.'"Bookmark here

"I'm like Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I'm the god or goddess of this universe." Duck seems proud of herself.Bookmark here

"Oh... wait Haruhi isn't a god, she just has a god-like ability that is unconscious and that she is unaware of, that is called creating a reality that can change, destroy, and reshape reality." Bookmark here

"hahaha... I didn't know you watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Anyways when the summoned happened I tried to follow to find out where they went, but I lost track of all but you... time to learn about summoning magic, first when someone is summoned from one world to another the one being summoned is broken down then put back together. bet in your case because of your Dragon's Curse when you were broken down your soul was stuck between worlds. So I took your soul and put it in this body before it was born, by the way, your name is Arthur Crystal-Dragon. you're the second prince of the Empress Momoko, by the way, this planet gets its name from the gas giant that it orbits, the gas giant has a light blue serpent dragon-like pattern on it. oh and one day in this universe is three Earth days, one year is ten years on Earth."Bookmark here

"Is there anything else I need to know?"Bookmark here

"I tried to give you some skills, but because Dragon's Curse had kept negating any skills I try to give, the only skills you have are the ones you already had in your last world, your Reality Marble: Infinite Creation and Fox Familiar: Rem and Ram. I also have your phone that Asagi Aiba had made, I've checked, the AI Sakura, as well as all your anime, manga, and light novels, are alright."Bookmark here

"Yea."Bookmark here

Duck closed her eyes as of thinking about something. "In this renewed universe is much like the star wars galaxy, although it has some RPG video game-like things skills and status."Bookmark here

"why was the universe renewed?"Bookmark here

At Nero's question, Duck gave off an atmosphere of tense anger. "There is a God of Transmigration that rules over circles of reincarnation for all worlds created by the Tree of origin who is called Rodarte. Rodarte only see's living beings as part of a program as he only focused on the management of his reincarnation system, because of this he never interacts with other gods and beings; time and time again he had shown a lack of understanding of the risks in repeated reincarnation and a lack of care about it, nor for the consequences as long as it works in his favour. Rodarte's reincarnation system is very good at what it does, however, the system has many issues, the most troublesome issue is that it creates beetle-like creatures that devastate worlds. these beetles almost devastated this universe, but I was able to summon seven champions, they were able to fight back and win, however, most of this universe was made lifeless. but thanks to Mashu Kyrielight, the shielder of the champions, she was like Hajime from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, she used her Concept Magic she had created a system on a universe scale Conjuring constructs that govern the Skills, Stats, and abilities of all living beings, she hoped that this would allow them to have a better chance to fight against the Inter-Dimensional beetles if they come back." Bookmark here

Duck closed her eyes once again as thinking if there is anything else that she needs to tell Nero. "The last thing I should tell you is that you don't have to hide that you're a reincarnation, your parents already know."Bookmark here

"How?" Bookmark here

"When someone is reborn their whole eye is coloured, not just the irises. Oh, you have heterochromia, your lift eye is grey and your right eye is pink. by the way both your mother and sister have Heterochromia eyes. although they wouldn't say anything unit your ten, once you turn ten you'll go through an Appraised ceremony it would show on your stats that you are a lost person, that is what someone that is reincarnation is called here, will that is all I have to say...  Well then, good luck with your new life."Bookmark here

Duck suddenly disappeared leaving those last words, The ending is quite simple leaving Nero's consciousness to be pulled back to reality until Nero's view slowly darkened do sleepiness. Bookmark here

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