Chapter 28:

Level Eight! – Chapter 28

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Aya slept for some time before getting back into her feet. We continued going around this until we found a stairway that led us to the other level. Surprisingly we didn't encounter any monsters or plants. Everything around us was just green grass that continued endlessly. Going down to the next level was taking a bit longer than I expected and I could feel that it wasn't a good thing.

“It's getting a bit cold here…” She hugged herself in order to warm her own body up. I could have used my own clothes to warm her up, but I can't even take them off in the first place. It's like they are part of my spiritual form. After we finally reached the end of the stairs, we saw one massive hallway that led to several different ways.

At the entrance of this place, there was a sign in Japanese which said {Aito's infinite maze} and right next to that there was {Hint: If you know then you know}.

So this level's set up as a maze? I've played some maze games before and they are pretty simple once I get the hang of it, but I'm not sure about this one. And what kind of help is... 'If you know then you know'?

Was Aito trying to confuse me by saying that?

Wait, maybe my skill might help me with this.




Name: Aito's infinite maze

Type: Infinite maze


“A simple maze created by Aito Suzuki, an otherworlder who was once summoned to this world.

The maze has endless possibilities and if someone loses their way around then say bye bye to the sunlight. Once you're lost, you'll be wandering around until you starve to death. But once you figure out the trick, this maze can be as simple as asking me for help

Good luck!”



That's it? No help at all on how to actually beat this floor?

“Ghost-san?” She looked a bit confused on why we had stopped in front of the entrance of the maze. This place didn't have any hints on how to actually figure this out. I could just go through the maze without having to worry about dead ends, but that means leaving Aya on her own.

Okay, let's think this through, Aito is from the same country as me so he must have had the same common sense as me. Okay, what do I know about mazes?

A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal. Mazes have countless rooms and pathways in which some of them are paths that someone might have walked through before. This maze here has massive pathways made out of stone and has no signs of any monsters or anything that attracts the eyes.

Most of the mazes are simple but hard to solve, but there are also extreme mazes where the player has to watch out for traps and monsters on their way to the exit, and I really hope this maze isn't like ‘Maze R*ner’.

There is a simple method for finding your way out of a maze. By touching the wall with the hand nearest to it, left or right. Then keep that same hand touching on the wall while walking. This may be a horribly long route, but it will eventually get us out of here.

I patted Aya's head to let her know that I was paying attention to her as well. But anyway, we had no other options but to keep walking forward. I placed my hand on the right side of the wall and kept going forward. I wanted to walk a little ahead from Aya so I could check if there were any monsters waiting for us.

When I checked if Aya was okay, I noticed that she had her hand on the left side of the wall as well, just like me. Is the trick I'm using a thing in this world or is Aya just copying what I'm doing?

She smiled the moment she noticed that I was looking at her. Her innocence was just so pure and adorable.





We continued going while keeping one of our hands sliding against the wall. It really felt like this maze was infinite just as the name mentioned. And if it wasn't for the hand against the wall, we would have lost our way ever since we'd begun walking on this floor.

Luckily, we never encountered monsters or any traps along the way. But that's when everything took a different turn after I started hearing crackling noises coming from a distance. Aya wasn't reacting to it so that means I was the only one who could hear that kind of noise. This noise was getting louder as we were going forward. I tried looking from a distance but still nothing could be seen.

“Huh? G-ghost-san? T-the ground is shakey.” She looked a little worried as she was looking at me. When I tried concentrating on the ground, I really could feel the ground rumbling as well. It was as if something massive was constantly moving…

Something’s moving…

But the moment I realized what was coming for us, It was a little late.

Oh, he didn't!

I already knew what caused the rumbling, that's why I rushed towards Aya and possessed her.

“W-waah!” She was a little surprised by suddenly possessing her like that, but I had no choice. If I didn't start running at that moment, this would end up really badly. The ground was shaking even more and I could feel that thing getting closer to us. But Aya still didn't know what was happening until she took a glance of what was behind us.

“Nooooooo!!!” She screamed in fear as she started running even faster. A massive, spherical rock was on its way to run over us. And if that thing manages to catch up, that would be the end for Aya.

