Chapter 2:

The Rescue Mission

Tears Of The Apocalypse

Tashiro slowly stepped towards Miyano and placed his hands on her shoulders. "What do you mean you think your father is dead, what happened" Tashio askedBookmark here

"He left a day ago to try and get into contact with another stronghold but he never came back, i have kept this information from the public because i dont want to stir up panic. Oh Tashiro what if something bad has happened to him what if he never comes back" Miayno saidBookmark here

"Its allright Miyano he has only been missing for a day its unlikely that he will have become infected, after all the humans have created technology in the form of respirators to help counter act any chance of airborne infection" Tashiro said reassuringly.Bookmark here

Miyano clutched Tashiro's hand with both of hers. "Please Tashiro will you go out and find him, i need to know if he is still alive" Miayno said with a anxious look on her face.Bookmark here

"Of course Miyano anything for our princess, you just tell me where he went and i will track him down for you" Tashiro said reassuringly.Bookmark here

Miyano walked over to her desk and began rubbishing around in one of the draws eventually pulling out a large sheet of paper with a map of the country drawn on it.Bookmark here

"My father departed from this stronghold all the way up to the Kagami stronghold in the north, its a stronghold run by a ruler called Masanobu Kagami but im afraid i dont know much more about him than his name" Miyano said whilst gesturing the route on the map to Tashiro.Bookmark here

Tashiro examined the map and the route taken by Miyano's father carefully.Bookmark here

"Hmm, If your father really did travel to the Kagami stronghold in the north he would have reached their by now since its about a days journey from here. Since we have heard nothing from him yet its safe to say he may have been delayed or otherwise compromised from his original intended route" Tashiro said inquisitively.Bookmark here

"What do you think happened Tashiro" Miyano asked.Bookmark here

"The most likely place any trouble would occur would be here" Tashiro pointed to the map showing a long jagged route through the mountains towards the Kagami stronghold. "That route is notoriously dangerous as the Inmortaue have been known to ambush travelers from the mountains or from the forest on the opposite side" Tashiro said sternlyBookmark here

Miyano gasped whilst bringing both her hands up to her lips.Bookmark here

"You don't think my father was attacked by these creatures do you" Miyano asked franticallyBookmark here

Tashiro let out a sigh.Bookmark here

"I don't know but i am going to find out, You have my word Princess Miyano i will search for your father and bring him back safely or die trying!" Tashiro said proudly.Bookmark here

Miyano threw her arms around Tashiro hugging him tightly "Thank you so much Tashiro you have no idea how much this means to me, but please keep yourself safe too!" Miyano saidBookmark here

Tashiro made his way from the palace to the barracks, the jagerinnen had their own private area of the barracks which was handy given the status of the mission before him. He needed to perform a rescue mission before people caught wind of the situatuion that was unfolding before them. The leader of the stronghold injured,kidnapped or worse dead it would no doubt send the people into disarray.Bookmark here

Tashiro opened the door to his room which he shared with his friends Erena and Yasuhiko, both of them were sitting at a desk which was situated in the center of the room. they were playing a game of chess and from the looks of the board it was an one sided game, lets just say the victor was not going to be Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

"Hey Tashiro how did your trip at the palace go" Both Ererna and Yasuhiko called out as they saw Tashiro enter the room.Bookmark here

"No time to explain all the details guys, i need your help we have a mission of the utmost urgency" Tashiro said excitedlyBookmark here

Tashiro explained the situation to both Erena and Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

"So the emperor of the stronghold decided to have himself a wonder to the Kagami stronghold in the north and now he has gone AWOL" Yasuhiko saidBookmark here

"Do you think we will find him alive not many humans survive encounters with the Inmortuae" Erena asked Tashiro.Bookmark here

"I dont know, i have no clue what has happened all i know is that Princess Miyano has asked me to help her in finding the whereabouts of her father and i tend to help her" Tashiro said firmly.Bookmark here

"Typical you are doing all this for a girl Tashiro" Erena said slylyBookmark here

"Its nothing to be embarrassed about" Yasuhiko said with a smug smile on his face.Bookmark here

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Tashiro said hiding the fact he was blushing.Bookmark here

"Awe he is so cute" Both Erena and Yasuhiko said playfully.Bookmark here

"Lets just go!" Tashiro said impatiently.Bookmark here

Tashiro, Erena and Yasuhiko made their way to the transport station which was located in the outermost region of the stronghold, since most of the strongholds in the region were connected via locomotive tracks for the purpose of transporting supplies and reinforcements to those who need it, it was the most efficient method of transportation.Bookmark here

"You all set to go back there" The train driver called to the passenger cart of the train.Bookmark here

