Chapter 2:

Prologue Part 2

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

I gazed upwards, looked at Papa and saw a smile, but It was soon replaced by a dull look that formed on Papa's face. He looked down as if he was afraid to speak. I didn't know why my father began to act like this. To me the story was amazing, so what was wrong? Bookmark here

"Tell me, Papa. Tell me! What is it? What is bothering you?" I wanted Papa to tell me. What could be so horrible? What did he not want me to know? Bookmark here

"Papa please," I begged, then Papa started again, but this time his voice held sorrow.Bookmark here

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"On that cold fateful day, the sky darkened, blacker than the heart of scowled raven. The eyes of darkness showered upon the light of the people, they're hearts turned cold, as the terror ran through their souls. The Sun turned black, it's gold light faded away until the only thing left was a black heart.
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Storms brewed, cold seas rushed upon the shores, pulling in everything within its grasp. Fires rose up and tore throughout the villages, burning down everything that it touched. Countless bodies lay across the village floors as screams of pain and sorrow moved through the wind. Bookmark here

Darkness filled the sky, swallowing up all the light. Whatever this was it was consuming everything. It didn't care what it was, whether it be a child or man, it would squeeze the life out of it without mercy. The heroes stood little chance against this evil; not even these gods could stop the inevitable."Bookmark here

At that very moment, I began to question myself. I thought the heroes were strong, powerful, and kind. They were the very life force that kept our world going.  Was this what Papa was talking about in the beginning?Bookmark here

Papa went on, nudging me to stay quiet. I could see the hope vanishing from Papa's eyes as he began to speak. Bookmark here

"The life of the people and animals had begun to disappear. Everything that was living began to wither away. It was as if something was draining their bodies dry. Of every emotion, and every feeling, thus turning them into the very dust from which they came. Almost nothing survived, there was only destruction. The guardians tried everything to stop it, but all their attempts failed. Bookmark here

"This is horrible!" I thought to myself, Bookmark here

"There must have been something they could do, anything?!" I yelled out. Bookmark here

A tear slipped down papa's face, as he forced more words out of his cold lips. Bookmark here

"In the midst of destruction, there was only one thing that the heroes could do. Only the Five, could make this sacrifice. The heroes would lose their lives, their very existence, therefore, becoming nothing."Bookmark here

I couldn't imagine the pain, the people must have felt. I looked at Papa's eyes hoping to find any signs of hope, but all I saw were broken empty shards. Then Papa looked down at me, his eyes meeting mine, and dripped,Bookmark here

"One of the heroes wanted something different, she wouldn't let the darkness destroy everything, she had to find a way to fight!" Bookmark here

"As soon as those words came out of Papa's mouth, my eyes lit up! I jumped up with excitement, Bookmark here

"There saved, there saved!" I yelled out. Bookmark here

Papa's voice continued to speak past my excitement, but for some reason, there was still agony in his voice. Bookmark here

"This one was stubborn, rebellious, unyielding, and truthful. What the hero sacrificed herself for, the others never thought could be possible. She accomplished what everyone believed was the impossible, but she achieved that with a price." Bookmark here

"With the sacrifice, the hero claimed to make, she would lose something important... herself. The heroes had no idea, just how great an impact this would have, or the cost it would take, yet she was thrilled, to protect everything, that she stood for. So following her plan, the heroes came together as one, to seal the dark creature away. Bookmark here

The strain too vast, and too large, these great beings became lost and torn away from the very existence of time and space itself as if they never existed. Bookmark here

The heroes began to vanish one, by one. There body's began to return to their spiritual forms. In other words, they were losing their physical presence. Bookmark here

The hero would not let that happen for without them, men would lose there way.Bookmark here

To prevent this, the guardian would give up her light, and seal away the rest of the darkness.Bookmark here

A days dawn had finally come to pass. The humans had awakened to a bright sunrise. Bookmark here

One by one the lights of the other heroes began to shine once again. As they slowly began to awaken, they realised one of them had just begun to fall asleep. Bookmark here

They watched coldly as their dearest friend took the very little life, she had left. She fell to her knees, clawing at her chest as the life of Silvia began to fade away. The cries of pain and sorrow roared throughout the endless skies. 
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"Better one than all," she said. Bookmark here

She began to claw at her chest once again and fell to her knees in pain and agony.
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She knew she wouldn't have much time left, she turned around to look back at the other heroes, letting them know that she accepted this price for her friends, and for the fate of our world. For them, she would give up everything. Bookmark here

Thus the hero closed the seal and vanished. The only thing that was left of her was the flame of her burning heart. Bookmark here

The heroes mourned in agony, for their friend was gone. They remembered what the hero stood for, what her last wish was, and so they began to gather all the people. They restored the burned lands and realms, returning them back to their prosperous state, but the land of Silvia would never truly be the same. Forever it would bear the mark of darkness and shame, it's beautiful land would forever be scarred.Bookmark here

Six days after the sealing the heroes showed themselves to the people of the land. The people amazed at the light that shined before them. Gods and Goddesses blessed the mortals with the sight of seeing their golden light, Bookmark here

"The heroes won!" they cheered, and so the people of the six realms partied in celebration, until the next dawn a voice echoed throughout the endless valleys causing all the people far and wide to hear, Bookmark here

"This day will be the beginning and the end of a new era. This day would be the end of the heroes. Our presence will no longer be with you, but our light will guide you!" And so the ground shook, and lights flashed causing the day sky to change to the night. By the time the people opened their eyes the heroes were gone... this is the story of the heroes.Bookmark here

Papa cleaned the tears from my face, and gave me a reassuring smile, finally saying,Bookmark here

"Though some still carry this legend as a story long forgotten by many. The few who survived will always remember the four."Bookmark here

I had never forgotten the story Papa told me. I know that I will always keep this in my heart, and this is why I understand, that is, not the end of the heroes. Their legend will Live on.Bookmark here

A.A. James
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