I wasn't paying attention to anything else other than saving Aya's life. I didn't care about removing my hand from the wall, for as long as Aya was safe. And right now, she was nowhere near safe.

As I was trying to run as fast as I could using Aya’s body, I felt a little restrained on Aya’s right side. I wasn't sure what was happening but we weren't running as fast as we used to. Is her body still tired from the last time or is the muscle pain causing this? I wasn't sure if that was the cause but I didn't have time to think about it because if I tried slowing down, it would be all over.

In front of use were four pathways and right now I had to decide which way I was supposed to go. My thoughts were filled with all possibilities on where those paths might take us and I couldn't seem to decide which way would be the right way.

What if I choose the wrong path and we get lost forever in this place?

No No no! I can't allow that!

As I was about to decide which way to go, Aya took control back of her own body and turned to the last path on the right side. I wasn't sure why she did that, but her choosing the way might have been the best option since I wasn't sure myself which one to choose. Aya kept running on her own and choosing the paths until we saw in front of us a massive hole preventing us from going that way. But wait, maybe we can use that hole to stop the rock following us!

“Um, G-GHOST-SAN?! There is a hole in front of us!”

That is a great idea, but I'm not sure I can manage to make that jump. Even when I was back in Japan, I failed to make a jump like that… That's what sent me to hospital for a month, ever since then I was scared of making dangerous jumps. But right now, I have to make this jump!

It's now or never! Come on! Don't hold yourself back!!


I jumped with all I had until I saw that we were in midair, and we had already passed halfway through the hole. But the ground was still far and I wasn't sure if we were going to make it.

No, we will make it! I won't let my past self hold me back just because I failed once!

We barely managed to reach the other side of the hole, and now if we are lucky enough, the massive hole will stop the rock from crushing us. I still wasn't sure if it was going to work, that's why we continued running some meters away from there.

*Rumble* *Crush* *Rumble*

The ground shook a lot more than before until it stopped without making any more sounds.

Is it over? I thought as we turned around, finding the massive rock stuck halfway inside the hole.

“I-it stopped…” I got out of Aya’s body and checked the surroundings in case there was another rock waiting for us. But thankfully I couldn't see nor could I hear any massive rock moving. If it wasn't for this hole, we wouldn't have escaped from it. But even if we escaped that rock, I still lost track of where to go when I let go of my hand from the wall…

What should I do? Now that I have no leads, I don't know where to go.

“Ghost-san, are you okay?” Aya saw me in a state where I was trying to think of a way to get us out of here. I'm thankful that she worries about me even though I'm just a ghost.

“Are you sad?” Watching me act like that made Aya a little sad as well. She was concerned about me even though she is the one who is mostly in danger.

“I'm just a burden to everyone, that's why no one wants me near. Even my parents died because of me…

And now we are here because of me! I’m sorry ghost-san…” She was holding her tears back as she clenched her own clothes. I grabbed her hand in order to let her know that I was fine, but her reaction changed as if she just recalled something.

“Ghost-san, when we got here, you were keeping your hand against your wall as we were walking.” I saw her doing the same thing as me when I was trying to figure our way out of this place. But I wasn't sure why she was doing the same thing as me.

“I didn't know why you were doing it, but It felt that it was something important to you. Then when we started running, that sensation was gone.” She pulled out the dagger she was keeping and showed it to me. When I looked beyond the rock, I could see straight lines and scratches caused by the dagger on our way here.

So that means that Aya left hints on the walls while we were running away from the rock. That is also the reason why Aya chose the path she wanted, and the reason why I felt like Aya’s body felt a little restrained. I never realised what she was doing since I was only thinking of running and nothing else.

And now thanks to Aya, we can find our way out of this maze. Out of excitement I hugged Aya really tight, embracing her small body with all I had.

“WAh! G-ghost-san?! Wa wa wa wah!”






After finding the last cracks that Aya had left with the dagger, we continued following our way out of this maze with the same trick. It took a bit longer than I had thought but we finally managed to get out of this maze without any injuries. I always tried concentrating if there was gonna be another rock coming for Aya’s life, but lucky us, we didn't get chased by another one.