Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Inmortuae Attack!

Tears Of The Apocalypse

"SIR THE INMORTUAE ARE COMING!" A solider shouted his screams rippled through the air.Bookmark here

"Men get back behind the gate,run for your lives!" The commander shouted to his men from the wall of the stronghold.Bookmark here

The panicked screams of men and women scrambling and running for the safety of the stronghold coupled with the sound of cannons being fired from the stronghold wall mixed to form a violent array of sound. The inhuman wails of the Inmortuae could be heard echoing in the distance.Bookmark here

"Sir what do we do, there are too many of them they will breach the outer wall at this rate!" A solider shouted to the commander.Bookmark here

"...send for the Jagerinnen" The commander said bluntly.Bookmark here

Tashiro stood at the entrance to the main gate twirling his twin blades impatiently in his hands, he looked over at Erena and Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

"Are you guys ready to do this" He said firmly.Bookmark here

"Yeah i have been itching for a fight" Erena said excitingly.Bookmark here

"Im with you guys lets kill some Inmortaue" Yasuhiko said with a smug smile on his face.Bookmark here

The gate opened up and the 3 Jagerinnen charged out of the gate at supersonic speed, Tashiro was the first to spot the group of Inmortaue there must have been at least 30 of them, they were all heavily decayed some with their arms,legs and facial features twisted and deformed as the result of the mutation, there bright red eyes could be seen glowing in the alluring darkness of the night sky.Bookmark here

Tashiro scoffed "30 of them 3 of us that's 10 kills each unless i am feeling greedy today" Tashiro said humorously.Bookmark here

"Oh no you don't you stole most of the kills last time, besides have you no manners its ladies first so if anyone is getting the kills this time its me" Erena said defiantly.Bookmark here

"We will see about that" Yasuhiko shouted.Bookmark here

Erena charged head of the boys meeting the first Inmortuae enemy, she quickly raised her leg and slammed it across the neck of the inmortuae knocking its head clean off its shoulders, Erena glanced back at the Tashiro and Yasuhiko. "See i told you the first kill was mine" Erena said proudly whilst giving the boys a sly wink.Bookmark here

Tashiro charged at the group of Inmortuae with his dual blades violently striking the necks of enemy after enemy by the time Tashiro's assault was over 9 of the Inmortuae lay on the floor decapitated.Bookmark here

"Last i checked 9 beats 1 Erena" Tashiro said slyly as he looked at Erena.Bookmark here

"You two are so cute,now watch me go!" Yasuhiko said whilst smiling. Yasuhiko drew two pistols from his waistcoat ran towards the final 20 enemies, before reaching the hoard Yasuhiko jumped high into the air locked all the enemies in his sights... "Bullsye" in the blink of an eye Yasuhiko had unleashed a hailstorm of bullets down on the hoard of Inmortuae hitting all of them in the heart destroying it completely.Bookmark here

Yasuhiko dropped back down to the floor and looked at his two friends. "What it was nothing really" Yasuhiko said laughing.Bookmark here

"He is such a showoff" Tashiro and Erena shouted.Bookmark here

Tashiro,Erena and Yasuhiko all made their way back to the stronghold to let the commander know that the attack was successfully repelled and the people were safe.Bookmark here

The Inmortuae attacks have been getting worse of late more and more of them seem to show up everyday which makes venturing outside the safety of the stronghold least for the humans, for Erena, Yasuhiko and myself its a different story we are something completely different not entirely human but not entirely Inmortuae we are the Jagerinnen and it is our goal to cleanse the world of the Inmortuae abominations and claim this world back for humanity, even if we don't quite fit in.Bookmark here

"Is the area safe" The commander asked.Bookmark here

"Yes the Inmortaue have been wiped out....for now" Tashiro said sternly.Bookmark here

"Good we should be able to establish our supply lines with the other strongholds within the hour, its important to our survival that we stay connected with the survivors of other regions, Humanity united under one banner against the Inmortaue scum is the surest path to victory" The commander said proudly.Bookmark here

"We Jagerinnen are completely dedicated to the cause we will do everything in our power to rid the world of the Inmortuae abominations" Tashiro said whilst looking at both Erena and Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

"Good to hear, now Erena and Yasuhiko you two can go rest and get debriefed on the next cause of action... and you Tashiro you need to head up to the main palace at the center of the stronghold" The commander said sternly.Bookmark here

"Why?" Tashiro asked.Bookmark here

"Princess Miyano wants to speak with you" The commander said firmly.Bookmark here

"Very well i will head there immediately"Tashiro said. "Ill meet up with you guys after words" Tashiro said as he gestured over to Erena and Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

"Sure see you later" Yasuhiko and Erena replied.Bookmark here

Tashiro made his way up the seemingly never ending stone steps of the palace, the place was situated dead center of the city that made up the stronghold, it was an enormous structure that overlooked the rest of the area. Also being a palace it was decorated with luxurious decor fit for a king.Bookmark here

Tashiro reached the top of the stairs and was confronted by two guards who blocked the way of the entrance with their swords.Bookmark here

"State your business" one of the guards shouted.Bookmark here

Before Tashiro could respond a soft feminine voice spoke from behind the guards. "Its all right he is here to see me, please come in Tashiro" Princess Miyano gestured towards the entrance.Bookmark here

"Thank you milady" Tashiro said politely.Bookmark here

The guards removed their swords from Tashiro's path allowing him to enter.Bookmark here

Princess Miyano lead Tashiro up the winding stairs of the palace stopping at the 3rd floor, she walked down a long hallway situated doors on either side leading to various different rooms. She stopped at one of the doors near the far end of the hallway.Bookmark here

"It will be much more private if we talk in here" Princess Miyano said softly.Bookmark here

Miyano opened the door which lead to a decorative bedroom chamber situated with stylish wardrobes and desks and other bedroom accessories. Miyano walked in and sat down on the big king size bed that was situated in the room.Bookmark here

"Ummm....Princess Miyano are you sure its ok for me to be in here" Tashiro said nervously as he entered the room.Bookmark here

"So tell me what you think..." Miyano said as she gestured towards the kimono she was wearing. It was a traditional Japanese kimono except the top was spread slightly open revealing parts of Miyano's ample breasts.Bookmark here

Tashiro's face turned a bright red he quickly turned his eyes away from her breasts.Bookmark here

"Miyano why must you always tease me like that" Tashiro said embarrassingly.Bookmark here

"Because its fun" Miyano said slylyBookmark here

"Fun for you maybe" Tashiro said under his breath.Bookmark here

"But seriously..." Miyano's voice went serious and cold all of a sudden. "The reason i called you here is to ask for your help"Bookmark here

"Help with what Miyano" Tashiro asked seemingly concerned at Miyano's sudden change of mood.Bookmark here

"Its my father Katsuhito Miyano the ruler of this stronghold..... i think he might be dead!" Miyano said with tears welling up in her eyes.Bookmark here

Tashiro's eyes widened as shock shot up on his face.Bookmark here

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