Chapter 38:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

So basically I accidentally caught the new COVID strain and passed it to everyone at work (mind you im a security guard at a mall) and there was a huge outbreak!
So I was not only sick but work was also interfered with quite a bit! 
BUT during all this time, I've asked 3 particular friends if they wanted to create and OC that would be added into my novel! They were all thrilled and happily said yes!

Soon after the Alpha beast is defeated, I will begin moving onto the next phase for my lovely novel and soon then will all the other character cast be introduced! I have some good things lined up and I hope you all follow the development of my novel!

Also you should all follow me on instagram @skorge37._ for more updates on my novels and for your chance to win an exclusive OC to be placed in! Only one winner though! The OC can be anything you want it to be, even the ability he/she owns!

Thank you all for reading and I will hopefully upload a chapter by Thursday night!