Chapter 13:

Chapter 7 Part 2: Freedom

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)


Layo knelt down to the ground, wrapped his arms around Mayu and swooped her up in a bridal position. She was still unconscious and her body was burning like a melting candle. Layo looked down at Mayu’s face, it was calm and gentle, like a blooming flower in the sunset.

It seemed as though she was completely unaware of what was going on the outside. Unaware that she was burning, and that they were in danger. Layo hated the fact that she was in pain, It was all his fault for what had happened.

Layo bit his lip in anger.

“Damn it!” he said as blood began to draw from his bottom lip.

Layo looked down at Mayu’s sleeping face again. Inside he swore to himself that he wasn’t about to let her feel that kind of pain again and he cursed himself for what he was about to do.

“You! Squirrel! Get up here!” Layo yelled at the pet and pointed towards his right shoulder.

Rav looked up at the angry fool. He was planning on making a joke out of him by pretending that he didn’t understand, but then he looked down at Mayu, and realised now was not the time to be joking around.

Rav quickly ran towards Layo’s right leg and climbed up on to his right shoulder.

Layo was a bit surprised that the squirrel was able to respond so quickly, he looked to the right to see the squirrel staring at him as if it was waiting for a certain response. Layo was uncertain of what to do so he just murmured,

“Good squirrel.”

For a moment he thought he saw a smirk on the squirrels face, but just shrugged off the thought.

At that moment red lights began to flash, sirens began to sound and Phantom guards started pouring out from the cells.

“Already! I thought we came here undetected.” Layo said.

“Stupid, of course not!” a sudden voice spoke.

“Who is that?” Layo asked. He was looking around frantically for the source of the voice, but all he saw was the Phantom guards getting ready to pursue him.

“Down here dumbass!” The voice spoke again, but this time it was coming from below him.

Layo looked down and saw the beeping red light on his right wrist. His communicator was on.

“El when did you get here?” he asked

“Ever since you messed up and got yourself caught.” She answered.

A Phantom guard dashed towards Layo and took a swing at him. Layo ducked gracefully, and spun his leg from beneath him, knocking him off of his feet.

“Get him!” A group of them yelled.

Layo jumped back and widened the space between himself and the guards. Quickly he brought his right hand towards his lips,

“El I’m kind of in a bit of trouble at the moment, could you get here any quicker?”

For a moment there was a silence,

“El… are you there?” Layo yelled at the com.

A bunch of static began to come from out of the communicator,

“Layo, sorry you’re breaking up! Alto must be trying to jam the signal. Meet… me… at… two” her voice had cut out.

“El! El!” Layo yelled, but not a sound came out.

“Damit! What did she mean by two?” Layo asked himself and picked his mind for the answer, but nothing came.

More guards started coming out before he knew it there were over a hundred men surrounding him and Mayu. Layo knew that they were running out of time, he looked around for anything that had to do with a two, when suddenly something caught his eye.

Across from the cells lay three big doors. Each door had a big number carved on it, numbering from one to three. Layo stared at it for a couple seconds, when finally something clicked.

"I can't believe I didn't realise this before!" Layo said enthusiastically.

Layo had figured out what he needed to do, but it was quite too late. He was now surrounded by the entire phantom fleet. For some reason they hadn’t tried to pursue him with any of their weapons, maybe it was because he had Mayu, but that fact didn't mean that they wouldn’t try to catch him.

“I guess I have no choice then,” Layo said sighing.

Layo took a deep breath and tuned out all the noise from the outside. He focused on the areas of his body and everything that he touched. Slowly he closed his eyes and visualised a small light surrounding his body.

“You can’t run. You might as well just give up the girl!” said the soldier, but not a response came from Layo.

The guard took off in a sprint towards Layo when suddenly a strong wind from around Layo began to surface and a blue light surrounded his body. The guard flew up into the air like a piece of paper gliding in the wind.

“Crap! He’s one of those Silver City freaks!” another guard yelled.

“You’ve got that right!” Layo said smirkin’ at all of the guards.

The Phantom guards began to charge in from all directions. Layo already knew that he couldn’t go through all of them without hurting anyone, so he had to come up with a quick plan. Layo shifted his view from the right and then to the left,

“Five… Four… Three…. Two… One!"

A burst of wind surrounded Layo’s feet. When the Phantom guards were at least ten feet away he leapt off the ground and into the air.

The guards charged into each other in a ball of calamity. Layo was now in the air above the confused guards, quickly he shifted his weight and used it to blow himself closer to the door.

“El, I’m at the door, when are you gonn-” Layo had been cut off from his speech when a strong breezy wind began to blow from in front Layo.

The door was opening. Layo’s feet began to leave the ground, he had to do something or he would be taken away by the wind. Layo looked around for an object to grab hold of, but there was nothing that didn't keep him from running into the guards.

