Chapter 1:

Called to Adventure

Do you remember my name?

Fools who enjoy laughing should go and rather die.




Am I imagining things? I heard someone's calling me


A loud bang came in; it woke me up from my desk surprised I mean unsurprised and noticed myself inside my classroom.

looking around a bit, I sees my classmates looking at me in a weird way as time pass by


A student right next to me wrote a note on his desk; "Good Luck!" and smirked.

"looks like something's bad is gonna happen" I thought

A person walks towards me; he wears a brown shirt, and dark pants use by many teachers here in his school. "Is he the new teacher?" thought I

"Hayato! are you sleeping? or what?" It's my first time seeing this person here, and now he is asking me a question right in front of me.

"Umm...Excused Me?" I asked, just to confirm if I'm hearing things right because I'm still half asleep.

"Are you sleeping or what!?" he asked again; clenching his teeth; proving that he is madly angry about this. I can't think of anything to reply with this situation; with one wrong word I reply—I could be expelled from this school probably or even be the spotlight for the next days.

"Hmm...let's see what we have here" I murmured as I begin to gather some data from every of my remaining last brain cell.

I looked around the room to see the reaction of my classmates; it might give me clue to solving this situation.

'This weak conversations of my classmates are starting to get louder and louder until it gets out of control' are all the clue i gathered from them. I glanced at my watch—it's exact 11:20 AM lunch break has ended. It's also when English gonna start.

Oh and also, Rumors says that Yesterday a teacher has been part of a car accident where she was sent to the hospital to be treated—As a result, this teacher—no this man is an intern or a replacement for the injured English teacher and at that point in time when I'm still asleep, he introduces himself to this classroom.

Sigh...I guess I understand the whole situation here right now. Too bad I missed a lot of information because I was too careless.

"Umm... Sir Actually I'm just taking a nap" I answered his question calmly while twirling my hair.

""Just!?". You know? I'm gonna let you off the hook so you better write an apology letter and go to the faculty room after the last class" he loudly responded, but before he walks out-

"Your name sir?" I ask

"Mr. Edward" He answered and walks off.

*Ring Ring Ring*

The last class has just ended

Students from my class began to return to their home while me, I wrote my apology letter.

<10 minutes later>

"I think this apology letter would be enough to calm him down and forgive me to what I shamefully did," I thought to myself as I walk through the hallway with my bag.

In the faculty room where teachers mostly spend their time, Only one teacher is present in there. With her only present at this time, I decided to ask her to hand this paper to my teacher—Mr. Edward.

I gave the letter, quickly walks away out of the school, then did the same thing over and over—Walks to home

"Sigh...I don't have an idea that being scolded by a teacher will make you regret what you did wrong."

*Woof Woof!*

The dogs bark grabs my attention stopping me to walk furthermore in this side of intersection.

"Well it's just a dog--" A four-weeled truck suddenly ran in front of me in a lightning speed and was an inch for me to die

"What's with that truck-sama, It's like someone's planning to kill me".

As i continued to walk again, I notices a letter, a meter away in front of me

"Was this letter here all the time?...Sorry letter i don't have the time to deal with you" I strode over it, ignored it then countinued to walk home—Then a another dejá vu came in.



A childish voice slips into my ear; I turned to see who it is... it's Hikaru Ayane, my little sister.

"Oh! What a coincidence! meeting you here this late. It's 5:00 PM what happened?" I asked her.

"Sorry, I have to practice more time in karate" Ayane responded, panting after she runs onto me.

"Well anyway let's go home."

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