"We are ready lets go" Tashiro called outBookmark here

With that the train set out on its journey towards the Kagami stronghold in the north. The soft rythem of the train moving along the tracks was calming. It was a calm quite night, the moon shone brightly in the night sky illuminating the trees which formed the forest to the leftside of the train. On the right was a huge mountain range which seemed to stretch on endlessly.Bookmark here

Tashiro sat down by the window of the train looking out at the sights before him.Bookmark here

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH An unearthly scream shattered the quiet serenity and alerted the 3 Jagerinnen on board the train.Bookmark here

"What the hell was that!" Yasuhiko shouted.Bookmark here

"I dont know" Erena said nervously.Bookmark here

THUMP THUMP THUMP! The roof of the train pounded as if heavy pressure was suddenly being pressed on it.Bookmark here

"Now what the hell is going on!" Yasuhiko shouted.Bookmark here

"Ill go check it out" Tashiro said firmly.Bookmark here

Tashiro made his way to the back of the train and pried open the hatch that led to the roof of the train. He jumped through the hatch landing on the roof. The accelerating speed of the train combined with the cold wind to form a bitter chill that struck against Tashiro's exposed skin.Bookmark here

Towards the front of the train slightly masked in shadow was humanoid figures that stood hunched over. As the figures turned to face him Tashiro noticed that their eyes were glowing a deep red with oranges veins pulsating from the eyes socket.Bookmark here

"IT'S THE INMORTUAE THEY ARE ATTACKING THE TRAIN!" Tashiro shouted back to Erena and Yasuhiko.Bookmark here

Tashiro charged forward his dual blades drawn, he sliced the first enemy in the neck decapitating it instantly, he rushed over to the next enemy and drove both his blades into the creatures face before bringing the blade down slicing it almost in two.Bookmark here

More and more and more Inmortaue jumped onto the train from the dark mountains on the right side of the tracks. Before he knew it Tashiro was surrounded on both sides and severely out numbered.Bookmark here

"Yasuhiko get up here! Erena stay below and protect the drive we cant afford the train to stop" Tashiro roared.Bookmark here

"Got it" Both Erena and Yasuhiko responded.Bookmark here

Yasuhiko ran to the back end of the train and jumped through the hatch. He saw Tashiro being ganged up on by a large horde of Inmortuae. "Hey you ugly bastards over here" Yasuhiko shouted whilst drawing both his guns from his waistcoat.Bookmark here

5 Inmortaue averted there attention from Tashiro and charged towards Yasuhiko at break neck speed. Yasuhiko crossed his arms aiming his guns at the advancing enemy before unleashing a hail of bullets hitting the first 3 in the heart killing them instantly. One of the remaining Inmortuae managed to reach Yasuhiko kicking the guns out of his hands leaving him unarmed. Yasuhiko endured a flurry of powerful attacks from the two remaining Inmortuae.Bookmark here

"Arrrgggh" Yasuhiko let out a cry of pain.Bookmark here

One of the Inmortuae picked up Yasuhiko by the neck with one hand before slamming him face first into the train roof. Yasuhiko lay there nearly unconscious barely able to move or fight back, he looked up at the two approaching enemies they reached out their razor sharp claws.Bookmark here

"I..cant....move,Is this how it ends for me"Yasuhiko saidBookmark here

He shut his eyes and waited for the final blow to happen.Bookmark here

THUD THUDBookmark here

Yasuhiko heard two loud bangs hit the roof of the train, he opened his eyes and saw the heads of both the Inmortuae standing over them was Tashiro.Bookmark here

Yasuhiko slowly made his way to his feet clutching his chest in pain.Bookmark here

"Forever the damsel in distress aren't we" Tashiro said Jokingly.Bookmark here

"Screw you Tashiro you were dead meat before i showed up" Yasuhiko retorted.Bookmark here


Another unearthly scream ripped through the airBookmark here

"What the-" Tashiro said as he turned to see a Inmortuae leaping towards him.Bookmark here

The inmortuae collided with Tashiro sending him flying off the train falling into the forested area on the opposite side of the train.Bookmark here

"TASHIROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Yasuhiko called out.Bookmark here

Before he could take in what had just happened the roof of the train was once again being invaded by the inmortuae some of which were making their way towards him, while others ripped off the roof by the front of the train and jumped inside.Bookmark here

"No Erena is down there" Yasuhiko shouted.Bookmark here

Yasuhiko picked up one of the guns he had lost in the previous fight and pointed it at the Inmortuae hoard infront of him.Bookmark here

"Is this this where we all die! Yasuhiko roared.Bookmark here

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