“Here goes nothing!” Layo thought. He closed his eyes in preparation for what he was about to do. A blue light surrounded Layo’s body once more, and in a swift motion him, Mayu, and Rav were thrown out into the sky.

Layo could now feel the wind blowing above his ears. Layo brought Mayu towards his chest and held her tight, he wouldn’t let her go no matter what, but then there was something else… There was something that he was forgetting.

“The Squirrel!” Layo yelled.

He looked around drastically for the small creature, the sky was blue and vast like the ocean. This would be difficult.

Layo continued in a desperate search for the squirrel, he looked up, and saw the Alto Phantom flying off in the distance, he looked to left, and saw the flying eagles, he looked to the right but there was nothing but an empty space. Finally, he looked down and suddenly,


Layo rolled over in pain, he turned his head to the left and right to see his arms and legs spread out on a brown surface. Looking over his chest he saw Mayu sleeping soundly on his hurting body.

“Good, she’s alright,” Layo said sighing tiredly.

He rested his head back on the hard surface and closed his eyes. Layo was tired and aching all over. "How far did I drop?" He thought, but his head was hurting too much for him to actually think of an actual answer. Layo felt weak and sleepy, he was about to close his eyes when suddenly he felt something wet on his fingers.

“Wet? How can I be-” Layo stopped. Slowly he turned his head to the right, and staring him in the face was a squirrel.

“Rav?... You’re alive!” Layo rejoiced.

“Wait… How are you he-” Layo stopped and looked up above Rav. Quickly his attention was drawn to the three teared up leather seats behind him. He looked further beyond the back two seats and saw a short brown ponytail  sticking up above the front seat...

“El-phi-na?… How did you… I thought I was…” Layo was lost for words.

Ignoring the numbness in his body, he slowly got up and lifted Mayu up from off of his chest. He then walked over to one of the seats behind Elphina and placed Mayu down, in a seating position.

Without wasting any more time he ran to the edge and looked over.

“No way! Were in the air. I thought you said you wanted me to wait by the door, not drop out it! What if you missed us? What if I decided not to use SL? What would you do if-”

“Layo shut up!” she yelled.

Layo had begun to sense the tension that he was creating and stopped. Elphina did not turn around from the face of the steering wheel to answer Layo, instead, she just looked forward and focused on the sky before her.

Layo blew down nervously and turned back around to watch the blue serine ocean. As he watched it he realised that there wasn't much diversity from within it, maybe it was because they were so high up, any way to him, it was getting quite boring. Soon Layo decided that just watching the ocean aimlessly was not worth the time and he began to the does off.

He placed his head down on the wall of the rover and let the warm winds blow through his hair, he was about to shut his eyes when,


Layo jumped up in shock as a terrible scream echoed through his ears. He turned around to see Mayu awake and full of energy,

“Huh… Who are you?” Mayu asked as she pointed a finger towards the front seat.

“Oh, the sleepy head is awake. My name is-”

“Stop don’t tell me… you’re another kidnapper!” Mayu interrupted.

“Wait I think you’ve-”

“Oh no, no, no… You’re not getting me this time!” Mayu said. She began to slowly get up from her seat when suddenly,


“Owe! Owe! Owe!” Mayu cried out. Somebody had hit her on the top of her head.

“No, you idiot!” Layo said as he scolded her.

Mayu turned around to see Layo with a pissed off face.

“Why did you do that?!” She asked him.

“Can’t you see that she’s trying to-” Mayu stopped.

“Wait… Layo?” Mayu said shocked.

“That’s right idiot!” Layo answered, and gave her another soft chop on her head.

“That’s the person who saved us,” Layo told her.

“Saved us?” Mayu asked confused.

Slowly Mayu turned around to face the front. She stared at the back of the driver's seat, and a sudden heat of embarrassment began to rush over her shoulders.


“It’s Elphina.” The Lady interrupted.

“Umm Elphina… I’m sorry about… what I said.” Mayu told her, looking down towards the ground, feeling a little ashamed.

“Ahhh don’t worry about it!” She replied Lazily.

The engine started revving, and the rumbling of the engine had made Mayu notice that they were moving. Mayu slowly got up and was hit with an unexpected gust of wind. Her hair raised up into the air as the warm wind blew over her face.

"Where is all this wind coming from?" she wondered.

“Folks… were almost there,” Elphina called out.

“Almost where?” Mayu asked

“You’ll find out!” Elphina responded.

The winds began to seize, a sudden light began to shine in Mayu’s face. Mayu raised her hands up to shield her eyes from the bright light,

“What is that?!” Mayu asked.

"Oh, it's the city lights," Layo responded casually,

"The city lights?" Mayu asked confused.

Mayu had tried to get a glimpse of what was before her. Slowly she opened her eyes and tried to peek at the glowing light. Mayu stepped forward when suddenly her hands fell... she stood in shock... for what was shining before her… was a Silver City.


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